Last time I tried to turn a one shot into an actual product, it sucked -_-' But I think this one will come out better. Pairing, as you should guess/know, is Naruto/Usagi. Starts about a day before the one shot takes place. Hopefully this will be as good as the Fox and Rabbit series, so fingers crossed!

Starting off as T, but may change to M, who knows. And all comments/ideas are welcome :)

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"But, Naruto, you really should consider-" Sakura started.

"No!" The 20 year old boy, err, man slunk down in his seat. Finally, he was the Hokage of Konoha, and people finally did respect him and accept his new laws.

"...And I'd like to also announce that we will be having a new holiday known as Appreciation Day[1]. It will be only for you to pay respect for all your dead loved ones." He looked at everyone who he knew had suffered from that. Sasuke, Shikamaru, Kurenai...Yes, this would be mandatory.

"That's so thoughtful, Naruto," Sakura whispered. Personally, she hadn't experienced that, but it was still nice. Everyone rejoiced at the news and bowed in respect for him.

"But Naruto, don't be so foolish! You need all the help you can get, people are gonna be after you now, so you should really get an assistant," Sasuke tried to reason. Tsunade sighed. This was going no where, so she brought up a different topic.

"What about a girlfriend?" Naruto fell out of his chair. "E-eh? What are you talking about now, crazy hag?" She ignored the comment and continued. "You won't live as Hokage forever, Naruto. You should really consider getting a girlfriend, one that you'll really love, and then have a kid or two. You'll need a successor."

"Yeah, yeah, as if I'd want some crummy girl just to have babies, eek. There's no way I'm having an assistant, or a girlfriend!" All three people huffed. And this was their leader, a bratty man stuck in his preteen years?

The next day, Sakura sat on a park bench. "Man, I'm so bored! No missions, the hospital isn't busy, and there isn't a single girl walking by who'd be perfect for Naruto!"

"Talking to yourself?" A voice asked. She quickly turned around. "Oh, hey Sasuke. Didn't hear you come up."

Okay, before I get complaints from anyone, these two are NOT dating. They do get along now, but they don't like each other like that! Anti SasuSaku fans ftw!

"Not talking to myself just thinking. What are you doing?" "Nothing, just taking a walk." "Oh, then may I join you?" "Yeah, whatever." They talked about random stuff, but then something that was bugging them both came up.

"We really need to find that idiot a girl," Sasuke muttered. Sakura nodded in agreement.

"It'd be nice if she could be his assistant, since he's very reluctant on that," Sakura muttered. "Someone who's just like him, and won't make him feel so tied down," Sasuke chimed in. "But, hm, who could that be?" They wondered aloud. They walked down the street past Ichiraku's when they froze to a halt. The pairs of black and green eyes looked back.

"Thank you, mister! I look forward to coming back, I can't get enough of your ramen!" A cheerful young woman said. To this day, we don't know who saw her first, but they spotted the one: A nice, petite girl with blond ponytails and sky blue eyes. "Bingo!" They exclaimed, running to her.

"Oh, can I help you?" The girl asked as the excited duo ran to her. 'Uwaa, a little weird, people running to me,' this girl thought.

"Yes, do you mind coming with us? We won't attack you, promise!" Sakura rushed, grabbing her arm. "U-uh, sure! Where are we going? Ow, you're pulling too hard!"

"You'll see. How are you with writing down important information and taking kind of..." Naruto's messy habits flashed by in his head. "Unorganized orders?" Sasuke asked, dragging her along as well. She blinked and tilted her head.

"Um, OK, I guess?" 'Gah, she's so cute!' They both thought. "B-but hold up! Who am I taking orders from? It better not be some old pervert!"

"No, we want you to work for the Hokage, okay?"

"H-H-Hokage! Oh gosh! Do you think I'll be acceptable to work for him?" Sasuke thought it over. Well, they DID just meet her...but she looked so cute and kind, and a fellow ramen lover for Naruto was a straight on match. Or so the two teens hoped.

Naruto frowned, scribbling his name onto a document. "Man, I'm glad I'm finally Hokage, but this paper work is such a pain..." Suddenly, his ex teammates burst through his door, carrying a young girl with them.

"Whoa, what are you guys doing? Are we doing something later?" He asked, hopeful for a break. "Nope, Naruto! We have a new assistant for you!" Sakura exclaimed, throwing the girl to him. Naruto caught her, finally taking her looks in. She was quite beautiful , and she sort of resembled him when he performed Sexy Jutsu. 'Heh heh heh,' he perversely giggled in his mind. But then Naruto stopped. That was more of a Jiraiya thought.

"Well...what do I do with her?" Everyone sweat dropped.

"Dobe, you use her to help you," Sasuke explained, frowning. The said girl smiled. "Hello, Lord Naruto! My name is Usagi Tsukino. I'd be glad to work for you as an assistant, okay?" Naruto grinned and held her tighter. He thought back to those papers he needed to look over.

"Okay! Maybe having help won't be so bad." Sakura clenched her fist tightly. "Glad to hear that, Naruto. And all I took was a girl to make him agree? Talk about hypocrisy. What is it with men?"

Yup, I have a definite view on where this is heading. I might take a break from the other series (sorry) to quickly work on this. Um, not much else to say. It's 9:22 over here. Tomorrow is the first day of December, then 22 more days till my birthday! :D

[1] Kind of like Day of The Dead (Dia de Los Miertos) but for Konoha. And they're not gonna dance around in flowery outfits on that day.