Wielder of the Crimson Princess

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Chapter 2: Catch the Cat

The three genin didn't exactly know what to say, so Yoruichi gave them a little help.

"Come one, just tell something about yourselves. Name, likes, dislikes, hobbies if you have any, dreams, stuff like that." Yoruichi said, trying to encourage the genin. Naruto spoke up and said,

"Maybe you should go first sensei? To break the ice, so to speak?" Yoruichi thought for a moment and said,

"Okay. As you already know, I'm Yoruichi Shihoin. My likes include soaking in hot springs and playing a nice game of tag. My dislikes include just about anything formal, whether it be clothes, manners, or people. I guess my hobbies would include finding new tag partners and perfecting my technique. And I reached my dream a couple of years ago when I became a jonin." feeling a little more comfortable, Naruto said,

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My likes are ramen, my sword, and goofing off. My dislikes are a certain Uchiha, people who take thing way to seriously, and the time it takes ramen to cook. My hobbies are reading, gardening, and training. My dream is to become Hokage." Everyone was a little surprised by Naruto's introduction. While they had never really talked to Naruto, it was well known that he was a hyperactive loudmouthed idiot, so it was a little unexpected that he was this relaxed. It was Uryu's turn next.

"My name is Uryu Ishida. My likes are peace and quiet. My dislikes are buttons and the word "Haphazard". My hobbies are archery, reading, sewing, and studying my clans techniques. My dream is to bring the Ishida clan back into prominence." Everyone could tell he was trying to act cool, but chose not to mention the sewing part of his introduction. Next was Soifon.

"My name is Soifon. My likes are cats and training. My dislikes are meat and idiot slackers. I don't really have any hobbies. My dream is to become the best kunoichi I can be." Yoruichi felt that Soifon could stand to open up more, but she would work on that provided the team passes her test.

"Alright, now that the introductions are over we can get down to business." The golden eyed jonin said to her would be team.

"And what business would that be sensei?" Naruto asked curiously. Yoruichi smiled widely and replied,

"Just call me Yoruichi, and it's just a little test to see if you really become genin." the future genin couldn't hide their shock. They were under the impression that they already were genin.

"Oh, you thought your had already passed? That genin exam was just to see who has the potential to be genin. The jonin assigned to the team gives the real test, which has a 66% chance of failure." Naruto, Uryu, and Soifon took a moment to process the information. Yoruichi then said

"Meet me at Training Ground 13 in the morning at 7:00 since I haven't really prepared a test." Yoruichi said as she did something that none of the three genin would ever forget. In a puff of smoke, their sensei turned into a black cat!

"See you later!" The cat said and hoped off the roof.

"She turned into a cat." Naruto deadpanned as the other two nodded their heads, to dumbstruck to speak.

After getting over the shock of finding out their sensei was a were-cat, Naruto offered to buy his teammates lunch and they accepted, much to Naruto's delight. Now when Uryu and Soifon had agreed to lunch with Naruto they knew Naruto would take them for ramen, based on what they learned from his introduction, but they didn't know Naruto's definition of treating someone was giving them coupons and expecting them to pay for their own meal. At any rate they enjoyed their food and got a feel for each others personalities. Naruto was the funny one, Uryu was the serious one, and Soifon was the quiet serious one. After finishing their meal, Naruto said,

"Well I'll see you guys in the morning." Naruto said as he walked back to his apartment. On they way however he sensed the presence of a certain Uchiha. Naruto stopped walking and said,

"Come on out Sasuke, I know your following me." the Uchiha then jumped in front of Naruto, a hatred burning in his eyes.

"Fight me!" Sasuke practically barked. Naruto gave him a confused look and replied,

"Why would I do that?" Sasuke growled and said,

"I need to prove I'm stronger than you, so fight me!" Naruto laughed a little and replied,

"Sorry, but I have better things to do than feed your ego." Naruto then began to walk past Sasuke. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's arm and said,

"It wasn't a request, it was a demand!" Naruto grabbed his chin with his right hand, making it look like he was in deep thought, and said,

"Well, when you put it like that..." Naruto didn't finish because he kneed the egomaniacal Uchiha hard in the gut, causing him to fall over in pain. Naruto then continued on his way, but Sasuke wasn't done. The Uchiha recovered from the blow and ran up behind Naruto, ready to knock his lights out. Naruto sighed and drew Benihime and made a slash at Sasuke as he said,

"Binding, Benihime." and a long red net came from the blade, and entangled Sasuke.

"Get me out of this you stupid dead last!" Sasuke roared. Naruto walked up and punched him in the face, knocking him out before dispersing the net. Naruto then picked Sasuke up and sat him on a bench, making it look like he was sleeping. Satisfied, Naruto headed to his apartment.

Naruto, Soifon, Uryu waited for fifteen minutes at the training ground, not saying a word. Naruto glanced at Soifon who now sported a sword. The sword was sheathed horizontally behind the girl's lower back, hanging by a rope. Naruto then decided to break the silence and asked Uryu,

"So you can use chakra arrows? How does that work?" Uryu adjusted his glasses and held his right hand out as a blue bow made of visible chakra appeared. Uryu then grabbed the string of the bow and drew it back, causing an arrow to form. The bespectacled archer took aim at a tree and fired, embedding the arrow deeply into the tree before it disappeared. Naruto whistled and said,

"Now that sure as hell beats out of any bloodline I've seen!" the archer turned to the blond and said,

"And what does that sword do?" Soifon also also wished to see what Naruto's sword was capable of. Naruto drew his zanpakuto and said as he made a slash,

"Scream, Benihime." and a red blast came from the sword and blasted a tree apart. Naruto turned and saw the shocked expressions of his teammates and chuckled as he said,

"And that's not even the tip of the iceberg." It was at this moment Yoruichi showed up and said,

"Alright, now if your down messing around we can get started." Everyone turned their attention to the dark skinned beauty. The were-cat said,

"Alright all you have to do is play a game of tag with me! If all three of you can tag me before an hour, then you pass." Naruto, Uryu, and Soifon said at same time,

"That's it?" Yoruichi smiled and said,

"Well it won't be that easy." Yoruichi then disappeared, then reappeared right behind the genin. They turned around to look at her, but she had vanished again and reappeared back in front of them.

"In case your wondering, it's called Shunpo. You remember that technique I mentioned yesterday?" The genin nodded, their eyes bugging out of their heads as they began to sweat nervously.

"Well this is it! Don't worry though, I won't be using all the time during the test so you can have a fighting chance." The genin calmed down a little at that, but they were still wondering about their chances of passing. Naruto drew his sword, Uryu made a bow, and Soifon had disappeared somewhere.

"Ready? Set? Go!" Yoruichi said as she ran into the surrounding forest. Naruto and Uryu gave chase, but Soifon was still nowhere to be seen. Uryu shot a few arrows, trying to keep Yoruichi off balance. But it was a useless tactic as she easily out maneuvered them. Naruto got an idea, and made a slash with his zanpakuto as he said,

"Razor, Benihime." and a red wave of energy came from the sword heading toward Yoruichi, she dodged but the attack followed her. It chased all the way into Naruto who called off the attack and tagged her shoulder. Yoruichi was surprised at Naruto's strategic ability, but quickly recovered as Uryu fired more arrows around her. Yoruichi used Shunpo to get around them and ran deeper into the forest, leaving the two boys in the dust. Uryu looked over at Naruto and said,

"Think Soifon's in position yet?" Naruto smirked and replied,

"She better be."

Yourichi ran through the forest at top speed, when she suddenly tripped. Yoruichi picked herself up and saw a string of ninja wire on the ground. The were-cat got ready for whatever the genin had planned. Suddenly a black blur came down and attacked the jonin. Yoruichi dodged and saw that it was Soifon. Soifon charged and almost managed to tag the older girl. Almost being the keyword here. Yoruichi easily dodged, and leaped over the younger girl. Soifon thought quickly and touched the woman's leg.

"Not bad. I didn't expect you to have such quick reflexes." Yoruichi complemented. Soifon blushed a little at the complement and replied,

"Thank you Yoruichi-sensei." Yoruichi chuckled and said,

"Just call me Yoruichi." Soifon nodded and replied,

"Okay, Yourichi-sensei." The were-cat sweat dropped a little, but disregarded it. Suddenly a flurry of chakra arrows surrounded them, followed by a red net that came down on top of Yoruichi. Uryu then appeared and touched her shoulder as he said,

"Tag, you're it." the were-cat smiled and said,

"Not bad. You all pass!" Naruto then dispelled the net, and walked over to his team.

"So now what?" Naruto asked. Yoruichi gave a sly smile and said,

"Next I file my report, then tomorrow you go on your first mission!" The official Team 7 smiled as Yoruichi used Shunpo to vanish. Uryu and Soifon headed to their respective homes, but Naruto stayed for a moment as he was pulled into his inner world by Benihime.

The blond looked around at the familiar sewer like surroundings and saw Benihime standing in front of him.

"What is it?" Naruto asked his zanpakuto. Benihime replied,

"I believe that your teammate, Soifon, has a zanpakuto." Naruto's eyes widened as he said,

"Has she learned it's name?" Benihime replied,

"I do not know, you will simply have to observe her." Naruto nodded and exited his inner world