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I let myself go limp…but didn't feel anything. Confused, I opened my eyes. I was still in the alcohol. It took me several seconds to realize I wasn't dying.

Looking to my right, I saw Thrax's body, still sinking. Not knowing whether he was dead or alive, I swam towards him, wincing at the pain still in my limbs, grabbed his coat in my mouth, turned myself around, and swam towards the edge of the glass. I felt his arms slowly wrap themselves tightly around my neck, but not too tightly so they choked me. Thank heavens; he's still alive!

Finally I reached the edge of the glass. I thrust my right paw out of the alcohol and onto the glass, gripping it with my claws. Pulling myself up, I gripped the glass with my left paw; in the process, my head stuck out of the liquid. My bangs fell limp past my eyes. I detached my right paw and thrust it up higher. I did the same with my left until I was at a slow rhythm. Left-right-left-right. All the while, I kept Thrax's coat tight in my jaws, and he never let go of my neck.

As I slowly climbed up, my chest came out of the liquid, followed by my lower torso and Thrax's stomach, my legs, and finally Thrax's legs. I picked up the pace, but it was hard. I was aching all over, and Thrax was heavy. When my clenched-closed eyes parted open, I saw my normally red and orange foreleg was green and dark green. Trying to not be too startled, I continued my slow trek to the top of the glass. I slipped a couple of time, but managed to regain my grip. I could feel the alcohol dripping off of me; hopefully it was dripping off of Thrax as well.

After what seemed like endless hours, the top of the glass was within my sights. Feeling new energy, I pulled myself up as fast as I could; I used my hind feet as well. Finally my paw gripped the edge of the glass. I pulled myself over and crawled a few feet away to ensure Thrax was all the way on. I gently rolled him off of my back so he collapsed on his side beside me. Shaking, I fell to the ground. I could feel the rest of the alcohol dripping off of my fur as I coughed and groaned in pain.

Suddenly, something heavy landed on me between my neck and back. I jumped in surprise, but saw it was Thrax's arm. He was looking at me, smiling weakly. "Good girl." He whispered hoarsely. "I said this once, and I'll say it again: Baby Girl, yer a life saver." He laid his head down with a sigh.

Crawling towards him, I laid my ear against his chest. I could feel it move as he breathed. I sighed with relief. He's still alive. He's gonna be ok. I laid my head on my paws with a sigh. As we waited for a human to pick up the cup so we could board it and incubate, only one word ran through my mind, and probably Thrax's as well:


A/N I came up with this while thinking up the plot for OJ 2, and so I decided to use the scene where Thrax and Almira make their return in this in Almira's view, since OJ will be in third-person view, like most of my stories are.

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