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"Why you hung your pants out a window, I have no idea," Hetty said. "Or if there are any other hiccups in that night I'm afraid I have no answerers for you six, but next time I tell you to go out and let loose I'll make sure to babysit the occasion."

"Come on Hetty," Deeks said with a grin, "we're totally responsible."

"You're about as responsible as Lindsay Lohan, Mr Deeks."

"Ouch! Hetty, you wound me," Deeks replied dryly.

"What about my car?" Sam asked.

"It's being processed and double checked, it will be back here by morning." Hetty replied pulling out a set of keys, "you may use the Mustang till then."

"And the call Sam got when we were at the bar?" Eric asked.

"That was me," Hetty responded, "I told him to get you all a cab and go home, but... all it did was get you out of the bar," Hetty sighed and then looked at her weary agents and smiled at them. "You six should go home, drink some Ginger Ale, eat soda crackers, sleep. I expect you back here at nine thirty tomorrow morning." Hetty said standing and leaving them with each other.

"Wow," Eric said finally breaking the silence.

"We stopped a total nut job last night," Kensi said looking smug.

"And got some totally rockin' ink," Deeks said grinning at her. She glared momentarily but her lips twitched giving her away.

They all went into their favourite parts of the night they were still having trouble remembering despite seeing quite a bit on the big screen.

Callen felt withdrawn, he'd killed people, plenty of people, he did it frequently. Could he have hurt someone in the state he was in the night before? The nausea swept over him again. He hadn't even remembered the next morning that he had killed three people.

"And Nell," the use of her name snapped Callen from his thoughts, "yelling at the police," Kensi was laughing. "Hilarious, we work in law enforcement and you're yelling 'fuck the police' seriously? Brilliant!"

Nell was blushing and Sam stood, "well I'm going to do as Hetty says. A good nights sleep sounds perfect." He jingled the keys, "and I want to see how this car handles." He gave a wave as he exited the room.

"A tub of rocky road," Kensi said dreamily.

"And lightly salted, warm from the oven pretzel?" Deeks teased.

"You know a place?" Kensi asked.

"Of course."

"You've been holding out on me!" Kensi said punching him in the leg.

"I'll show you... if you let me drive..."

Kensi looked to be having an internal debate before putting the keys in his hand, "see you guys tomorrow!"

Eric grabbed the bag he'd left at work before the case had started, "my own bed sounds wonderful," he said with a yawn and hitting a few buttons on the keyboard and every bit of tech in the room went into sleep mode.

"Night," Nell called.

"G'night," he responded.

Callen and Nell sat alone with the hum of the sleeping computers, and the illumination of the bluish lights. They sat in silence for a moment, Callen stood and put the cup over by the kettle and took a seat across from Nell but wheeled it closer so their knees were almost touching.

"You could have gotten killed," he whispered there a hitch to his voice it wasn't just anger simmering under his skin, there was fear too and even if she hadn't heard it in his voice she couldn't have possibly missed it in his eyes.

"You had a gun pointed to you. Twice. And a knife! I say the odds for me were much better," Nell responded with her wide eyes staring back daring him to argue.

He glared at her, "you're not an agent Nell! You should have just let Sam deal with it."

"Again, Deeks would have been hurt Callen!"

"And he knows how to take a punch!"

"You expected me to do nothing?"

"That's exactly what I told you to do, text Sam and don't get seen!"

"You wouldn't have asked that of Kensi!"

"Kensi is a highly trained special agent! You're not!"

"I couldn't just stand there and watch him get hurt when I could do something about it!"

"And what would you have done if Sam hadn't shown up when he had?" Callen was fuming and stood up, his hands running over his short hair. "What if he had just let those two men beat on Deeks, what if he had taken you?" Nell swallowed hard as Callen paced and his voice was loud- angry. "What if he had hit you? What if he had a gun Nell?"

"Callen?" She stood and grabbed his arm but he quickly shook her off. "Callen!"

"They could have killed you Nell!"

The room went both quiet and still. Callen had stopped pacing and the only sound was the hum of the computers and their breathing. Nell could hear her heart pounding in her chest. There was so much raw emotion in Callen's voice it brought tears to her eyes.

"I'm not sorry for what I did, I couldn't just... watch as they hurt Deeks. Could you have stood there when a member of your team was being hurt?"

"That is different!" he said exasperated, but at least he said it in a quieter tone than he had been speaking.

"How so?" Nell crossed her arms over her chest, "they're like family to me too you know."

They looked at each other, Callen still looked pissed and was frowning while Nell just seemed inquisitive. "I'm not going to win this... am I?" Callen asked his blue eyes searching her.

"No." Nell responded simply. "I know I'm not trained to deal with situations like that, and I know I disobeyed your order, but... you'd have done the same thing."

"I'm a trained agent," Callen said, "had you have gotten hurt on my... drunken op it would have been my fault." His hands gripped her shoulders as if he was reassuring himself she was there, perfectly fine- aside from the hangover- uninjured despite the events of the night. "I don't think I could have lived with myself if something had happened to you last night," Callen admitted and his voice nearly broke mid-sentence.

She swallowed hard, "I teared up when I watched that clip... when those guys drew their guns... even having you sitting right next to you, and knowing you were fine..." her lip quivered, "my heart was up in my throat and-"

Her words were cut off when his lips touched hers. Her brain short-circuited and the words died on the tip of her tongue. Her senses were infused with him, the feel of his lips, his hand on the small of her back, the other a fist in her hair, the lingering scent of his aftershave.

Her hands made fists gripping his shirt and pulling him closer there was a desperation about the kiss, a need and a deep seeded sexual undercurrent which told both parties this wouldn't be the last time.

There was a short draw back enough for each to take a gulp of air and their lips connected again. Nell didn't even realize he was pushing her back till her hip hit the table and he lifted her to sit on it which made up for the height difference. They continued their heated kissing, Callen standing between her legs which were wrapped around his waist as she tried to get as close to him physically as she could.

Callen came to his senses first pulling away and throwing a glance at the door. "We're at work," he said as if in a daze.

"Yeah," Nell whispered touching her swollen lips. "Not caring to much at the moment..."

This got a smirk out of him, "you might change your mind if Marcus from accounting walks by."

Nell rolled her eyes as she laughed, "or Hetty comes back to see why we haven't gone home for the night like our colleagues." They stared at each other for a moment before Callen took a step back and she lowered herself from the table. "So... my place?" She asked.

Callen pulled a set of keys from his pocket, "I'll drive."


"Just try it!"




"Open your mouth."

"I'm not putting that in my mouth."

"Come on Kens!"

"Deeks..." The tone was a warning.

"Come on Kens, just... try it."

She stared at him before sighing, "fine."

"Open up."

She opened her mouth and she closed it, savouring for a moment. "Damn it."

"I was right, wasn't I?" Deeks asked with a smug tone. "Good isn't it."

Kensi ripped off another piece of the pretzel as they sat on the beach and dipped it into the Rocky Road ice cream Deeks had purchased. "Only you would think that dipping the pretzel into the ice cream would be a good idea," she said with a smile.

"Well pretzels are good, and ice cream is good..." he looked pointedly at her, "and sometimes two good things on their own make a great thing together."

She stared at him for a moment before, "we aren't talking about Rocky Pretzels anymore are you?"

"You named it?"

She grinned, "answer the question."

"We have a thing, a simmering thing, a thing that... we got drunk and all those walls and fears slipped away and... we were great together."

She stood and then straddled him on the bench, "we were, weren't' we?"

"Wanna see if we still are?" Her eyes gazed over with lust and Deeks smiled, "take that as a yes," he whispered before pressing his lips to hers, tongues colliding and he could taste the ice cream on her. There was a softness, a testing spirit to the kiss and when they pulled away they studied the other person for their reaction.

Deeks licked his lips and Kensi's eyes hooded.

Neither spoke for a long minute.

"I live a block away," Deeks said urgently.

Kensi was off him in a second putting the lid on the ice cream and putting their goodies into the plastic bag. "We are not telling the team."

"Not telling the team what?" Deeks asked innocently as he pulled his keys out of his pocket with one hand and found Kensi's hand with the other. Their fingers intertwined as they hurried off the beach with the glow of young lovers.


Hetty sat back at her desk. Her agents had worried her. The memories of the awful case that had preluded the events, the previous night of tracking them, telling them all what had happened, the look upon her Senior Agent-in-Charge's face... she had been worried he was going to pull out his gun and badge and quit on the spot.

She'd been so scared for each and every one of them during that night either for their emotional of physical well being.

But then she's seen Sam leave with a smile on his face. And then Kensi and Deeks leaving together, smiles and laughter with their banter. Eric with his bag laughing as he talked to someone on his cell phone. Nell and Callen being none to discrete with their 'casual' touches, it was obvious there was young love blooming between them, they couldn't keep their hands to themselves.

Hetty smiled putting her kettle away.

Her agents were going to be okay.