I do not own Twilight or its characters. Stephenie Meyer does. I do not own A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens does.


Dear Santa,

No matter what others say, I still believe in you. What I want for Christmas is something my whole family needs. You see, Edward needs Bella back. He's lost without her. His leaving her was a big mistake.

He's not the only one suffering; my whole family is feeling her lost. No one has been happy since we left Forks. Bella is the missing link in our family. I think, we all need her, not just Edward. Though, he needs her the most.

He's a good guy and deserves to be happy. He just needs a wake-up call, or even a miracle.

Miracles can happen at Christmas, right? Why not for us?

Thank you, Santa. I know you will come through for me.


Your favorite Cullen


So which Cullen do you think wrote the letter? Will it work?

Thank you for reading and looking forward to reviews!


Set after Edward left in New Moon.

A letter to Santa prompts an intervention Dickens' style to step in. After being visited by ghosts separately, both Bella and Edward going on journeys through the other's past, present and future.

They will not make the journey alone. Edward will be joined by the females of his family. While Bella is joined by the Cullen men.

Will Edward learn anything? Bella? What about Miss Rose?

Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol with a Twilight twist.