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The TARDIS materialized behind them, and they all looked surprised to it.

"How on earth?" The Doctor whispered River

"Sweetie, it's mom and dad, are you actually that surprise?"


"Let's go now lovebirds." Jack said pushing River and the Doctor to the TARDIS, taking advantage of the clearly disorientation of the Teselecta.

"How on Earth?" The Doctor started.

"Kids!" Amy was in front of them. "This is when it gets complicated.

"Wait, what? How? When?" The Doctor was clearly confused. "You were asleep.

Amy slapped him. "And for that young man, I'll kick your ass when I see you later."

"Wait? I don't understand handsome." Jack was talking to Rory, who was standing near to Amy.

Rory shrugged. "Really Jack? Really?

"Ok stop right there!" River said. "Who send you here?"

"Of course." The Doctor realized what River was saying. "Older Amy and Rory."

"Oi!" Amy point her finger to the Doctor

"Older, but really well preserved Amy and Rory." The Doctor added.

"You two." Rory pointed to the Doctor and River "sent us here, said you needed a Tardis.

"And he let you pilot her?"

"Well he let Amy do it."

"Yes that sounds like me. Ok gang, why do I sent you here?"

"You clearly needed the Tardis, Doctor."

"I did, thank you Jack. Now what else…"

"Who is the blonde?" Amy got really close to Jenny.


"The daughter." River finished the sentence.

"Daughter? You." Amy pointed to River and the Doctor, "have a daughter?"

"Well to be hon…"the Doctor started

"Surprise. " Jack cut the Doctor's sentence.

"I'm a grandfather?" Rory couldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth

"I HAVE A GRANDAUGTHER?" Amy was hysterical, and clearly pissed off.

"Let's stop this non-sense." The Doctor looked to River and Jack. "No Amy and Rory, you don't have a granddaughter. Do they?" the Doctor turned to River

River smiled. "Spoilers!"

"Alright." The Doctor turned again to the Ponds, disturb by River's look.

"This is Jenny, Jenny is my daughter." Amy open her mouth. "From previous incarnation." He added. "Now can we get back to the other me standing outside."

"Uhhh, other you? Let me see."

"No Amy no." Amy opened the door, and got pull back by Jack, who close it really quick, in time to avoid both them being shoot, by the Telesecta Doctor.

"Ok, they are angry." Amy stated "which one of those are you?"

"Who do you think?" Jack answer before the Doctor had the chance

"Uhhh… you were nice."

"Stop that all of you. Let's come out with a plan."

"All of the sudden the Tardis power went off, and all her shields and defenses were down."

"What's happeni…?"

Amy could finish her sentence as a bullet pass right through the door small inches from her head, and hit the Tardis main panel.

"No one, shots my Tardis." The Doctor went out furious, follow by River pointing a gun at the TEselectas.

"So, we manage to get the rabbit out of his hole."

"How do you cut the Tardis power off?"

"You see, you're not the only one dealing cards here, but that's not the point. The point is you are surrounded, with no here to go, so give me what is mine, and we'll go on with our lives."

"You know you might want to check the definition of surrounded again, and also your records. See this is Captain Jack Harkness, and that is River Song. Good friends, bit annoying, but like to use their guns."

Jack smiled, prepared to say something.

"Please don't Jack." Doctor said without turning his head.

The Teselecta laugh. "That is so nice of you, but see we've got them." He pointed to Amy and Rory and they disintegrated, as well, as the Tardis.

"How did you duplicate the Tardis?" The Doctor was fascinated and angry.

"Oh well, so many knowledge inside this." He pointed to his head. "You know what? We changed plans, we want the device she stole, and we want they." He pointed to River and Jack.

"Not me?" the Doctor asked curious.

"There is so much a man can take Doctor, and you inside us, would definitely be a liability. See you're ambitious, but not fools. "

"So what's going to be the wife and Captain or the best friends?"

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