Knight Rider: Genesis

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Chapter 2: Rebirth

2 Days Later: Wilton Knight leaned on his cane heavily as he stared at the neurosurgeon who was working on Michael Long, both genetically and on his face. His fingerprints and face were to be erased from any and every computer data base in the world and genetically he would be re-written into something new, a new man that matched a close approximation of his old identity Michael Long. Wilton had discovered that in fact Tanya and her gang were not after KARR after all, but had discovered the newer prototype; The Knight Industries Three Thousand was in fact their target. They had downloaded from KARR where the newer vehicle was being built. Now KARR was waiting for Michael while scanning for Tanya and her gang.

"How long until the process is complete, Dr. Miles," Charles Graiman asked the Neurosurgeon. The Neurosurgeon shook his head.

"Another couple of hours, gentlemen. My team is working as hard as possible but taking a blood sample of both your son Garth and from Trinity seems like a lot. We don't know if the genome procedure will take given the extra additions to Trinity's blood work. It doesn't look human. I've studied her blood work and there's something not quite right, but so far it's overriding Mr. Long's genetic makeup. Whatever is in Trinity's blood or genetic makeup is doing its job. I've got a friend of mine working on facial reconstruction after we get the green light that the genome procedure took. My assistant will let us know. Why have the man look like your son Garth?" Dr. Miles asked his friend who had fought alongside him back in WWII.

"My son is in a remote section of China facing life imprisonment for raping a Chinese Diplomat and more than likely He will not get out of it. Mr. Long needs a new face and a new identity. But tell me, the bullet was aimed straight for his face. How did He survive," Wilton asked. Dr. Miles motioned for the new gentlemen to come to his office. He showed them x-rays of the man in question.

"According to his records, Mr. Long had fought during the recent war in Iraq having been discharged honorably 2 years ago, but came back with a metal plate in his head. Probably due to medical surgery. The plate deflected the bullet and it came out instead on his face. Have you chosen a name yet for Mr. Long? You do realize I'll have to contact his sister Danielle who is living right here in Los Angeles and let her know that her brother is dead," Dr. Miles said. Trinity walked in.

"She's here now and wants to be a part of Knight Industries. She wants to help any way she can," Trinity said. In walked a beautiful red head with full breasts and a fit figure clad in military fatigues. She was a Army Captain.

"Danielle your brother is dead in one sense but alive in another sense. He was shot point blank in the face but due to a metal plate in his head, he's alive. We are reconstructing him genetically and we're going to reconstruct his face and fingerprints due to advanced Knight Industries technology. He will drive an advanced vehicle equipped with the latest in military hardware and artificial intelligence. He'll be working for a branch of the Government called The Foundation for Law And Government. It's dangerous stuff. Are You sure you want in?" Charles said. She shook her clenched fist.

"You better believe I want in, Mr. Graiman. I love my brother and I would do anything for him. He was an exceptional soldier. If he'll be working for the Government, I want to be a part of that as well. I want to make sure what happened to him, doesn't happen again. Since He can't be Michael Long anymore, have you chosen a name for him?" She asked. Wilton smiled.

"I want him to be a part of my family, since he gave such time and dedication to this mission of protecting my prototype. He's going to be teamed with that prototype to find a newer version of that prototype. If He is going to be a Knight, That is what he'll be. But I ask one thing. You not reveal who you are to him," Wilton said.

"Why what's wrong?" Danielle asked. Dr. Miles spoke up.

"While the bullet came out on his face, we discovered a splinter of the bullet impacted part of his brain when the bullet came out. That splinter hit part of the memory sections of his brain. He doesn't know who he is just that he is a cop. That's all he remembers. No name, no address, doesn't even remember where he lives. I have a team working to get his things removed from his apartment and moved into my home. I will leave my entire fortune to my family except for my son Garth. Trinity Jean Knight is my daughter and Michael Author Knight will be my successor. But under no circumstances is he to know that part of his funding for the Cyber crimes unit he worked for came from a mob out of Chicago. When we tracked him down, we discovered his Cyber crimes unit was funded by Mob boss Bob Gardino, who was wanted on Federal Charges of racketeering and corruption. We had a team working on that. We also discovered Tanya had connections to Mr. Gardino as well. But we were more concerned with the theft of our vehicle. We will introduce you to that vehicle shortly. I'd like to introduce Devon Miles, Executive Officer of The Foundation for Law And Government. He's our point man with other Federal Agencies. We were granted Federal Status under President Clinton in 1992. We will arrange for you be honorably discharged in order to join FLAG. If you like we can begin that process immediately," Dr. Miles said

"What do you mean My brother will get your inheritance?" Danielle said.

"Dr. Miles is the on staff neurosurgeon with FLAG and is also staff physician as well. Wilton Knight was discovered to have had a heart attack and doesn't have much time left. Mr. Knight has a legacy of dreams and accomplishments that he lived up to. Most of those became profitable and he became wealthy at a young age. But now at the age of 79 He's had some health issues and can't continue doing what he does, one of which is bringing criminals to justice. Trinity Knight was granted FBI status a year and a half ago, but hasn't used it due to her ongoing status as CEO of Knight Industries Technology. She'll relinquish control of that company to me, and She'll become an active part of FLAG. Our mutual friend Devon Miles will be Executive director of FLAG," Charles said as Devon was introduced to Danielle. He was an Englishman in his 40's.

"Dr. Miles, it's done. The Genome procedure worked. Mr. Long's DNA has been overwritten by whatever is in Miss Knight's blood. He's still unconscious, but a side effect of the procedure was that all of his memories have been completely erased," Susan McCormick said.

"My assistant Dr. Susan McCormick. She's also on staff with FLAG. If that's the situation, we need to create new memories for him or at least implant his new name in so he'll know his name," Charles said.

"He has to discover and make memories on his own, Gentlemen," Wilton finally said.

"We'll get you and Michael Knight set up with FLAG as soon as possible," Devon said happily….

To Be Continued…