It all started on June the third 2011.

He remembered that day vividly because he remembered Cartman walking in with a whoopie cushion, some gum and several thumb tacks that he showed to him before sitting down, and snickered gleefully as Mr. Garrison walked into the class with a black and red hooded figure carrying a mesh backpack trailing after him.

He shifted in his seat a little bit, then leaned to the left. Trying to get a look at the person standing next to their teacher's desk. He saw Stan and Kyle, his other childhood friends lean to the left to get a good look at the figure too while Cartman (god he never learned) blew up the whoopie cushion, placed the thumb tacks and popped a huge wad of gum into his mouth and started chewing.

"Alright class please quiet down so that I can introduce your new classmate." Garrison said as everyone looked at one another in confusion. None of them had uttered a word since sitting down ten minutes ago. And Cartman's snickering aside, there had been no noise at all.

So natrually they wondered if their teacher had come into work high or drunk again.

Garrison picked up a piece of chalk and started writing on the chalk board hanging on the wall at the front of the class as he spoke. "This creepy hooded figure here is, Angel Lovewise-" Garrison stopped writing the kids name for a moment and glanced at said kid and squinted. Yep, definately high or drunk. He thought in amusement as the teacher resumed the new kids introduction. "I'm not really sure if this kid is a male or a female so assume that it has both genders-"

Cartman and several others laughed hysterically at the new kids expense. Not that the new kid seemed to mind any. He/she was completely still and completely unaffected by his/her new classmates teasing. Which was good in his opinion since it meant that the kid would last a while when not many others in his/her position would.

South Park was notorious for being the epicenter of crazy happenings and shit. They'd had giant robots attack them, natrual disasters breeze through and destroy everything...Oprah's twat got shot off...

Which wasn't nearly as interesting as it sounded. In fact it was pretty damn gross. They'd had the neo-nazi three desks in front of him (Cartman turned and grinned and waved at him excitedly) try to destroy all the Jews, the Ginger's, the Hippies exct.

Honestly he didn't know why anyone would want to come to this town, it was like retardsville or something. "Let's see here, list of hobbies are as followed, reading, writing, music-"

Cartman coughed the word "Pussy." And he saw the new kid instantly zero in on his friend. Curious he folded his arms over his chest and sat back in his desk and waited. He wouldn't bother warning Cartman this time because he wanted to know what the new kid had in store.

Luckily none of them would have to wait terribly long.

In the span of five hours Cartman had single handedly become the new kids mortal enemy due to his constat jokes and insensitive remarks. Whoopie cushion and thumb tacks aside though, what really sealed his fate was when the new kid had finally lowered his/her hood from their head and shocked everyone (not only by revealing her gender) but with her looks as well.

She was an exotic beauty with scarlet eyes and waist length thick jet black hair that Cartman had ruined by putting his wad of chewing gum in her lovely hair.

Kenny had a perfect veiw of the murderous expression on her pretty face an instant before she blanked it and started working on her history report again. Two hours after that the bell rang and it was time to go home. Everyone gathered their books, and jackets and got up and rushed out of the room.

Kenny hung back with Stan and Kyle, all three of them bitching at Cartman for doing such a thing to a pretty girl as they walked down the hall from their class and stepped out into the brisk Colorado air as Cartman laughed.

"But it was funny!" He protested in between laughs as they made their way off of school property. "You should have seen the bitch's face!"

"I saw her face Cartman and I think you owe her an apology before she retaliates." Kenny said as he zipped up his jacket and started to slip on his gloves when the new girl stepped out from between two buildings in front of them, her hands on her hips, her long black hair looking like it had been sawed off just above the middle of her back. And she had an unreadable expression on her face as she smiled at them.

Stan, Kyle and Kenny wisely stopped a few feet from Cartman as he tried to continue past her and was more than a little pissed when she grabbed him and jerked him to a stop. He turned his head slowly and looked at her like she were a bug and growled. "Let go of me pussy bitch."

The girl gave him a sweet smile and before Cartman could react she reared back her fist and smashed it into his face then spun on her heel as he staggered back, his nose bleeding and tripped him then lifted her foot and brought it back down on his crotch with enough force to cause Stan, Kyle and Kenny all to flinch. As she grinded the thick rubber heel of her...were those combat boots? Against his groin then just as quickly as she had started, she stopped and winked at the three gaping teens a few feet away then walked off.

Cartman lay on the ground cursing and groaning and crying as Stan shuddered and said, "Ooo. I like her."

Kenny remembered thinking, Yeah me too.