Wielder of the Crimson Princess

Naruto and all related characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Bleach and all related characters belong to Tite Kubo

Chapter 4: The Invincible Swordsman

The next day Team 7 neared their destination. However there was one more to their number, the little pink haired girl they rescued. Despite the fact that she was clearly mistreated by the Sound ninja and that she was an orphan, she was still cheerful and innocent much to the surprise of Naruto and company. At first Naruto thought that it was an act like the one he used to put up but when he looked into her eyes he didn't see the same loneliness he saw in his own reflection. No this little girl was different. Naruto was walking a ways behind his team because he barely got any sleep the previous night since his new little friend insisted on sleeping on top off him and kept tossing and turning all over him, making sleep almost impossible. Speaking of the girl, she was currently slung over Naruto's shoulder, facing forward.

"This is fun! I'm gonna ride on you all the time Whiskers!" Naruto chuckled a little at what was now her permanent nickname for him.

"You do know my name is Naruto right?" Naruto questioned in a tired yet playful tone. The girl giggled and replied,

"I know, but Whiskers sounds better." All this talk of names suddenly made Naruto realize that he forgot to ask the little pinkette her name. He was slightly embarrassed since he had known her for about 6 hours, not including the time she was asleep, and didn't think to ask for her name.

"Hey I just realized that you never told us your name." Naruto said to his passenger. The girl's almost perpetual smile then faded and she replied in a somber tone,

"I don't have a name." Any feeling of tiredness Naruto had disappeared when he heard that, only to be replaced with total shock. Naruto stopped walking and stood silent for a few moments, causing his little friend to worry that she said something wrong. Just then Naruto said,

"How about Yachiru?" The girl looked at him curiously and replied,

"What about it?" Naruto then said,

"For a name. Do you like it?" The girl thought for a moment then replied,

"It sounds neat!" Naruto smiled and began walking again as he said,

"Alright, Yachiru it is!" the newly dubbed Yachiru giggled and said,

"Hey Whiskers, how'd you think of a name so fast?" Naruto shrugged, careful not to disturb Yachiru, and said,

"I read it in a book once." Yachiru blinked a couple of times before replying,

"What's a book?" Naruto sweat dropped a little at that. Naruto made a mental note to take Yachiru to a library when they got back to Konoha.

Team 7 reached the Land of Grass and headed for the store they were supposed to pick up the scrolls from. They found the store with little trouble and entered. Yoruichi walked up to the counter that was being run by an elderly woman.

"Hello there, we're here to pick up some scroll for Konohagakure." The old woman looked through her register book and replied,

"Oh yes, here we are. I'm sorry to say that we've been a little backed up, so it may take a while to find your order." At this Uryu spoke up and asked,

"How much is a while?" The old woman chuckled and replied,

"Oh about 30 or 40 minutes at the most." The woman then closed her book then walked over to the door that lead to a back room and opened it as she called out,

"MOMO! TOSHIRO(1)! I NEED YOU TO FIND THE KONOHA ORDER!" A young female voice called back and saying,

"Okay Granny!" Naruto was looking around the store when his hat was suddenly yanked down over his eyes. Naruto readjusted his hat as he heard Yachiru laughing. Naruto looked at her out of the corner of his eye as she said,

"I'm bored, let's go get some candy!" Naruto sighed as turned to his team and said,

"I'm going to get Yachiru some candy, I'll be right back." Yoruichi nodded and said,

"Alright just don't go to far, because as soon as we get the scrolls we're headed out. Oh, and don't give her to much sugar." Naruto nodded as he turned to head for the door. Yachiru turned herself around on Naruto's shoulder and waved as she said,

"Bye Four-Eyes! Bye Pig-Tails! Bye Kitty(2)!" Naruto's team blinked in surprise at their new nicknames as Naruto walked out the door.

Naruto walked around the town, looking for the nearest candy shop. However, being in a strange town and not having any idea where anything was made it harder. Also Yachiru was no help as she kept saying telling him where to go and, against his better judgement, Naruto listened to her. Pretty soon they were in a bad part of the town, and Naruto realized that they were lost. As they walked, Naruto came across a fairly large man with an eye patch that was sitting on a barrel in front of a bar. Naruto decided to ask for directions, albeit begrudgingly as the guy was kind of scary looking. Naruto swallowed down his apprehensions and asked the man,

"Excuse me, but could you give me some directions? I'm not from here and I'm a little lost." The man turned his attention to Naruto and was about to say something but he noticed Naruto's sword and paused as a large smile formed on his face.

"That's a nice looking sword kid." Naruto instinctually place his hand on the hilt of his zanpakuto as he said,

"Um, thanks? Now about those directions?" The man got up, and Naruto then noticed the long sword strapped to his hip.

"How about you and me go at it for awhile? After all what kind of swordsman refuses a fight?" The man said as he walked closer to Naruto.

"That sounds fun!" Yachiru spoke up, causing Naruto to panic. The man who was towering over the blond then said,

"I'll take that as a yes!" The man then drew his sword and made a slash at Naruto. Naruto dodged and took off running,

"COME BACK HERE AND FIGHT ME!" the man roared as he chased after the blond.


1. Yes they're who you think they are

2. Yachiru hasn't seen Yoruichi turn into a cat. She got Kitty from Yoruichi's cat like eyes.