Back at the City fo Townsville

MutaClone is now unparalze then got up and stated to attack the town. Then the orange speed boat form the right

leg, the green van form the left leg, the pink jet form the body and the black helicopter form the arms and head.

(Redtin) Wow Dexter, this bot is so cool.

(Dexter) Thanks Redtin.

(Invisagirl) Wow, I agree.

(Star Wing) OK lets beat MutaClone once and for all!

(MutaClone) HA, because you have a new robot dosen't you will bet me so DIE HEROES!

MutaClone flew in to attack but Dexter Super Bot summon the swords then duck and slice MutaClones wings.

MutaClone attack with her tail then Dexter Super Bot slice the tail off.

(MutaClone) Ow , you all will pay for that, or maybe I shoud let MutaClone destroy you.

(Star Wing) What?

(Redtin) That dosen't make any sence.

(Invisagirl) What do you mean.

Another MutaClone grab Dexter Super bot arms, then MutaClone stared punching Dexter Super Bot.

(MutaClone) Ha ha ha ha, Say good heroes.

MutaClone was about to crush Dexter Super Bot head but DyNaMo fired missles at the second MutaClone which

destroy second MutaClone and allow Dexter Super Bot to slice off MutaClones arms.

(Redtin) Look like We dis-arm you.

(Dexter) Now you know how it feels to be disarm.

(Invisagirl) It time to beat you MutaClone.

(Star Wing) So lets finish her off, all for one and one for all.

MutaClone swing her head with the head blade at Dexter Super Bot but Dexter Super Bot kick her in the face.

Dexter Super Bot punch MutaClone in head many times then Dexter Super Bot slice MutaClone head off. after

that Lilly jet transform in to a gun then Dexter Super Bot used that gun to shoot MutaClone body which cause

her to exploded.

(Blossom) YES! You guys finaly beat her.

(Dexter) Oh Blossom I'm glad your back.

(Blossom) Don't worry, she just sent me to the North Pole, Bubble to an underwater cave, and Buttercup to the dessert.

(Redtin) Don't you mean Her, well any ways WE WON!

(Invisagirl) I can't belive we did it Star Wing

(MutaHer) FOOLs! You may have destroy my MutaClone form, but that allow me to use my ultiate powers in my ultiate form.

MutaHer shock both DyNaMo and Dexter Super Bot which cause them both to shut down.

(Dexter) MutaClone has drain all the the of the energy.

(MutaHer) I am no longer MutaClone, I am MutaHer!

(Redtin) First Her, then MutaClone, now MutaHer make up your mind.

Star Wing got out of the Dexter Super Bot then jumped out and was falling, his Star Armer appered and equipt to him.

When he landed safely, MutaHer arms form into blades then she flew into attack. Star Wing grabed his sword then

he flew into attack too. Then when MutaHer and Star Wing was face to face , Star Wing slice MutaHer in half which

destroy her. After that his armer disappered then everyone got out of DyNaMo and Dexter Super Bot safely.

(Invisagirl) Star Wing you did it, you final beat her.

(Star Wing) I hope so, but my jet need some work on so I'll have to go to japan.

(Invisagirl) Wait, I want you to have this.

Invisagirl gave Star Wing a locket that has a pic of Violet Parr and Star Wing.

(Invisagirl) Oh Star Wing please be carful.

(Star Wing) I will, I love you.

After Invisagirl and Star Wing both kissed, Star Wing got in his jet and flew to Japan.