Wielder of the Crimson Princess

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Chapter 3: The Mission

It had been a few weeks since Team 7 had begun doing missions, though the term mission could be used loosely. Chores were a better fit as far as Naruto was concerned and, after all since when did it take military manpower to paint someones house? Naruto made it no secret on how he hated the menial labor, and while Uryu and Soifon weren't exactly thrilled with the so-called missions either, they kept their complaints to themselves unlike their blond teammate who complained almost constantly. It was after one particularly aggravating mission involving a runaway house cat, that Naruto decided to take things up with the Hokage after they made their report. However, before he could begin his plan of pleading with the old man, Yoruichi said,

"I've been thinking Old man, and I feel that my team is ready for a C-Ranked mission." to say that Naruto was happy would be an understatement. The old Hokage thought for a moment and replied,

"Well if you're sure Yoruichi, then I suppose I'll allow it." The Hokage then looked through a few folders and then pulled a file from one of them.

"The only C-Ranked mission I have available at the moment is a mission to the Land of Grass to pick up a shipment new scrolls." While it didn't sound like much, Naruto was just happy to get a mission out of the village.

"We'll take it!" Naruto spoke up, much to his teammates annoyance though they also agreed to the mission.

"Well then, report to the main gate in the morning at 6:00." Sarutobi said as he went back to his paper work.

Team 7 was about 20 miles outside of Konoha and Naruto was starting to wish he was back home, as it was 50 more miles before they reached the Land of Grass. Apparently Naruto forgot that an away mission meant a lot of walking. Uryu, who was also tired of walking, leaned in next to Naruto and whispered in a rather harsh tone,

"The next time you want a mission outside the village, make sure to ask just how far it is!" Naruto slowly nodded, he only had himself to blame. He could have waited for another C-Ranked mission, preferably one not so far away, but no he had to jump on this one! Naruto sighed and trudged on with his team. It was soon late afternoon, and after walking all day, the genin were exhausted while Yoruichi was only a little tired. The dark skinned beauty turned to her team and gave a feline grin and said,

"Oh come on, you guys aren't tired are you? And I was planning on giving you some training!" The genin groaned, so the were-cat decided to give them a little mercy.

"It's still another 45 miles before we get there and we're losing light, so let's set up camp." Naruto, Uryu, and Soifon gave a sigh of relief as the went into a clearing in the surrounding forest and unloaded their backpacks. After collecting firewood and laying out their sleeping bags, Team 7 took the chance to relax and rest their aching feet.

It was later that night and Naruto, Soifon, and Uryu were sleeping peacefully. But Yoruichi was wide awake. She felt something in the air, like something was going to happen that night. It wasn't long before the sound of a shuriken came whizzing through the night air. Yoruichi dodged and woke her team. The genin quickly got to their feet and got in a defensive position. Suddenly more shuriken came from the woods. The Leaf ninja dodged them as their attackers stepped into the pale moonlight of the clearing. They were Sound ninja, eight to be precise.

"Well, well, well. Looks like we got some Leaf ninja out by there lonesome. Let's capture them, they could be worth something!" The leader of the Sound ninja said as he charged forward. Naruto yelled,

"RAZOR BENIHIME!" and slice two of the Sound nin in half, as he quickly stabbed two more. Soifon quickly disappeared and stabbed one of them in the back. Uryu shot two between the eyes, and Yoruichi made quick work of the rest by using her Shunpo.

"What was that about?" Naruto asked no one in particular. Yoruichi replied,

"The Sound is a fairly new hidden village, and for some reason they have it out for Leaf ninja." Naruto was about to say something else, but he heard some a rustling from a bush a few feet next to him. Naruto wasn't the only one who heard it, as Uryu and Soifon made their way closer to the noise. Uryu made a chakra bow, Soifon drew her sword, and Naruto got ready with Benihime. Yoruichi heard the rustling as well, but knew that she could jump in quick if it was an enemy. The genin slowly made their way over to the bush, weapons trained on the plant. As they got close a streak of pink plopped out and they pointed their weapons at it, only to be rather embarrassed when they say that it was a little girl that looked to be around six. She had pink hair that reminded Naruto of Sakura, and wore dirty and worn out cloths and had her hand tied behind her back by a thick rope. It was clear that she was a prisoner of the Sound ninja. Soifon took out a kunai and cut her free and half expected her to run from her and her team since they were also ninja. But the girl did something totally unexpected, she reached out and touched Naruto's blood covered zanpakuto and laughed, unnerving the teen.

"This is neat!" The girl exclaimed. Naruto was a little shocked and stammered out,

"Y-you shouldn't t-touch that." Naruto then cleared his throat and said more clearly,

"It's a dangerous weapon." The girl laughed and said,

"I like you Whiskers!" Naruto blinked a few times, giving the name time to sink in. Before he could say anything in response though, Yoruichi walked over and bent down to the girl's level and asked her,

"What were you doing with those ninja?" Yoruichi already had an idea but hoped she was wrong. The girl thought for a moment and said,

"They said something about selling me or something. Do you have any candy?" Yoruichi got angry at the first part and chuckled a little at the last part.

"Do you know where your Mommy or Daddy are?" Naruto asked the abnormally cheerful little girl. She replied in a slightly somber yet still somehow cheerful voice,

"I don't have a Mommy or Daddy." This struck a cord with Naruto. He looked to his team, silently asking for permission which he received. Naruto then said

"Would you like to come with us?" The girl then yelled,

"REALLY WHISKERS? SURE!" The girl then tackled Naruto the ground, hugging him as tight as she could.

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