Here are the ranking of the army and there companies

Percy- Commander

Company- soldiers with sea green armor, 1st company

Mark- Captain

Company- soldiers with black armor, 2nd company

Sarah- Lieutenant

Company- soldiers with navy blue armor, 3rd company

Terry- Lieutenant

Company- assassins, wear long robes, covers face, Specialist

Mary- Sergeant

Company- soldiers with pink armor, 4th company

There are more that will be in the book but this is all for now

Percy's POV

I could not believe what I just saw, I thought she loved me but I guess I was wrong.


I had just gotten back from a quest that Athena wanted me to do to prove myself. After I finished Lady Athena had given me permission to marry Annabeth, and I was very happy. Aphrodite annoyed Hephaestus to make the ring, I have to say it looks great. It was gold with a owl on it, and had Wise Girl engraved on it. I went to my cabin to change and get ready. I was really nervous, I couldn't stop shacking. After I got done I went to beach to find Annabeth, what I saw made me want to scream. There was Annabeth making out with Zack, a child of Apollo. I gasped a little to loud and they turned and saw me. "Percy your not supposed to be back for another d- day" said Annabeth. I didn't respond I just walked up to Zack, and punched him square in the face. He fell back with a broken nose, while Annabeth screamed. I ran back to my cabin and packed, I had to get away from that of


Now here I am walking through the woods. It started to get late so I built a campfire. I just sat there staring at the ring. "Why Annabeth….. Why?" I just kept saying. That's when I through the ring into the fire. Then all of a sudden there was this weird black swirling thing. Out of it stepped a man he looked at me and said "Percy Jackson, I am Chaos creator of everything". I bowed and asked "Chaos what do you want with me?" He just simply said " I am her to recruit you to my army, we are a highly skilled organization that travel the galaxy fighting of evil". I just stared at him for a moment, there was nothing for me here, so I simply said "Yes".

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