Summary: A collection of stories featuring Batman and his young ward Robin.
Rating: T to be safe.
Disclaimer: I do no own Young Justice.

The hum of the batmobile's engine was melodic enough to Batman that his mind began to wonder. Because he was only on patrol, not hunting down a dangerous criminal for once, he allowed himself the quiet chance to think.

It had been a month since he took in Richard "Dick" Grayson as his ward after the murder of his parents. Batman had seen Dick's parent's death. Acrobats who plunged to their death when acid had put on the ropes. Batman kept seeing it over and over again in his head. He could only imagine how terrible it must have been for Dick.

"Sir," Alfred voice could be heard through the intercom. It was laced with panic.

"What it is?" Bruce said into the intercom.

"I cannot seem to find Master Richard. He wasn't in his room nor anywhere else in the manor."

Batman's fingers tensed. He got mad at himself for not keeping a tracker on the boy. "I'll find him," Batman said. But then he wondered where a nine-year-old orphan would go.

Batman changed the channels on his intercom. "Flash," he said.

"Hey Batman, what's cracking."

Batman ignored the Flashes annoying slang. There were more important matters at hand. "You have a nephew, right? Where do kids run off to when they run away from home?"

The Flash paused for a second. "Do you have a son?"

Batman growled.

"Well, whenever Wally's upset he comes to my house. You want me to ask the wife if any strange boys came come over recently?"

Batman angrily switched the channel.

He thought about himself when he lost his parents. He wanted to get the killer. But Bruce had no idea who killed his parents. Dick did. But neither of them knew where the killer Tony Zucco was.

Batman sighed and picked up the intercom again, this time it set for the Batcave. "Have there been any more leads about Zucco?" he asked.

Alfred took a few seconds to respond. "There have been sightings of a squatter matching his description near Crime Alley. I'll patch in the coordinates to you." Even if he didn't find Dick tonight maybe he could find Zucco. At least with Zucco away Dick would be safe.

By the time Batman got to the place the police were just leaving the scene. Commissioner Gordon came to Batman. "Someone leaked the lead to the media," he said. "There were signs of him, he didn't get a chance to pack, but he's gone. You're welcome to check out the scene."

As the police were heading downstairs of the abandonment apartment complex Batman headed up. He reached the room where Zucco had been squatting and heard the engines of the police cars outside start and their wheels screech away. Still Batman stayed stealthy and quietly climbed crept toward the room. Before he opened the door he heard a loud noise of something falling over in the room. Batman swung the door open, making a spectacle out of his entrance.

A small boy in the middle of the room whimpered. Dick.

Batman struggled with mixed emotions. He was glad to have found the boy but he was upset that boy came here. How stupid was he that he would run off to Zucco's suspected hiding spot? But then he felt a little pride that the police hadn't even noticed him. The kid had potential. Stupid, irrational potential.

"Did you touch anything?" Batman asked.

It took Dick a moment to talk. Perhaps he was shocked by Batman's calmness. "I was looking for clues," he said.

"So you contaminated the scene?"

Dick shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Batman began to look around for real clues. Nothing. Just empty cans of beans and cutup newspaper clippings related to the whereabouts of Zucco. Batman brought his attention back to Dick.

"Car. Now."

"Are you arresting me?" Dick asked.

Batman frowned. Poor Dick had been through so much, losing his parents, moving into a strange new house, a huge one at that, and Batman knew he hadn't been the best of guardians. He wanted to catch Zucco so badly that he had been ignoring Dick.

Batman smiled and walked over to Dick. He place his hand on Dick's and tussled Dick's hair. "Wanna see the Batcave."

Dick looked up surprised. Then he laughed. "You named your secret hideout the Batcave?" Then he walked out of the room, still laughing. "Bet he called his boomerangs batarangs."

A/N: This is the second time I've written Batman, the first being Addiction, which is finished but not competly uploaded yet, where I think I did horrible job writing him. However I think I did a pretty good job of writing his here (I hope!). The problem with Batman is this Batman is so completely different than the comics. He's still way more than Batman "Crazy Steve" from All-Star but he's just so...paternal in Young Justice.

I really hope I captured the essence of Batman while making him into a father figure who really does care about and love Dick Grayson. And I hope as I continue to write and update these stories (which probably won't have a very consistent updating schedule, just look my at Star Wars Fanfic My Father; My Brother, I haven't updated that in months because it's a collection of one shots and not continuous and most likely never ending) that I continue to do justice to these characters and create the same loving relationship that is portrayed on the show.