Atra esterni ono thelduin. Kvetha Fricai!

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A Majisuka Gakuen fanfiction

Cuteness Overload!


One day, in our dearest Yankee school Majisuka Gakuen, it's a usual school day. You could saw Yankee students everywhere, ignoring their teacher. It's a very usual sight. Let's go to the top floor of Maji Gakuen, where the famous Rappappa room placed.

From outside, you can hear two different voices arguing loudly. It looks like the owners of the voices are having an argument, very hot argument. Threats can be detected from the word of the voices.

Now, let's take a look inside the Rappappa room. You can see two girls shouted at each other while a girl watching them argues.

Gekikara, the name of the girl who watches the debate, look at the other two innocently. She watched her two fellows Rappappa members pointing and grabbed each other collars. Usually, she will watch them happily. But, today is an unusual day for our dearest Gekikara. Because soon, she started to feel bored. She decided to stopped them argue.

"Nee," she said out loud.

Black, the tall one, and Shibuya, the shorter one, froze in their position. Black pointing her index finger to Shibuya's head. Shibuya grabbed Black's collar with one hand while her other one formed a fist, ready to punch.

"Okotteru?" Gekikara continued saying.

Black and Shibuya could feel their blood drained from their heads, made them looks pale. They slowly turned their head to look to Gekikara, expecting she grinning like crazy at them. But no, she's not.

Black and Shibuya stunned. They found Gekikara tilted her head to the right while pouting cutely instead of grinning like crazy. They stayed at their position for a while now.

Black's and Shibuya's cheeks are a bit pinkish by now. Gekikara still has her pout and her innocent stare at them. Indeed, she looks so cute by now.

Can't stop themselves, Black and Shibuya stormed at Gekikara. Black hugged Gekikara by her neck and rubbed her cheek to Geki's hair while smiling happily. Shibuya took one of Geki's hands and began to polish Geki's nails while whistling some unknown tune. Gekikara tried to break herself free but failed. So she gave up at them.

'Cuteness overload!' Black and Shibuya thoughts at the same time.


Unknown to those three, three girls stood outside the room. The short one clinging to the one of the taller girls like a squirrel while roaming her hands around the chest of the girl she was clinging at who stared straight in front of them blankly. They saw the scene inside the room.

Sado, the tallest one, grinned mischievously at the scene. "So, what do you think, Yuko-san?" she asked the squirrel girl.

"This would be a good blackmail for them. Heheheh." Yuko, the president of Rappappa replied her co-president. Then she continued to roams her hands. "Right, Nyan Nyan?" Yuko asked Torigoya, who called Nyan Nyan by Yuko who is always clinging at her.

"…Yeah." Torigoya said. Then she snapped out of her gaze. "Gekikara is really cute, isn't it?" She blurted out.

"Whaat? So I'm not really cute for you, Nyan Nyan?" Yuko whined.

"No." Torigoya lied. Sado, who just watch them bickering chuckled to no one in particular.

"Kids these days." She said to herself as she follows Yuko and Torigoya who were already away from the Rappappa room.