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"I can see you were a little busy these last few years." Jack laughed "You can't get out of trouble can you?" Jack and the Doctor had been talking for some time now, after a really nice chat with the Ponds, they had returned to their room and River was somewhere around the TARDIS.

"You know me. Trouble comes looking for me." The Doctor nod to him when referred to trouble

Jack laughed "Did you ever thought, when you started all those years ago…"

"No I didn't." The Doctor didn't let him finish. "River asked me the same thing awhile ago."

"Wise woman." Jack smiled

"Not exactly the word I would use to describe her."

"So what words would you use?" Jack teased the Doctor

"Funny, sarcastic, crazy, sexy…"The Doctor started forgetting Jack was there while think of River, and then realizing he was daydreaming looked at Jack and smiled "definitely SEXY."

"That woman really got you."Jack smiled. "I'm glad you're happy."

The Doctor face got more serious "Well you know me; there will always be something that ruins everything."

"Don't be…"Jack stopped realizing the Doctor wasn't guessing something was going to happen, we actually knew it. "What?"

"She will die, soon."

"How do you…?"

"You know the out of sync timeline story? Guess when was the first I met her?"

Jack could see the sadness in the Doctor's eyes "The day she died." The Doctor nodded.

"The worst part" he continued, as if he was in a desperate need to talk about that, and Jack was obviously the one person that could understand his suffer. "Is that I won't have the faintest idea of who she is, can you imagine what that does to a person? She will die and the me that is going to be there, it's not really ME."

"When did you meet her?"

"I was traveling with Donna at the time." Jack didn't say a word, as he saw the Doctor's eyes fill with tears he bravely held. Jack knew what had happen with Donna, he also knew what she really meant to the Doctor, and how it had hurt him, make her forget everything. "See Jack," The Doctor spoke after a short silence "Happy for me is a really a temporary condition."

They both kept silence for what seem a long time, just looking at each other and thinking about all both had been trough.

"How about you? How are you?"

Jack smiled "I'm always good."

"And Torchwood?"

"Well Gwen has a little girl and Rhys; you know we went international? We have Rex now. Nice guy, pretends to be much tougher than he actually is, and he is also very cocky and sarcastic."

"So your kind of guy."

Jack laughed "You know me I love a cocky guy, although I think I'm already cocky enough."

"Yes you are." The Doctor smiled again. "So Torchwood is just work for you now?"


"Do you miss him?"

"I miss everybody." Jack's face hardened.


"Yes Doctor I miss him, very much, every single day I still think about him. I blame myself for his dead, for all the deaths." Jack was now sad and upset

"I'm sorry; I shouldn't have brought that up."

"You know what really upsets me? If Miracle Day had happened just a little earlier…"

The Doctor give Jack a sympathetic smile, he knew how much Ianto had meant to him he had made Jack a better person. "That Miracle Day…"

"Very messy stuff."

"And if I'm not mistaken, it was also your fault right Jack?" The Doctor was clearly teasing him.

"Really? You're going to put that on me?" The Doctor shrug. "You know what is stranger, Rex got immortal too."

"He got your blood right? That can be the reason; I would have to check him to know more exactly."

"Boys…" Jack and the Doctor turned their head to see River walking towards them. "Did you catch up already? Because we are landing and I want to go to the party you promise me sweetie."

"I didn't promise you a party." The Doctor stated

"Are you sure dear?"

The Doctor scratched his head "Oh yes…Waited a minute no I didn't."

"Oh well," River shrug "It was worth a try"

Jack laugh "You're a catch" he said getting up and heading to the TARDIS controls

"I know." She said looking to the Doctor.

"You two…"The Doctor started

"Where are we going after all?" Jack asked.

"Visit an old friend. I think you'll like him, Jack." The Doctor smiled to River.

"We are going to visit Delaware?"

"Yes my dear, we are."

"Uh I better get dressed for the occasion." She said heading to the TARDIS wardrobe

"You know it's an informal visit." The Doctor said, knowing that she didn't actually care for that.

"Ok so where are we exactly heading?" Jack asked "Which year?" He clarify

"1973, we met Delaware in 1969."

"Moon landing, nice year."

The Doctor started to land the TARDIS when River got back.

"Wow."Jack said "Like it very much."

River smiled "Thanks Jack, it's good to see that someone appreciates the effort."

The Doctor grumbled something they couldn't understand.

"We arrived."

"I like this new soft landing."Jack said "Is so much more…soft." River laughed

"There is nothing wrong with my usual landing; I just didn't use it because the Ponds are sleeping."

"Sure my dear." River teased him. "By the way sweetie, do we wake them up."

"No. Let them sleep, I'm not going to have your parents on our date." He said smiling

"You're on a date? That means I'm the third wheel?" Jack asked trying to sound upset

"As if..." The Doctor smiled to him.

"So let's go boys." River left the TARDIS with the Doctor on one side, and Jack on the other.

On the outside it was already night, there was no one on the street.

"You sure we are on the right place?" Jack nodded towards a poster

"Winter LondonGala." The Doctor read. "Seriously?" He said turning to the TARDIS

"You know her, if she brought you here, she probably have a reason." River stated

"I'm pretty sure 1973 is a plain boring year here." The Doctor said heading to the TARDIS

"Let's go." River said suddenly.

"Where?" Jack and the Doctor asked in unison.

"To the Gala of course." She smiled.

"But we…" The Doctor started.

"Let's go." Jack grabbed River left arm, and the Doctor got River's right arm.

"Well I promised you a party didn't I?"

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