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Let's be honest, the Doctor wasn't seeing a way out, not for the moment at least.

He looked for River and Jack for a quick moment, and both knew the answer.

"Want to go for a fun ride River?" Jack grabbed River's hand flirtatious.

"Thought you never asked." She smiled.

"Leave your guns here" the Teselecta Doctor said.

"Amy and Rory where they are?"

"Where you left them Raggedy man." One of the other Teselecta replied.

The Doctor hearts skipped a beat, and River's muscles tensed up a little bit, almost imperceptible for everyone except for the Doctor.

"There is just one thing I don't understand. What do you plan to do with all that information. I mean world domination is not that easy."

The Teselecta laughed..."Imagine the Doctor wandering around the planets, travelling time and space; everyone knows the Doctor, many planets would love to have him to rule them, with his wife and best friend beside him…"

"I was our best friend?" Jack interrupted the reveries of the Teselecta Doctor…

"Well… " The Doctor started and Jack smiled.

"Enough rambling, come with us."

"I'm sorry dad, I'm so sorry…"

The Doctor looked for his daughter and smiled. River embraced her "Hush now sweetie, don't worry everything is going to be fine."

"Your friends are two blocks from here to the left.

"Let's go." The Teselecta women talked to River and Jack, they nodded and before the Doctor could say anything, they had already vanish. He grabbed Jenny's hand preparing to leave.

"Just one more thing Doctor" The Teselecta Doctor turned to the Doctor again. "We will keep your Tardis too, we grew quite fond of her."

The Doctor turned to Jenny and sighted, "you had to go ambitious didn't you?"


Getting sucked into the Teselecta, wasn't pleasent at all, being miniaturized and then transported inside the body of an unknowed person has definitely disturbing. The moment they got in, the antibodies try to attack them. Fortunately a young man came just in time and put on them the bracelets that allowed them to be inside that body.

River turned to face the young man. "So what's the plan dad?"


"What you have to understand." The Doctor started, "is that you can have the Tardis, but you CAN never have the Tardis, even if you look like that." He pointed to the hair and made a face. "She would definitely drive you crazy once you entered through the door."

"The second thing is that I will never let you warm my friends, and third, and to be honest the most important, is that if you treasure your life you should never trap a mad man. Basically you should run."

"Are you going to point a gun at me Doctor?" The Teselecta Ddoctor smiled.

"No need actually, I am just trying to make you waist time. «Ragaddy Man» that is very specific, even with all the information you have saved in there… that is a very specific thing to be said, and yet you heard your friend say it and didn't find it curious. That was another mistake."

The Teselecta looked puzzled for the Doctor.

"Hey dad," Jenny smile realizing what her father was doing. "where is your sonic screwdriver?"

"Oh my… River must have taken it."

Alarmed the Teselecta Doctor looked to the other Teselecta, two of them were just turned off and the third , one, the woman, was smiling triumphant. Pointing the lasers to the Doctor Teselecta, it managed to immobilize the Teselecta and using the miniaturization ray, expel one of the man inside the Teselecta

"Bob" The Doctor heard the woman Teselecta said in Captain Carter's voice. "You are under arrested." The man look in rage for the Doctor, and grabbing Jack's gun from the floor he shot the Doctor.

"No dad." Jenny tried to push him, but he grabbed her and turned around, waiting for the bullet to hit him on the back. Hearing no sound from the gun, the Doctor turned again and found Jack near the man with a handful of bullets looking to him.

"Sorry, forgot to mention I took these, from the gun... those things can hurt someone."

Soon River, Jack, Amy and Roy where all reunited back with the Doctor.

"Captain Carter, that was cutting it close." The Doctor said turning back to the only Teselecta still active.

"We have been looking for them, for some time, now; I want to thank you Doctor for sending the main control and the sonic screwdriver. That way we were able to regain access to all the Teselectas and shut them down from the outside."

"So all the people working inside this Teselecta?" Amy asked.

"Are imprisoned inside, except for that one." He pointed to Bob. "We will take them to the base to questioning and arresting them.

"I believe you're going to have to review your staff and your security." Rory added.

"There is just one thing I can't understand." The Captain said. "How did you manage to get inside of that Teselecta?"

"We have been after them for a long time, and we had a tip from where they would be and where they would go first, we knew the Teselecta would go for the Tardis, once they sense it here, immediately after you arrived. We just had to stick around and wait for the opportunity to get one of the Teselecta alone, to be able to go inside, undercover, to get all of them. Gladly you understood that something was going on and sent her with the screwdriver."

"A bit of luck then…" Rory said, shaking his head… "I thought we were going to have a calm night…"

"With them?" Amy pointed to Jack, River and the Doctor. "That is trouble X3."

"Hey! We heard that." The Doctor said trying to sound upset.

"Yeah I know."

"Ok just onto more serious matters." Jack took a step forward to the Teselecta. "What is our compensation for all this trouble you caused?"

The Teselecta looked to Jenny, and then to the gang…"We will erase all the information we have about what she did in the last years."

All looked to Jenny. "From all known data-bases?" Jenny asked.


"Jenny what did you do?" The Doctor sounded exasperated.

"Not much dad, just wondering around, meeting some people, seeing some places…"

"I like her." River smiled to Jenny.

"Yeah me too."



It has been a long time since the Tardis had have so many people, there was a lot of noise and to be honest the Doctor had missed being surrounded by so many great friends.

"You look pensive" Amy said getting closer to the Doctor.

"I was wondering, who tip the Teselecta?"

"Oh ,I might help you with that." She said smiling. "When they came knocking on the Tardis, they said they were tipped by a young man American, mid thirties, who had pinpoint exactly where you should be and where we should be."

"I have no idea who are you talking about."

"Maybe you didn't meet him yet."

"Hey Doctor." Roy approached them. "The Teselecta left this here for you; they said it was give to them by the man who helped us. It is for you, it has your name on it."

The Doctor held on the package and thanked Roy.

"Aren't you going to open?" Amy asked anxious.

"Not yet."


"…So what did she said River?"

"Put down that gun."

"Did you?"


The Doctor approached the group. "So where to now?"

"I think I will get my spaceship and get away, I have some places to go" Jenny said. "It was a pleasure to meet you all, and thank you."

"I was happy to see you dad." She said giving him a kiss on the cheek. "If you find yourself travelling and wanting some company let me know."

"Take care Jenny, don't go put yourself in danger."

"Jenny you know where to find me if you find yourself in the need too."

"Don't you dare Jack Harkness."

Jack winked at Jenny "You're no fun anymore Doctor."


Later the Doctor find himself thinking about the package he had received. Jack was telling River some old torchwood stories, and the Ponds were near them just enjoying some good laughs on Jack's account. Knewing he would stop thinking about it, the Doctor decide to pick up his "present" again. It was a small package, that it looked like a book, the wrapping paper was oh so normal with little red bows on it. In one of the sides It was written. «To the Doctor», the writing was unfamiliar to him.

He open it carefully, and found that the item was wrapped in another paper, Tardis blue, the Doctor smiled.,we liked puzzles, even if it was just a book cover into two differentwrapping pappers... there is obviously a reason. Chceking it again he found a small card, write with the same letter of the previous handwritting, in it he could read: «Keep this close to you, don't open until it's necessary. Take care, Anthony Williams.»

The Doctor close the card and looked up smiling, I guess this is a mystery for another time then.

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