Well im back guys, did you miss me? Anyways I know no one asked but things are good I finally my account back. But I dont have word or anything. I am surpised at the reviews this story got I will not deni that this story is bad, I for one think it isnt good. Suprisngly I have gotten alot of good reviews, and some bad. Look guys I know I am not the best and that this story doesnt make complete sense just bare with me. Anyways I will be working on an update asap, I also know that I left on a HUGE cliffie and I am sorry everyone for that but it was of course intentional.
Anyways I will start righting as soon as I can, probably after I publish this into the story. One last thing, im sorry for a authors note as soon as I got back but I will make it up to all of you I promise.