Wielder of the Crimson Princess

Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Bleach and all related characters belong to Tite Kubo

Omake Chapter

It was sunny morning in Konohagakure. Naruto, Uryu, and Soifon were walking down the street, headed to their usual training ground, when suddenly someone tackled Naruto to the ground. It was "Mr. Duck Ass" Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke picked Naruto up by his shirt and yelled in his face,

"You are going to fight me!" Naruto smirked and replied,

"Sure, but not right here. How about you meet me on top of the Hokage monument in 10 minutes?" Sasuke seemed appeased and released Naruto as he headed for the monument. Naruto dusted himself off and as soon as Sasuke was out of sight, said,

"Alright, let's go meet Yoruichi." His teammates looked at him curiously. Soifon said,

"Aren't you going to meet Sasuke for your fight?" Naruto smiled and replied,

"Oh no. I just want to see how long he'll wait up there before he realizes I'm not coming." Uryu gave a small smirk and said,

"That's evil." Naruto chuckled and replied,

"Oh I'm sure he'll only be there for about an hour before he gives up." and so the genin left to meet their sensei.

Later that night

Naruto was sleeping peacefully in his bed, when suddenly a loud banging on his front door woke him up. Naruto looked over at his clock and it read 4:10 AM. Naruto groaned and got out of bed as the banging continued. Naruto looked through the peephole and saw a very, very angry Sasuke standing there.

"I know you're home Uzumaki!" Naruto slowly backed away from the door, extremely creeped out, and grabbed Benihime.

"I waited at the Hokage monument for 16 hours! NOW COME OUT AND FIGHT ME!" Sasuke roared. Naruto then heard him walk away from the door. Naruto sighed in relief, but soon panicked when he heard Sasuke trying to break his door down! Naruto then got an idea. The blond went over and opened the window above his bed that just happened to align perfectly with his front door. Outside, Sasuke walked a distance away and got a running start ready to smash the door in. But just before Sasuke could make contact, the door opened and Naruto got behind him with his zanpakuto as he yelled,

"SCREAM, BENIHIME!" and a blast of red hit Sasuke in the back and sent him flying out the window and crashing into the window of another apartment across the street. Naruto laughed as he closed his window and heard a woman scream,


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