DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Tangled. Christmas is coming, people! This is the first chapter of twelve chapters of Rapunzel's first Christmas as a princess. I came up with this chapter thinking, "She's Rapunzel, and she hasn't really had the chance to play in snow while she was in a tower," so this chapter came about. Not to mention Rapunzel+Eugene and snow and Pascal in cute clothes is just too cute!

It was the first day of December. The night before, the cold crisp air had had a bit of longing in it, and it whispered of good things to come. Rapunzel had been looking dreamily out on her balcony, Pascal on her shoulder, shivering in the cold with a small blanket wrapped around him like a substitute skin. Rapunzel was wearing a long pink nightgown and her pink slippers. Despite it being nearly twenty degrees out, Rapunzel found it all so exciting that she didn't want to go to her warm bed.

Fall had long since passed over Corona. All the trees were completely barren, and the gardeners had the hardest time cleaning up all the fallen leaves. The grass had gone from bright green to a brittle yellow, and the air had taken a turn for the colder.

Rapunzel didn't see the wind bitten kingdom. Instead, she saw a magnificent view of the kingdom, and the air seemed to hold a promise in it. The place didn't look barren to her; it looked like an excellently drawn picture.

Turning to the shivering and teeth-chattering chameleon, she whispered happily, "Do you think it'll snow here like it did back at the tower?"

Rapunzel was familiar with snow. Snow was cold, and wet, and really white. It had snowed in the winter in the valley where she grew up. She had found it delightful, like magic. Gothel, of course, would have none of it. All the snow that somehow made it onto the windowsill was shoved out with the broom, and the window was SUPPOSED to remain closed all the time to not let the precious heat out. Still, Rapunzel had always been curious about those precious snowflakes, so she had secretly sometimes opened the window to feel the snow falling. It had always excited her.

To answer her question, Pascal hastily nodded and gestured back inside her bedroom. In her room, it was warm and cozy and it WASN'T cold! Rapunzel let out a little giggle and said, "Okay, Pascal, let's go to bed." With a reluctant sigh, she crossed the balcony back to her room. Closing the heavy doors separating her bedroom from the outside, she ran, giggling as she leaped onto her bed. Her landing was softened by a mountain of white comforters and pillows. Pascal had been holding onto her skinny neck, and shrieked at the landing.

His head popped out of the sheets in surprise. Shaking the blankets off of himself, he crawled out of the bed and onto the bedside table. On the table was a chameleon size bed that Rapunzel had made. He hopped in and snuggled under the covers. Rapunzel had gotten herself covered into sheets like a rabbit in the garden. The only thing that peeked out was her white framed face.

"I hope it snows tomorrow," she had whispered hopefully to Pascal. The chameleon had nodded and had pulled his cover closer to himself to say, "Good night, Rapunzel."

"Good night to you too, Pascal," Rapunzel answered. She quickly sat up and blew out the single light emitting from her lamp. The elegant lampshade disappeared when her breath met the flame and extinguished it. Darkness fell over the bedroom as Rapunzel snuggled underneath the blankets. Oh, how she hoped it would snow.

That had been last night. Now, Rapunzel was awakened to a ticklish nose.

"What, stop it!" she giggled. She opened her eyes to see Pascal licking her nose with the silliest smile on his face, like he was holding in a laugh.

"Pascal! Stop that!" Rapunzel squealed, gently taking a pinch of his back skin between her fingers and lifting him off. He squealed and growled at her when she set him back in the bed. He pointed his tail toward the balcony and squealed at her.

"What, Pascal?" Rapunzel wondered as she sat up and stretched in bed. A sudden thought of realization of last night came upon her, and without a word, (she squealed), she jumped out of bed and raced to the balcony, dragging a surprised Pascal with her.

Throwing open the doors, she found herself face to face with a sprinkling of pure white snow. She laughed delightedly as she wiped the flakes out of her face and ran out to the balcony. The snow beneath her feet squished loudly and felt deliciously cold against her still warm feet.

She grabbed the railing, only to let go for it being covered in snow. With a happy smile on her face, she wiped away the snow on the railing. A thought came into her mind, and she ran around the railing, her hand steady on the railing, knocking off the snow.

Giggling, she looked at Pascal, who was wearing a look of happiness, excitement and complete and utter coldness. He smiled at her gingerly and pointed out beyond the balcony. She peered over the railing and sighed contentedly.

The entire grounds of the castle was covered in a generous sprinkling of snow. The stable roof was not to be seen, and the trees were prettily dressed for the holidays. Beyond the trees and snow topped buildings, the vast water had little patches of snow and ice floating around. Beyond the docks, the village was covered in the pretty white stuff. People were shoveling out the snow from their front doors, little children were making and throwing snowballs.

The whole atmosphere was enthralling, and Rapunzel didn't want to waste a minute. With a quick and contented breath, she and Pascal swept back into her bedroom. Pascal sat on her bed and closed his eyes as she, dressed only in her under blouse and bloomers, (she had no need for a corset), eagerly threw assorted winter clothes all over the floor from her vast closet. By her getting dressed so early, her mother's ladies-in-waiting wouldn't be able to come in time to help her get dressed, an outcome Rapunzel was hopeful for.

She pulled dress after dress off of their hooks. Finding a nice outfit, Rapunzel disappeared inside the doors of the closet. Pascal opened his eyes when she announced, "Done!" Throwing open the doors, she burst out, slipping on her own dresses. She was wearing a nice dark green dress, and on top of that was a cloak of dark red with white trimming. Pascal hissed apologetically as she picked herself up.

With a smile, she raced to her dresser where a mirror was. Fluffing her hair with a hairbrush, she hastily slapped on her red and white mittens, scarf and her thick heavy boots. She despised the clunky boots, but Mama was adamant about wearing them, and they did keep her feet warm.

With her appearance done, she quickly searched through the little dresser she had on her big one. This dresser was rainbow colored, and it contained Pascal's clothes. In his top drawer, she picked out four little mittens, and in the second drawer, a very fuzzy red coat.

Crossing the room, she approached the rather reluctant Pascal. The chameleon had had lots of dress up time in the tower, and he had never really liked it. Rapunzel set the clothing on the haphazard bed sheets and he groaned. When she held up one of the mittens and said, "Give me a paw, Pascal," he shook his head and bolted behind her pillow.

Rapunzel frowned and picked up the pillow, showing the world a shaking Pascal. With a squeak, he ran under the bed. Rapunzel chased him around the room for several minutes before he had been reduced to a panting reptile. Taking advantage of his tired state, Rapunzel gently poked him into his clothes. Sighing, annoyed, he relented to being dressed up like a doll.

Rapunzel smiled once she was done, and plopped him onto the bedspread. He sighed. She grinned happily and gave him a scratch on the back, "Oh, you look adorable, Pascal!" The sharp nails of her fingers dug gently into his skin, scratching away the annoyance he had for her at the moment. He sighed defeatedly and smiled as he relaxed under her caress.

"Alright, Pascal," Rapunzel giggled as she held him up to her face, "let's go wake up Eugene!"

The two excited and winter dressed figures bounded down the hallway to where Rapunzel's boyfriend slept. Rapunzel skidded to a stop on the slippery floor to lean against the door for any noise. Pascal had a harder time slowing down, and he nearly skidded into the door. Adjusting his balance, he mimicked Rapunzel.

Hearing no noise except a slight snoring noise emitting from his bedroom, Rapunzel straightened and knocked gently on his door.

"Eugene! Wake up, it's snowing!" Rapunzel called. No voice came from the room. Rapunzel frowned and carefully eased the door open.

Stepping inside, her eyes darted around until she found the sleeping figure on his bed. The ex-thief's feet were sticking haphazardly out of the covers. One foot had a sock only on his toes, and the other had lost its companion all together. His arms draped out off the side of the bed, and his snoring was really loud.

Rapunzel tiptoed to the side of the bed, Pascal following her. She hesitantly poked his back and called, "Eugene?" He gave her a loud snort for an answer and, "Five more minutes?"

"Eugene!" she said louder, giving him a shove. He only groaned and hugged his pillow over his head.

"Pascal?" Rapunzel called to him, a delightful idea popping up in her head. The chameleon nodded and rubbed his paws together evilly. Crawling over the lumpy covers, he made his way to his victim's head. Sitting up straight, he gave a little chuckle before he plunged his pink tongue into the man's ear.

Eugene's hand indistinctly rubbed against his ear, knocking the shocked chameleon off of his ear. Apparently it didn't work when the victim was still vaguely conscious. Or maybe it was do to the fact that Eugene might have built up an immunity to it. Nevertheless, Pascal was slightly mortified and insulted that it didn't work. Huffing angrily, he crawled over to Rapunzel and squawked out his frustrations.

"It's okay, Pascal," Rapunzel soothed. "I have another idea." Pascal watched her as she created her plan. Smiling evilly, he watched as she worked her magic.

Eugene was wrapped up in covers, warm and dry, but what was that wet stuff on his neck? Oh no, it was COLD! The ex-thief instantly yelped and jumped out of bed. Rapunzel and Pascal watched, amused as he ran a hand down his neck. His hand came out wet and cold.

"A snowball?" he groaned. Turning to his girlfriend and her friend, he saw the two exchange a little high five. They had woken him up with a snowball?

"That was cruel, and cold, Blondie," he accused. The brunette only smirked and Pascal laughed heartily, making him only more annoyed. No, he wasn't mad, but he was annoyed, dreadfully annoyed. The two noticed his glare, and with a giggle, she scooped up the chameleon and ran toward the door.

"You brought it on yourself," Rapunzel laughed as she ran out the room. Eugene growled, annoyed, as he wiped the residual snow off of his shoulder. Really? Snow?

Rapunzel bounded out into the crystal filled world. It was a winter wonderland! The little bushes and young trees along the walls of the castle were buried in whiteness, and the grass was covered like the top of a cake with powdered sugar. Little icicles hung down from the castle walls, gleaming light.

Rapunzel and Pascal each took a deep breath, filling their lungs with clean winter air. They both exhaled contentedly, and they both looked about eagerly. Rapunzel giggled and fell on her knees, getting herself covered in the white. Pascal slipped off of her shoulder and landed with a squeak.

A bright smile bloomed on Rapunzel's face as she squealed loudly to Pascal, "Let's make snow angels!" Pascal eagerly nodded, and the two of them stretched out. The cool mesh of cold flakes crushed against Rapunzel's weight, and it started to melt into her clothes. She let out an excited giggle as she let her arms and legs stretch out. Pascal mimicked her, and with a giggle, they started to wave them back and forth.

Rapunzel laughed happily as her arms swished around in the snow. So this was like to play in the snow! She was having so much fun! Pascal was too, for he was squeaking up a storm as he created his own little angel.

The silence save their laughter was broken when a voice called out, "Watch out!" Rapunzel was confused as she stopped flailing her arms and she let out a scream of surprise when a snowball plopped on her stomach. She instantly sat up and shoved the snowball off.

"Cold enough for you?" She looked up with angry eyes at Eugene, smirking like Flynn Rider. With a huff, she stood up her full height, (which wasn't really tall at all) and asked angrily, "Eugene Fitzherbert, what have you to say for yourself?"

"Just returning the favor?" he smiled smugly. Rapunzel continued to stare at him when she felt a slight feel of feet on her clothing. Pascal crawled up onto her shoulder with a small snowball in his hand. Inhaling after his climb, he offered her the snowball. Without switching her gaze, Rapunzel took the snowball and said firmly, "THANK you, Pascal." The chameleon nodded and almost fell off of her when she shoved the small snowball into Eugene's face, smushing it on his nose.

With a smirk of satisfaction, Rapunzel let her hand fall and she asked, "How does that feel?"

Eugene didn't bat an eyelash as he held up his large hand. In his palm, he held up a snowball and said, "What the question I should be asking you is, 'How does this feel?'"

Her eyes narrowed and she answered him threateningly, "You wouldn't."

"Would I?" he asked her. Rapunzel highered an eyebrow and ducked swiftly when he threw the snowball at her hair. With a giggle, she dashed away from him to a snowdrift. Panting wildly, she packed together snow into a ball. Peeking over the side of her impromptu fort, she saw Eugene squatting down on the ground, surrounded by nothing to hide behind.


Rapunzel drew back her arm and let the ball fly. It flew through the air with a satisfying sound and landed against his shoulder. He immediately looked up to see Rapunzel's eyes and hair peeping over the snow drift. He threw his snowball at her with a smirk, and it flew past her hair. The snowball left bits of snow in her brunette hair, and she gingerly touched the snow and drew her hand back with a squeal.

Pascal had settled back against a snow drift in neutral territory. Clasping his paws together, he leaned against the snow comfortably as the two started to pelt each other with snowballs.

Eugene soon made his way to a small tree, and he hid behind that, only leaning out to throw a snowball at the princess. Rapunzel sat with her back to her wall of ice, carefully making a stockpile of snowballs. Once she had a half dozen done, she immediately turned back to him and started to throw like a mad woman.

The snowballs they hastily threw together were filled with freshly fallen snow, bits and chips of ice and little tidbits of dirt. Pine needles stuck out of Eugene's since he was near a tree, and Rapunzel had bits of pine cone mixed in with hers.

The snowballs started to fall thick and fast, zooming through the air with lightening speed. Eugene quickly dodged a fast ball as it whizzed past him, and he hurriedly threw one blindly back at her. Instead of receiving the sound of a excited shriek from Blondie, he heard a soft scoff.

In an instant, he was peeking out behind the tree. Rapunzel was standing behind her snow drift with her hands to her mouth. Pascal was watching with wide brown eyes. Instead of the princess, he had landed a big snowball on the Queen's new hood.

Eugene immediately stepped out from the comfort of the tree and let his mouth drop as he stammered, "Your highness, I..I..."

Queen Catherine stood coldly on the ground. Her elegant hand absentmindedly brushed the snow off of her right shoulder, her gaze never straying from the ex-thief.

"Eugene," she said loudly in a voice she used in court, "if a man throws a snowball, it is not to be done while hiding behind a tree." Eugene could only stare as she bent down and scooped up snow into her hands. Patting it into a ball, she rose back into a straight position and called loudly, "Come out into the open, be a man!" And with that, she heaved the snowball at his surprised face. It smacked against him, falling apart upon impact.

Rapunzel couldn't help but let out a giggle as Catherine smirked and called over to her daughter, "Let's beat him!" The Queen rushed over to her daughter's side and the two immediately started to pack together snowballs. Eugene watched them in stunned silence. Had the Queen actually thrown a snowball at him? He heard a tiny snicker and turned to see Pascal chuckling at him. What the! How, how dare the frog laugh at him! Eugene immediately bent to his knees and started to pack together the wet snow.

A battle raged on. Catherine and Rapunzel were giggling non-stop, seeing as two were better against one. Their hastily made snowballs hit him like an arrow on a target. Eugene, however, was able to use snowballs to work away at their fort. Bit by bit, he was able to expose the two brunettes, leaving a perfect target for hitting.

Scooping a handful of snow together, he called, "Hey, Rapunzel!"

The princess stood up straighter as she threw a snowball at him, "Yes, Eugene?"

"Do you know what snow tastes like?" Eugene answered.

Rapunzel looked at him for a moment and turned to the snowball she had in her hand. It was white and crystally, like sugar. She tentatively took a small taste. Eugene smirked. That was all he needed. He threw the snowball at her just as she said, "It doesn't really taste like anything." The snowball hit her square in the cheek, collapsing on impact. She let out a little screech and turned to the ex-thief.

"Eugene Fitzherbert, that was an awful trick!" Rapunzel yelled at him furiously. She immediately bent to build another missile.

"All is fair in love and snowball fights!" he called back to her.

"It's 'All is fair in love and war!'" Rapunzel replied exasperatedly with another snowball.

"Ahh, but my dear, this IS war," Catherine corrected her daughter with a big smile. Rapunzel rolled her eyes in good humor at that.

Pascal had been watching both sides intently for quite sometime, but then it seemed that after multiple amounts of snowballs, the game was getting a bit boring. He yawned and let his mind turn astray. His wandered back and forth as he lazily watched the two sides battle. On the way back to watching Eugene, however, he spotted the familiar sight of King William. The royal was dressed in a large blue coat, black gloves and heavy fur lined boots, and was that an orange he was holding?

Pascal thought of nothing else as he picked himself up and scurried over to the man, avoiding the flying spheres of snow. He quickly scaled the man's side and ended up on his shoulder. He smiled at the man, hopeful to catch his attention. William noticed him, fortunately, and said in his deep voice, "Well, hello little fellow. Can I help you with something?"

Pascal grinned and pointed to his mouth with his paw. The King smiled and offered him a segment. Pascal instantly caught it with his mouth and chewed it up.

"Hungry, huh? Breakfast is ready, that's why I came out here," King William smiled as he waved his arm out to make his point, "to get the three snowball throwing machines."

Queen Catherine hastily wiped her brow and looked up. A freshly made snowball in hand, she was ready to win this thing, now. She narrowed her eyes and focused on the thief. He was busy pelting her daughter, who was eagerly fighting back. A perfect distraction. She let her arm go and sent the snowball flying. It met Eugene's forehead near his stray side hair. Her snowball had been tough enough to make a point, but soft enough not to hurt terribly.

"OW!" he yelled, dropping his snowball as he attempted to brush aside the snow.

The Queen smirked and walked over to where Rapunzel was standing, covered in snow and rosy pink. Both of them smiled at each other and folded their arms, Catherine yelling, "Truce, Rider?" That last part made Rapunzel giggle.

Eugene looked at her and answered, "Yeah, I guess. Truce." Rapunzel laughed and she did a high five with her mom.

William nodded to Pascal and he walked big, hulking steps over to his wife and daughter. Eugene, holding his eye with one hand, followed him.

"Well, I think it's time for you all to get cleaned up for breakfast, right?" William smiled. Catherine and Rapunzel glanced down at their clothes with a giggle. Their clothes, and Eugene's, were completely soaked and covered with bits of dirt and pine.

"I'd say cleaning is in order, yes," Catherine laughed. She placed an arm around Rapunzel's shoulder and let her other fall on the ex-thief's. "Let's go inside."

William nodded, and the five started to walk back toward the castle.

"By the way, Eugene, Mama and I won," Rapunzel informed him.

"I thought it was a truce," he pointed out.

"Yes, but you were the one who took the truce, making you the loser and Mama and I the winners."


"Really really?"

"I say we have a rematch after breakfast."

"Eugene," the Queen gently chided, "we can't. William and I want you two to go get the Christmas tree for the family parlor."

"Aren't you having all the Christmas trees being brought in by the servants?" Rapunzel wondered.

"Yes, but I want the family Christmas tree to be hand picked," Catherine explained.

"Alright, that's sounds like fun!" Rapunzel squealed. She looked ahead of her and found Pascal on her father's shoulder. Gently picking him off, she held him in her hands and asked, "Do you want to that with us, buddy?"

Pascal sighed contentedly and nodded. He would go. All he needed right now was food and warmth, and that wasn't going to be too hard to come by.

Alright, I know Rapunzel is a German fairy tale, so I looked it up on Wikipedia how they did/do Christmas. I don't really get it all (no offense to anyone who celebrates a German Christmas), but I think I'll be doing this my own sort of way. I hope you liked it, and please review! IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER! *Freaks out*