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Hermione woke up to the most delicious sensations… and scent. Sighing, she snuggled deeper into the arms of her husband and arched her neck to give him a better access to the spot just below her right ear.

"You've been nicking my shampoo again, haven't you?" Calloused fingers traveled down the length of her belly, unbuttoning the comfortable nightgown, caressing the revealed flesh along the way, causing shivers to travel down her spine. A throaty chuckle echoed in her ear.

"Mhmm, " he confirmed.

"Guess that means I need to buy a bigger bottle of Blueberry Body Wash and Shampoo next time we go shopping , don't I?" she asked in mock annoyance.

Turning slowly around, she smiled sleepily at him. She licked a path on his chest while she trailed her fingers along the length of his chest, grazing a nipple in the progress.

He paused the hand that trailed on the inside of her thigh and a moan followed by a chuckle made her look up into the hazel eyes she knew to be so gentle and yet so intense. "I can smell you, love."

A faint blush coloured her cheeks and she kissed him in response. Laying her into the mattress, he trailed kisses down her neck and on her breasts, her breath hitching and belly clenching.

"Remus, please…"

A loud bang from the kitchen startled them both. Hermione squeaked as the voice accompanying the noise drew nearer to the open bedroom door.

"Moony, Hermione, do you have something to eat that wasn't cooked by Ginny? I love Harry, I do, but I just can't stand another breakfast at their house. I swear to Merlin if she overcooks it just one more time and it gives me heartburn…"

Sirius appeared in the doorway and trailed off in his whining, a leering grin instead lighting his face. "Did I interrupt something?"

"Go away, Padfoot, and close the Floo behind you!" Remus growled while pulling the blanket higher to hide Hermione's bare skin from the marauders view.

Sirius chuckled "I'm going, I'm going. You sure you don't have a decent breakfast for me?" A flying pillow was his answer, so he left, doing as he was told.

"Why did we keep him, again?" Hermione mumbled, torn between being mortified and amused.

Remus chuckled "Because he followed me home and looked so sad and thin. "

"Oh, yes, I remember. You asked if you could keep him and you know I can't say no to you."

"Oh really? Why don't we test that theory?" With that, his lips and fingers continued performing their magic on her supple body, making her forget all about the inconvenient interruption.