A/N- I don't own these characters. This is just a one shot. I may make it more later but right now it's only a one-shot. This takes place when Damon is alone with Elena for a few days. Stefan had to leave to do some research. Just a fun lemon.

"Be my princess of darkness," Damon said smiling. Elena was hesitant. She really did love Stefan. He was gone for a few days that was it. It was night of the first night. Damon had been making advances all day. This wasn't the first time he asked.

"Damon!" Elena said with conviction although her resistance was wearing. Damon edged closer. "What are you doing?"
"Showing what I mean" He said as he pushed her on the bed. She wanted to fight it, but she couldn't. It felt so right. She had the same need. She had desire for him.

"Yes," Elena said with a smile. She couldn't fight it off.

"You smell amazing." Damon said biting his lip. He wanted her badly. Black lines started to appear around his eyes and his canines were starting to show. She wanted him to bite her. Feel the pleasure of him biting her.

"Bite me. Make me feel the pleasure on every inch of my body." Elena said with a knowing look. He knew what she meant. He smiled.

"Yes, my princess of darkness. I will make you feel the pleasure no one else can make you feel. You are my princess forever."

"And you are my prince." Elena said finally giving into her love for Damon. It was always there but she never let it win. She felt a pinch and pleasure flowed through her body. A feeling she had never felt before not even with Stefan. He could never give her this much pleasure when to fed from her. Their minds started to become one. Elena felt all the love he had for her. It was the most amazing feeling. She saw memories of their first meeting. That smile he gave her full of love. How did she miss this? He gave her that smile often. She knew now why Stefan gave him that look when he did it. He knew from day 1 his feelings for her. All the times he helped save her life, she knew he loved her but not to this extent. They always though it was the resemblance to Katherine. It had nothing to do with her. Elena felt her connection break. He looked at her with loving eyes. More love than anyone had ever given her. She had looked many guys in the eyes and never saw this much love.

"Your right. I loved you from day one. I lost love for Katherine long ago. I wanted to kill her when we opened the tomb. I tricked Stefan. You are who I loved the all along." He said kissing her so gently. Who knew he could be so gentle. Their minds became one again. He was in her mind showing her what he wanted for them. He wanted to have eternity with his princess of darkness, to travel the world, make love on top of a mountain. Elena giggled a little. He broke the kiss.

"What's so funny princess?" He asked amused.

"Make love on mountain tops?" She asked quizzically.

"Yes, never tried it. You I want many first with and only you" Damon said lovingly. Elena initiated the kiss, he moaned. She pushed her wants of forever and her ideas for the night and many nights. A wedding. Damon smiled.

"Forever?" Damon asked smirking.

"Does that surprise you my prince?" She asked with all the love she had for him.

"Yes it does, you never wanted a forever. I know why now. Tonight I will gladly do whatever you want. I look forward to it. We will wait for forever. I will turn you when you ask. A wedding you will get. Whatever you wish. The question is when and how I will ask. Now I know you want it and you will get it princess." Damon said with a look she knew all too well. A promise. He never broke his promises.

"I look forward to that, now kiss me." Elena said smiling crashing her lips to his. Yet again their 2 minds became one showing things that were so amazing. He showed her pictures of his travels, beautiful scenery and waterfalls. It was amazing. She wanted to see them with her own eyes. She knew Damon would. He broke the kiss, only to kiss down her neck. Elena was moaning.

Damon licked his 2 small wounds he created and slowly roamed with his hands. With every touch, Elena felt shocks of electricity. It was the most erotic feeling she had ever felt. She moaned with each touch.

"Princess, I promise. I will be gentle." Damon said lovingly. She knew he would.

"I'm not worried. I know you would never hurt your princess of darkness." Elena said with a smile. She knew it. He peppered kissed down her neck slowly removing her shirt. He admired her body and smiled. He was in awe of her beauty. Elena pulled on his shirt to bring him closer crashing her lips to his slowly removing his shirt button by button and pushing all the love and desire she had for him. He was moaning through the kiss. Each button to him was like forever to him. He wanted it off but he would do it her way. This last button was undone and unbuttoned his pants. He smirked and smiled that evil smile.

"Princess, Patience," He said with a smile.

"Patience," Elena said smirking. "I lack patience at times. Especially now."

He unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slid them down. She did the same to him. He laid her on her side caressing her hip. He looked at her lovingly. He wanted to take his time with her, no rushing, just plain bliss and pleasure. Pure love.

"Princess, your beautiful. I could stare at you for hours." He said smiling and lovingly pecking her on the lips.

"Thank you my prince. Your drop dead gorgeous yourself." Elena said with a smirk.

"I died long ago, I just found my heaven. I don't know what I did to deserve you. But I am glad I do." He said smiling lovingly. She wanted to melt. She knew he was a charmer, but this wasn't charm. This was his true feelings, something that he hid. Elena kissed him passionately as if it was their last kiss. It was filled with all her love and need for him. He felt it and pulled her into him. She felt him, he wanted her badly as much as she did. She was starting to soak her thong. His eyes started to show his need again. He untied her side of her thong removing it quickly. She was bare. He groaned and removed his boxers. He looked at her as he rolled on top of her never losing contact with her entering her slowly as he bit her neck taking a small amount. He slowly thrust making her feel every inch of him feeling pleasure from both the bite and his slow thrusts. As he removed his canines, she groaned. She loved the feeling of him biting her. He sped up slowly building up her orgasm. Pleasure built and a knot in her stomach started to form. She felt close. She released after a few more thrusts. She was shaking with how powerful her orgasm was. He moaned. Fuck he about went over the edge. She was tight and as her walls clenched he continued to moan.

"Princess, you have me close." He said moaning. He smiled and she bit his neck knowing what it would do. Her walls clenched yet again. She felt him going over the edge. He moaned loudly. He bit his wrist offering it to her. She took it. She sucked his liquid form of life as his seed flowed inside her. He moaned as he milked him dry and drank from him.

"Princess of darkness, that was amazing." He said kissing her passionately as he played what had just happened, as their minds were one. It was beautiful. She saw his awe and love as he admired her body, the pleasure he felt as he entered looking into her eyes. She felt it all. They laid their panting.

"My prince, I look forward to forever." She said with a smile. They fell asleep in each other arms. He never wanted to be anywhere without her. He wanted to protect her and would kill anyone who hurt her. She would be his princess of darkness and he would be her prince. He finally got his girl. The one he truly loved. Morning came all too soon. They were so wrapped up in each other they didn't even hear the door.

"Good morning my princess of darkness." Damon said.

"Good morning my prince of darkness." Elena said smiling. They heard a gasp. It was Bonnie and Caroline. They were in shock. Damon kissed Elena passionately.

"Good morning girls." Damon said smiling.

"What the hell?" Caroline said still shocked.

"I'm his princess of darkness." Elena said smiling lovingly a Damon. Bonnie was still speechless.

"Shower my love?" He asked, she nodded.

"Yes my prince." Elena said.

"Mind handing me those?" He asked Elena pointing to the boxers on the floor beside her. She grabbed them and handed them to him. The girls jaws dropped. He got up and handed her a robe of his. They got up and headed to the shower but not before Elena told the girls that she'd see them downstairs. Damon looked at her lovingly.

"A few hours we'll be down." He said smiling. "Make yourself at home."

A/N-I hope you liked it was a one shot I thought of last night and had to write or I wouldn't have slept last night. Have a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend.