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Note: So this will be an eight-chapter song-fic, taking you through the song "Constant Craving". How amazing was that in "I Kissed a Girl", anyway? Naya and Idina sound incredible together, they really do. One verse of the song per pairing, and eight pairings for this story (which is essentially a series of short one-shots). Hetero- and homosexual couples. Both Glee-verse and The Glee Project-verse. No requests being taken for this one, and just attaching Kurt as the main character since I can't put them all in. Pairings listed below. Reviews are nice and welcome.

Pairings: (In no particular order) Tina/Artie, Damian/Cameron (The Glee Project), Sam/Mercedes, Puck/Kurt, Brittany/Santana, Kurt/Rory, Quinn/Rachel, Puck/Quinn, and Kurt/Blaine.

Even through the darkest phase

Be it thick or thin

Always someone marches brave

Here beneath my skin

"You're the bravest person I've ever met," the boy whispers softly, shuddering as his cheek is stroked. "I…I wish I were as brave as you."

"No, no," the other boy clucks his tongue. "You're definitely braver than I. Not anyone can just transfer to this…hell…of a school and walk around with a smile on their face, even when they're being horribly picked on every single day."

The younger boy blushes, his face turning tomato-red. "It's all I know how to do. I was picked on all the time back home, too."

"I can't imagine why," the pale boy's forehead creases in concern. "You're an incredible person, with an incredible voice to match." He rocks back and forth on his heels. "I'll admit, I was slightly jealous of your killer range at first, but I've grown to love it."

"I guess the jocks at home just saw me the same as how the jocks here see me: as someone different," the foreign boy sighs heavily. "And they don't like different."

"I like different," the countertenor breathes. "It's the best part about me."

The leprechaun stifles a giggle. "I thought that was your sense of style."

"Well, that, too," the light-eyed boy rolls his eyes playfully. "Look, we…I don't know how to tell you this…but I…oh, to hell with it! I, Kurt Hummel, admittedly have a crush on you, Rory Flanagan."

The black-haired boy's eyes widen. "Kurt…I thought you had a…boyfriend," he whispers. "What about Blaine?"

Kurt's eyes fall. "He cheated on me," he says in a flat, hollow voice.

"Oh," Rory says softly. "I'm sorry to hear that."

"Yes, well, that's all over and done with now," Kurt says quickly. "I just…wanted to let you know…that I have feelings for you. And I understand that you're totally straight and have a thing for Brittany, but I felt as if it had to get off my chest."

Rory shrugs. "I'm bisexual," he quips. "And you're very attractive."

Kurt makes a face. "I don't really believe in bisexuality, especially in high school. It's just what gay men say when they want to hold hands with a girl in the halls."

This causes Rory to emit a sigh. "That's what I used to think, too. But, before you even ask, yes, I have kissed males before, and yes, I did quite enjoy myself."

Kurt straightens up against the lockers that they have been talking beside. "Really?"

"Yes," Rory says, his heart pounding. "I've never actually had a boyfriend before," his face falls. "I'm kind of a jinx when it comes to love and romance."

"Wait," Kurt tilts his chin, and Rory's breath hitches. "You've never really been in a relationship before?"

Rory shakes his head. "Well," he pauses. "I've had one or two girlfriends, but they dumped me rather quickly. I don't know what's wrong with me," he slumps his shoulders in defeat, wondering how he could ever be loved by anyone.

"Nothing," Kurt murmurs. "Absolutely nothing is wrong with you." He takes a step forward and gently presses his lips to Rory's soft pink ones. To his surprise, it's like falling into a pillow, much softer and gentler than his first kiss with Blaine had been, and much sweeter tasting. A low moan escapes Rory's throat, and he hurriedly lifts his hands to caress Kurt's face, effectively deepening the kiss. The Irish boy's head begins to spin, and his knees feel as if they could give way at any moment. Before he can register what is happening, Kurt is pulling away from him, his blue-grey eyes shining.

"Oh my Lord," Rory mutters. "I…Kurt…"

"Please," Kurt takes Rory's hands in his own. "Please, give me a chance. Give us a chance. I want to…God, I just want to be with you. I don't even know why; I just know that I want you. I crave you, Rory."

"God, yes," Rory whispers. "I want you, too, like I've never wanted anyone."

"Good," Kurt slides his arm through Rory's. "Then you're mine, and I'm yours, and to you I shall be neverendingly faithful." He eyes the Irish-born boy up and down. "But first, I think we shall have to go shopping."

"Okay," Rory laughs. "Thank you, Kurt. I've always wanted someone like you as a friend. I got especially lucky to have you as a boyfriend, too."

"I just wish I had been as brave as you," Kurt says quietly. "I was bullied, too, before you got here. Last year, in fact, it got so bad that I had to transfer schools."

"What?" Rory says incredulously. "Kurt, I'm so…who did that to you?"

"It doesn't matter," Kurt shakes his head. "The bully transferred schools, and I was able to come back here, where I belong. And I'm glad I did. I missed Glee Club, I missed my friends." He looks down shyly. "And I would never have met you."

"Well, to me," Rory begins to say. "You're the bravest person in the world, just for coming back here after what happened to you. And for that, I admire you greatly."

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