A/N After becoming a fan of the movie, Osmosis Jones, I made an OC: a pet hyena for Thrax, named Almira. I decided to introduce her by telling her life story. Her picture can be found in my DeviantART gallery; I go as DarkraixCresselia there.

I own only Almira and any other characters you won't recognize. The ones you DO recognize from OJ are owned by Warner Brothers.

As Thrax and I fell towards the cup of alcohol on the false eyelash, my life flashed before my eyes; the pain and suffering, and the satisfaction of cutting down my greatest enemy.

I haven't introduced myself, have I? The name's Almira. I'm a hyena-shaped cell that helps to cause fevers. I'm not exactly a "cell", but I'm not exactly a virus or germ either, sort of a combination. I have orange fur, red eyelids, ears, spots, and flaming paws, light orange ear linings, a flaming yellow mane and tail, long pink claws, sharp white teeth, pale yellow eyes, and a purple collar.

You probably want to know how I got in this situation: stuck on a false eyelash, with one of the most deadliest viruses, towards a cup of alcohol, which will dissolve germs. Well, I'd tell you, but I think it'd be best to tell you everything I know; basically, my life story. From when I was born, to when I met Thrax, and finally to how we were falling to our doom.

You probably think you know how Thrax and I met. Maybe I was his pet as a child, and as we grew up, we got into so much trouble, we became criminals. Heh, yeah-no.

Or I was owned by someone else, who was abusing me, and Thrax rescued me as a child, and the rest is history. Yeah, still no.

Wait, I got it! As a pup, I was found by Thrax on the street, cold, hungry and abandoned, and he raised me. Nopety-nopety-no.

See, those are good guesses, but they're all so cliché; overused. No, my story is different. Like I was an adult when I met Thrax, and already had a vicious and mistrusting attitude. So how did I become someone who acted like a wild animal around anyone but Thrax, to whom I acted like a puppy-dog to? Well, that will all be explained very soon, don't you worry.

A/N I know, very short, but that's how quite a few prologues are. I guess it's to raise suspense. Did I?

I'll try to write the next chapter soon, and try not to become distracted by my other stories. I'll try and do the same with them as well.