Title: I'm WHAT!...He's WHAT!
Summary: Jacob Black ends up pregnant with Edward Cullen's child.

Warnings: Contains mild slash and mpreg so if you don't like mpreg then don't read it. Yes I'm very aware that men can't have babies. That is why this is called fanfiction.

Disclaimer: Don't own the Twilight characters. Wish I did, but I don't

Author: Mikesh

Notes: Edward and Bella haven't gotten married yet. This story starts before Breaking Dawn does. Nothing major from Breaking Dawn will happen since I haven't read the book yet. However, there will be some ideas that I'm taking from the movie, but nothing that'll spoil the book/movie for those of you who haven't read/seen it yet. Also Jacob doesn't have long hair, he has the short spiky hair.

It was two weeks before the wedding and Bella was happy that her Jacob was back for however long she had with him. Jacob had come around when he realized that he may not have much more time with her before she was immortal. That didn't mean that he was fine with her getting married to a vampire, because he was anything but fine with it.

Today Bella and Jacob were spending quality time together in Seattle. Since the attacks had stopped, Charlie had felt that it would be ok for Bella to go up there. He had faith that she would be in good hands with Jacob. Charlie was also hoping that maybe, just maybe, Jacob would change Bella's mind on marrying Edward.

Its not that he hated the guy, but he felt that there was something off about Edward, what exactly he couldn't tell you, but there was defiantly something off about the guy in Charlie's mind.

Edward hadn't been happy in the least when Bella had told him that she was going to Seattle with Jacob. However, Edward could see it in Bella's eyes that she needed these last few moments she had with Jacob before the change. Edward had threatened Jacob that if Jacob returned Bella with one hair out of place, he was a dead wolf. Jacob knew that Edward had meant it and he was going to make damn sure that Bella came back in one piece. He had already hurt Bella enough as it was, he didn't want to see her get hurt even more because of him.

Jacob had told Bella that they could do whatever she wanted, just so long as it didn't involve shopping. Bella had decided that she just wanted to go see a movie and grab dinner afterwards. Of course Jacob was game for that. So long as he got to have his warm blooded friend with him before she turned ice cold and hard as marble for the rest of his life.


"So where did you want to go eat?" Jacob asked Bella as they were walking out of the theater.

"I was thinking that pizza place down the street looked good," Bella said.

"That's fine but you do remember that I eat like a wolf now, don't you?" Jacob asked.

"That would because you are a wolf, Jacob," Bella said smiling.

"You know what I mean," Jacob said rolling his eyes.

"Bella where are you going?" Jacob asked noticing that Bella was heading away from the parking lot where the car was.

"I thought we could just walk to the pizza place," Bella said.

"Bella, you do realize that it's four blocks from here, don't you?" Jacob asked.

"Yeah, so what?" Bella asked.

"It's going to be dark by time we get out of there, are you sure you want to walk all the way back here?" Jacob asked.

"What? Are you scared of the dark now?" Bella asked.

"I'm not scared of the dark. I just know how clumsy you are at night, let alone day time," Jacob said.

"But I'll have you with me, so it'll be fine," Bella said.

"Fine," Jacob said knowing that he wasn't going to win with Bella in the end.

As they were walking up to the restaurant, they noticed that a small crowed had formed inside.

"Sure you want to wait?" Jacob asked pulling open the door for Bella.

"Let's find out how long of a wait there is first," Bella said.

"Ok," Jacob said.

They found out that it wasn't more then ten minutes for the wait. The crowd that had formed was one group of people.

"I feel like I ate a cow," Jacob said leaning back in his chair after he'd finished off a medium pizza along with half of another medium pizza.

"You probably did," Bella said.

"Ha-ha very funny," Jacob said.

"Hey you're the one that said it, not me," Bella said finishing off her small pizza that she'd ordered.

"Ready to go?" Jacob asked.

"Yeah let's go," Bella said standing up and grabbing her sweater off the back of the chair.

It wasn't freezing tonight, but it was chilly out.

"You cold?" Jacob asked when he saw Bella pulling the sweater around her tighter.

"Yeah a little," Bella said realizing that she should have brought her jacket with her. It'd been nice when she'd left Forks so she thought it'd stay nice. Forgetting that even in Washington the winter weather could be unpredictable.

"Here," Jacob said wrapping his arm around her.

"Thanks," Bella said snuggling into Jacob's side.

"No problem," Jacob said smiling down at Bella.

They were just coming towards the alleyway that separated the theatre building from the coffee shop next door when it happened. One minute they were walking arm and arm. The next minute Bella was roughly pulled from Jacob's arms.

"Well, well, well what do we have here?" the leader asked holding Bella flush against his chest while also pulling a knife on her.

"Bastard! Let her go!" Jacob yelled struggling against the two men that were holding him back from the other guy.

"Not so fast, first I wanna have a little fun with her before I give her back. I mean after all, you have to make sure that she's right for you to marry," the man said pointing to the engagement ring on Bella's hand that was on his arm trying to get him off of her.

"Don't you even fucking think about it!" Jacob yelled.

"Is that anyway to talk to the guy holding your girlfriend hostage?" the man asked smiling evilly at Jacob.

"She's not my girlfriend," Jacob said.

"Oh right I forgot you two are engaged to be married," the man said rolling his eyes.

"Bella listen to me, I promise that I'll get us out of this, do you trust me?" Jacob asked looking over at Bella's tear stained face.

"I trust you," Bella said.

"Oh isn't that nice. Look guys, he thinks that he's going to help the little lady out," the man said laughing along with his two buddies who were holding Jacob back.

"What do you want?" Jacob asked hoping to escape without getting Bella hurt anymore then she already was.

"I told you, to have a little fun with your girlfriend here," the man said.

"And I told you, she's not my girlfriend," Jacob said.

"Then you wouldn't mind if I had a little fun with her, would you?" the man asked.

"No, if you and your friends don't mind getting ripped limb to limb," Jacob said.

"Boys, you know what to do," the man said.

Before Jacob knew what was happening, he was out cold.

"JACOB!" Bella yelled trying to get away from the man holding her.

All that resulted in was pressing the blade that was against her neck, even further into it.

"Well let's get the party started now, shall we?" the man asked smiling at Bella.

"My boyfriend will come and hunt you down," Bella said trying to keep the tears at bay.

"Honey your boyfriend is lying cold on the floor," the man said.

Instead of answering, Bella just laughed at the man.

Before Bella could get another word out, the man slit her throat letting her dead body fall to the ground next to Jacob's.

"Shouldn't have laughed, you might still be alive if you hadn't," the man said spitting on her body before he and the other two men left.

The next time Jacob came around, he found himself in a hospital room with his father by his side.

"What happened?" Jacob asked sitting up in bed.

"You don't remember?" Billy asked looking up into his son's eyes.

"All I remember were there were three men. Wait, where's Bella?" Jacob asked starting to panic.

"I'm sorry son, she was killed by those men," Billy said.

"What? NO! She was NOT KILLED!" Jacob yelled jumping out of the bed.

Of course he didn't get far before the orderlies had him back into bed. The next time Jacob awoke it was dark outside.

He didn't know what had awoken him, but then he heard it. The cold steel voice of Edward Cullen next to his ear.

"I know you're awake wolf, so listen up and listen good. If I ever catch your scent in Forks again or near Bella's grave or her father I will kill you," Edward said.

"Don't you be forgetting that it is I who can kill you," Jacob said.

Edward was so mad, that without even thinking he grabbed Jacob around the throat and started squeezing. He would have rendered him unconscious if the nurse hadn't walked in at that time.

Before the nurse could say anything, Edward fled down the hall and out of sight.

"I'm fine," Jacob said not happy with all the attention he was getting from the nurses and doctors.

Afraid that the man would come back, the doctor put a guard outside Jacob's room for the night. They had never seen Edward before, so they didn't know who he was and Jacob wouldn't tell them. Jacob knew that the day would come that one of them would kill the other, but like Edward said, that was for back home, not here.