Lesson 4

Essential Equipment.

Always carry a hammer. I can't stress this enough. This is one of your most invaluable tools. This is a very handy item, good for prying up uncourteously nailed down things and it is also quite acceptable for the whacking of impolite individuals who refuse to share.

A glasscutter is another indispensable tool. This small tool can be used for a variety of jobs. While it is primarily used to cut glass and knock it out, in a pinch it too can be used as a weapon or to extend your reach in a variety of ways.

A good set of lock picks and a small electronics kit are obviously needed to help the inquisitive to satisfy their curiosity as to what is behind door number 3. A well equipped runner must realize that even though maglocks are the lock of choice today there are a few souls who still embrace a more old fashion view and with a good set of lock picks you will be prepared.

To round out your kit I suggest that you include, pliers, wire clippers, duck tape, twine and fish hooks, screwdrivers of various sizes , a vial of liquid soap and a small vial of acid. ( please exercise due caution with this item.) Also handy is a dentist mirror, which can help you see things that are a little out of the way. I like to include a Swiss army knife which has several tools and a sharp blade. . Of course, if you can find a maglock passcard or some of that uh..catalyst spray that turns walls into bubble gum, that's great too. And, of course, I like to have superglue and superglue remover. You never know when you might find this stuff useful. This will give an amateur a fairly basic kit for the satisfying of curiosity. -Mask (01:13:22/ 03-14-58)

Thats it for now. - Mask (03:35:56/ 03-14-58)

Creative Looting
by Mask
copyright © 1997

A special Thank you to "Incognito ", my beta reader for proof reading this and for the feedback. As always, mon ami, you make me think and that helps me write better. ( Incognito is a pseudonym to protect the unbearably shy beta reader who refuses to let me give credit where credit is due and instead insists on remaing Anonymous.{ Though I must admit that he does have good reasons.} { you know who you are. ;-P } )