Author's Note(s):

Oh me, oh my… Why am I writing this story? Lol

First things first – I hate doing disclaimers because, honestly, who thinks I own Warehouse 13? Anyone? Bueller? But in the spirit of whatever, here we go: I do not own Warehouse 13 or any of the characters therein. This piece of creative mish-mosh is for the sole purpose of non-profit enjoyment & fangirl-ish-ness. Don't sue me because of reasons.

Second things second – This story for this fandom is a one-time deal. I do not plan on doing what I usually do (which is to go drabble-mad & then work my way up to something substantial); I plan on finishing this & then calling it a day (as far as writing fics for WH 13). Why? Even I am not sure why.

Third things third – To you lovely people who are waiting for an update to my other stories (i.e., the contradiction of you and i), it is going to happen! I swear it! Lol I just have to get this damn story out of my system first and then it is back to Pine Valley happenings.

Fourth things fourth – God, do I love the character of Helena G. Wells… And this freakin' pairing of H.G./Myka is so angsty that I can barely stand it. And this is why I had to write this after the Season Three finale. I just had to; it sucked me in like a Hoover vacuum.

Fifth things fifth – VERY IMPORTANT SINCE I DO NOT PLAN ON REPEATING THIS AT THE START OF ANY CHAPTER! …Got your attention? Good. So… Italics. I use them liberally. They could represent a flashback. They could represent Myka's inner thoughts. They could just be some way to separate actions from introspection. Anything that is not in italics should be taken as current thoughts/conversations.

And last but not least – Thank you if you read beyond this point & double-thanks if you don't think the actual story is total crap. If, of course, you do think it is crap or you don't read beyond this point… that's okay, too.