Inspired by the movie The Hangover and of course NCIS: LA

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Callen groaned as he awoke. His entire body ached and his head indicated that he quite possibly had the worse hangover of his life. Worst part? He didn't even remember drinking. The entire night was a black out. His eyes opened but his vision was shot to hell his nose hurt, and he realized why when he went to rub his eyes. "Glasses?" he whispered taking them off his face his vision returning to clarity. He studied them. "Eric's," he noted to himself.

He tried to sit up when he realized he had a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and was being spooned. The arms tightened, at the same time Callen felt something pressing to his thigh, "Kensi?" Callen knew the voice and he quickly jumped out of bed.

"Deeks!" The blond detective groaned, rolled over on to his stomach and snuggled into the pillow, that was when Callen took notice of Deeks's arm. A large bandage covered it but Callen didn't have it in him to wonder why at the moment. Callen was just grateful that they were at least both clad in boxer shorts.

Deeks opened his eyes but took a moment before looking up at Callen, then the pillow, and then Callen who was trying very hard to hide the morning 'reaction.' Deeks seemed startled by the realization that he wasn't in his own bed, instead in a bedroom with his Senior Agent in Charge and jumped up looking around. Then looking down he put both hands in front of his boxers and kind of turned away. "We are never going to talk about this," Deeks said sternly.

"Agreed." Callen countered looking at the floor for his pants. "Where are we?"

Deeks looked out the window and studied the area, he knew it well. "A hotel in Downtown LA; and I don't know how we afforded the penthouse but I guarantee you we're in it." Deeks grabbed a sheet from the bed and created a toga not exactly feeling comfortable practically naked in front of the his in field boss. "Wait... Oh no. Hetty is going to kill me." Not caring about the morning awkwardness between men he looked at Callen, "I still had that unlimited black card from our last case. It's the only way any of us could have afforded this room. Oh my god. I'm dead."

"We don't know that. In fact, I don't remember a damned thing." This worried Callen more than he cared to admit. Focussing he did a bit of prioritising: bathroom, clothing, and then what the hell happened. He walked out of the room leaving Deeks to ponder over his impending doom.

Callen easily found a bathroom just down the hall and relieved himself. Flushing the toilet he nearly jumped out of his skin when he seen movement on the other side of the frosted glass shower. He took a moment to steady himself before opening the door.

Nell sat up, finally breaking through the hangover-sleep-fog. She shook her head, her university days were behind her. Should be. At twenty-six she should not be waking up in a bathtub. She jumped as the shower door opened and looked up at Callen, realizing it had been a toilet that had just finished flushing that had awoken her. Then she noticed the fact that Callen only had boxers on, and with her sitting up in the tub... "you're... um..." Callen nearly tripped over himself backing away. Nell almost laughed as she grabbed a shower rung and pulled herself up. "Ow... well... that wasn't the best nights rest I've ever gotten." But quite possibly the strangest wake-up I've ever had. Unlike Callen, Nell was dressed. Mostly... but not like herself.

"Where the heck did I get this get up?" She was in a nurse costume. Hat and all. Callen swallowed hard and really was wishing he could just find his damned pants. Looking away from Nell was when he caught his reflection in the mirror he could see bruises forming but he wasn't sure as to why- but it did explain why he felt like he was seventy years old and in need of a hip replacement.

Nell climbed out of the tub, little nurse dress, hat and stockings. Clenching his teeth he went back into the hallway."Deeks? Did you find clothing?" Callen asked walking back to the bedroom.

"I have a tattoo," Callen looked in to see Deeks had taken off the bandage from his arm as it was laying on the ground. Deeks was pressing the newly tattooed forearm to his own chest as if embarrassed by what it was.

Callen couldn't help but laugh at the panic that had come over the normally laid-back detective.

"This isn't funny, I won't have time to get it removed before Hetty kills me for using the unlimited black card. And then I'll be buried with it." Deeks looked at his arm still keeping it out of view from Callen. "I'm so screwed." He leaned back against the wall and his head thudded lightly against it. "Wait! We went out for drinks after the case right? With Sam, Kensi, Eric and oh hey Nell."

"Hey Marty."

"Your in a nurses costume," he observed.

"Nice toga," she snapped back.

"Touche..." he then proceeded to pout. "So... if you're here too... then where is Kensi... and Eric and Sam?"

Upon hearing Kensi scream Nell and both men ran toward the sound, Deeks's faux-toga falling to the ground and they momentarily forgot their state of undress.

Standing up from where she had obviously fallen asleep on the couch Kensi was trying to look at her lower back. "Oh my God, oh my God!" She kept muttering over and over. "Please tell me this is henna. It hurts too much to be henna!"

Deeks could feel his body betraying him, it really wasn't his fault, Kensi was dressed only in a bra and underpants. Not just any- but rhinestone studded bra and panties. Little things that just barely covered. He really wished he hadn't dropped the sheet now.

She looked like a deer caught in headlights as she looked up finally noticing Callen Nell and Deeks. She stared at them, looked down at herself and grabbed a large seat couch cushion to hold in front of her.

She looked back up and in a moment of mercy threw a smaller couch cushion at her partner who kept one harm pressed to himself while the other caught the pillow and put it in front of his groin. His blush hadn't ended with his cheeks, it went right down his chest.

"I can't see!" Eric popped up from the kitchenette. "Shit, where are my glasses."

Kensi looked to her right to see him and backed up so no one could see her backside.

"One sec Eric," Callen walked back to the bedroom and grabbed the glasses from the night stand.

Once back Callen handed the glasses to Eric. "What were you doing with them?"

"Wearing them," Callen responded before putting his hands up, "don't ask me why... do you... remember anything."

"I wouldn't be sleeping in a kitchen if I did," Eric responded glaring at the older man. He looked down at himself. "What am I doing in a tux?" He then looked at Kensi, Nell, Deeks and Callen, "why are you two in boxers, you in a nurse costume... and are you naked?" Only seeing the large pillow Kensi was holding in front of herself.

"No," she responded sharply.

"Nearly," Deeks said.

She threw a glare his way, "watch it."

"Guys..." Sam came out looking worse for wear, bruises and a busted lip, his shirt was gone but at least he had pants. He came over with a suitcase and placed it on the kitchen counter. Kensi hung back behind everyone but they all gathered. "What the hell am I doing with this." He opened it.

Eight packs of high grade explosives sat with respective triggers.

"Wow. When we get shit-faced. We get shit-faced." Deeks said awe etching into his voice.