I am so sorry that I'm just now updating, that this is short, and that it has nothing to do with "The New Future's Face." You're probably sick of me apologizing already, but still... I wanted to post something soon, and you guys are used to me writing little tidbits, anyway. :)

So, this is sort of in honor of my birthday Monday, but mainly this is goldeneyes 713's early Christmas present that I wrote on a bus today... LOL. It's just a short idea I had and is, of course, RiShi. Rated T for safety - you'll see why - and please forgive and point out any typos you see. :P Please, enjoy, and forgive the brevity of this oneshot...

There are some days when Riku's hands burn her skin differently, when they're not gentle and careful as they normally are. He pulls her to him and kisses her fiercely, marking her skin and crashing against her in a frenzy that dances on the line between desperate and commanding.

Xion can feel the ever-present Darkness he carries more strongly those days, strong enough to tast it in every kiss and with every gasp he's able to coax out of her, reciprocating all the while, letting him go as far as he needs to until he pushes himself away with a stony expression and guilty eyes.

In the days after, his touch is softer than the apology he's trying to convey through it. He thumbs every blemish he finds, kissing each in turn until Xion can't stand the regret behind every brush of his fingers and presses her lips to his, drawing back only when it's his turn to gasp.

Because Xion's in love with Riku, and he's always worth the risk.