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Twelve Days of Comfort and Joy

Chapter One


On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me

A partridge in a pear tree.

Being excited and nervous at the same time was never a good combination as John Stewart was beginning to realise, but he really couldn't help himself. His excitement all but bursting out of him he hurried down the hallways of the Metro Tower eager to reach his destination. Finally finding himself outside a steel door he raised his fist to knock on it but just before his knuckles made contact, the door slid open. Before him stood Shayera Hol, former Hawkgirl and former Lieutenant of the Thanagarian Empire, currently she was just Shayera and she raised a dubious eyebrow at him as he stood fused, his fist still raised as it had been to knock on her door.

"Shayera!" He declared startled, lowering his hand and almost making to grab her but managing to steady his enthusiasm " did you sleep?"

Her eyebrow was still raised but it was decidedly more curious now. Shayera never tended to sleep well so the question irritated her slightly, all the same she didn't want to put a downer on his obviously cheerful disposition so instead she reluctantly told a small lie. She hated it but for the time being she saw little other option.

"Fine...thanks...why are you so excited?" She asked, looking him all over as she finally stepped from her room and clipped her Nth metal mace to her hip.

John was about to shrug her question off and tell her he was fine, but changed his mind as his excitement bubbled over again.

"There's something I want to ask you."


They started walking and although they were close together, they weren't touching. The Green Lantern was slightly agitated that despite their recent reconciliation things were yet to return to the way they had been, but he had realised a little while ago that they wouldn't be able to have that again. So much had happened and they had both changed, but he hoped that they could get through it and find a new 'them' rather than the 'them' of before.

"Well..." He began, the back of his gloved hand brushing against hers "You know what time of year it is?" Before his hand could leave hers completely he quickly snatched up her thumb with his forefinger.

Shayera noticeably pondered on the question but John's heart lifted in the meantime as she adjusted her hand, placing it within his palm and lacing her fingers over his knuckles.

"No...I don't know," She frowned still thinking as John gripped her hand "Is there some kind of Earth holiday soon?"

John suddenly realised that she kept up with Earth holidays as much now as she had three years ago...basically not at all.

"Uh...well, it's Christmas in two weeks." He explained as they turned a corner. Taking a glance at her he saw the realisation of the holiday dawn on her; he knew just by the expression in her eyes that she was remembering the same memories that he was.

Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights and a bar brawl.

"Oh..." was all she managed, her voice abandoning her for the time being.

Lantern felt himself sighing and also felt his wonderful excitement start to diminish. Maybe it was too soon, maybe she wasn't ready, this relationship was once again new and with everything that had happened perhaps more time needed to be offered.

Shayera hadn't recognised any Christmases after the one she had shared with John, even after her return to the League. Clark had insisted one year that she should go with him to 'Ma and Pa's' for the holiday, of course she had declined his offer. Christmas had no meaning for her...not since she wasn't with John, besides; she preferred that those who did celebrate Christmas could do so. She took their monitor duties instead.

"So...what was it you wanted to ask me?" Shayera finally broke the silence; they had managed to walk a fair distance during its progress.

John looked at her thoughtfully as they neared the main hall; apparently their feet had automatically brought them there.

"I wanted to ask, if...if you'd like to spend Christmas with me?"He pushed open the large glass door and stepped outside with her "But, you don't have to...I'd understand." He assured her giving her hand a reassuring squeeze, but all the while desperately hoping that she would agree to his invitation.

She stayed quiet for a few minutes obviously thinking on the proposition, really her mind was already made up, she wanted more than anything to spend Christmas with him, but everything was so...awkward between them. While she thought John looked up for a moment and spotted a white flake gently floating down, when it reached his eye level he chuckled.

"Would you look at that?"

Shayera looked up but she didn't look at the first snow flake of the season, instead her eyes focused on John Stewart and the wonderful childlike grin on his face.

"I'd like to spend Christmas with you John."

He looked at her and smiled, the boyish amusement still there "That's great Shayera!" He leaned down quickly and stole a fleeting kiss that left her a little startled and rather giddy at the knees. "I've got to head up to the Watchtower, but I'll see you this evening."

Shayera raised her brow for the third time in the last twenty minutes "Why don't you just get teleported up there?" She questioned bemused.

John shrugged with the same smile "Sometimes I just feel like flying...y'know?"

Shayera grinned "Yeah...I know," She paused then and looked at him fondly "I'll see you tonight."

And with that he departed her company, giving her a little wave before disappearing from her vision in a trail of emerald light.

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