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The Golden Compass

by Samantha

This story is about how a girl named Lyra Samantha Belacque she is 10 yrs old sorry pan isn't in the story till Marisa tells Lyra shes her mom he is there though just not talking he stays quiet but he will be in there for the rest in this chapter will be in here

Chapter 1

meeting Mrs. Coulter

In the dinning room at Jordan college Marisa walks in wearing a gold dress and high heals with short blond hair with a golden monkey

Master The tutor of metaphysics says you have missed your lesson again now I know you don't think the way we teach you is necessary

Mrs. Coulter But I disagree master

Master Um Mrs. Coulter "stands up"

Marisa- You may sit down now Master when I was a young woman I know the only one who could understand me is my demand

Master -Mrs. Coulter this is Lyra Belaquae and Lyra this is Mrs. Coulter

Marisa -Nice to meet you

Lyra Nice to meet you too

They go on talking and then finally it comes time to ask the Master if she can go to the north with her

Marisa Master I was wondering if I might borrow Lyra

only for a while of course

Master I don't think that will be alright with Aserial

Marisa Let me deal with Aserial you mustn't deny me these little things you really mustn't

Master Alright

"Marisa meets with Aserial at his office in the college"

Marisa- Aserial I've met our daughter Lyra at the college yesterday and I am going to be taking her home to live with me

Aserial -Are you sure your ready to take care of her she can be a handful trust me ive seen her on campus .she is very adventurous

Marisa- I'm sure she is after all my daughter and who knows what they have been teaching her at the school we put her in

Aserial -Fine you can raise her

Marisa- Thank you for letting me take care of my daughter

meanwhile Lyra and the master Lyra gets the golden compass from him

Later on that day outside of the campus

Marisa -You ready to go Lyra

Lyra- Yes "at Mrs. Coulter's house"

Marisa- Come Lyra lets get you ready for the party tonight

Lyra -A party ive never been to one before

Marisa -Really I thought at the college you would get to go to the party's at the college

Lyra -The party's were only for scholars,masters not for the kids or servants we had our studies to do,work. After our studies were done then had to go to bed.

Marisa – Well lets then lets get you ready for your first party

They get ready,its time for the party after the party Marisa finally tells Lyra

Marisa -I have to tell you something very important your mother didn't die in a plane crash as you were told. She wasn't married to your father though she loved you very much. She wanted to keep you it wasn't allowed so you were taken from her,it wasn't tell things changed that she was free to do as she wanted that she went to Jordan college, she spoke to the master

Lyra mom are you a member of the gobblers

Marisa yes but I wont ever let them harm you

Lyra they did it to billy and those other kids they cut their daemons away why are they doing that

Marisa I know its difficult to understand but its for their own good dust doesn't settle on innocent children when your animal settles swarm all around us trying to work its mysterious ways and theirs how children began to have nasty thoughts and feelings but there is a way just a little cut