Author's Notes

This is the first fan fiction I ever wrote. It basically tells the story of my OC in the Aria the Scarlet Ammo Universe. I've watched a lot of anime and I always find myself inserting my own OC into them. For 99.9% of the anime I watched the, the OC I choose is based on my favorite fighting game character of all time, Momo Karuizawa from Rival Schools. However, this is in appearance only; as far as personality, abilities, and skills it depends on the anime. For example, my first incarnation of Momo was for the Bleach universe. Her name is Momo Kurosaki, daughter of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue. She's inherited both of her parent's powers and abilities which go beyond what her parents are able to do. As far as her personality goes, she's the best of both Ichigo and Orihime. Telling you of my original OC version of Momo is relevant here because all the OC versions of Momo I created after ended up wielding a black katana in some way shape or form. Anyway, my Aria the Scarlet Ammo version of Momo is based on (totally ripped from) Blood-C's protagonist, Saya Kisaragi as far as her powers and abilities are concerned. The only difference here is as I mentioned before she wields a black katana. Finally, we come to the actual story I wrote. As I said before I've had a lot of ideas, it's just that this idea was the most concrete and I had a clear direction where I wanted to go with it. It's a Yuri between my OC, Momo Kisaragi and Riko Mine. Basically my underlying thought process was Aria had recruited Kinji to be her partner. If Riko wanted to challenge and defeat them, she would need a partner of her own. As for the actual storyline, the background story is Momo is Riko's roommate and very close friend. Six months after Vlad's death, he's come back to life and is after revenge on the ones who killed him. Jeanne d'Arc former I-U member turned Informa student finds out that Vlad is back. Jeanne tells Momo first and she resolves to fight and defeat Vlad herself. Before she left she told Jeanne not to tell anyone else especially Riko, but she ignores her and tells Riko anyway. All the while, a big storm was headed towards Tokyo which would pass through the city that night. Anyway, to anyone who takes the time to read this, please leave a positive and/or negative comment in the box below. I would definitely like to know what you guys think and it would be greatly appreciated as it would only help me to improve with future submissions.


It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents-except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which blew through the city. On the roof of one of the tallest buildings of Tokyo, two figures stand opposite ends of each other. One figure was the silhouette of what appeared to be a high school girl. Her most defining feature was her hair which was in two long ponytails that swayed in the wind. She was wearing a black rainproof cloak which covered her entire body and held a sheathed katana in her left hand. She was staring straight at the other figure that had a much more imposing appearance. He looked like a werewolf on steroids with three circular marks on different parts of his body. He returned the girl's stare as he completely towered over her. The two locked in each other's gaze trying to intimidate one another. Just then, a lightning bolt had strike the area between the two and a loud thunderous explosion echoed throughout Tokyo city.

She broke the silence. "Vlad, this is your last warning. Leave Tokyo now and never return!"

Vlad chuckled at the girl's statement and responded, "A mere rank C student is trying to order me around? Ha! You shouldn't make threats that you can't back up, Momo Kisaragi."

"Oh, I'm surprised you remembered me Sayonaki sensei. It's not like I ever stood out from the rest of the class." Momo mused.

"The only reason I remembered who you were was because of the girl you sat next to. You seemed to be very close friends with that trash." Vlad responded.

The girl placed her right hand on the hilt of her katana, drawing it from the scabbard as she tossed it aside. Her katana was as black as darkness itself and she placed it in front of herself gripping it with both hands. "Take that back!"

Vlad continued to taunt her. "Did I strike a chord? Maybe after I'm done with you, I'll go visit her. I can't wait to see the despair on her face as I…"

Before he could finish his statement, a lightning bolt streaked across the sky bringing with it a loud thunderous crash. In that moment, Momo had already closed the distance and delivered the first strike.

Vlad's mind couldn't keep up with what was going on. For a moment it seemed like time had stopped until he felt a sharp pain at his right side. His right arm was no longer attached to his body.

He couldn't make sense of what happened. One minute, he was taunting the Rank C butei and the next minute, he was cut by her katana.

Vlad tried to counter attack using his left arm, but she quickly evaded it and put some distance between them.

"Forget what I said earlier. I'm going to finish what they started; only this time I'll make sure it's permanent." Momo threatened.

Flashback – Tokyo Butei High Girl's Dorms

Tokyo Butei High, a universal educational facility. At this school, students undertake special training in order to learn the path of the Butei, which is a national qualification permitting its holders to arm themselves and capture criminals. The Butei were established to counter the worsening crime conditions, with training in various specialized fields.

"I guess I'll be living here from now on, huh." Momo opened the door to her dorm room, unpacked her stuff, and rested on her new bed. Just then she heard someone else enter.

"Hello! Is anyone in here?"

Momo got up and walked toward the voice.

A blonde girl wearing the same school uniform as her had entered the dorm room. She had a twin-tail hairstyle as well, but her hair is not entirely split in half unlike Momo.

The girl stretched out her hand and greeted her. "Hi! It's nice to meet you. My name is Riko Mine. Starting today I'm your new roommate."

Momo greeted her back. "My name is Momo Kisaragi. I hope we can become good friends." She then looked around the dorm room. "Now that I take a closer look at it, I'm surprised how big this room is. It's like we're staying at a nice hotel."

"Well of course, this is school for butei." Riko replied.

"Amazing, it even has a fully stocked kitchen. Alright then, to commemorate our new found friendship, I'm going to cook you up the best dinner you've ever had." Momo declared.

This was the first time they met and from then on they became really close friends.

Present – Tokyo Skyscraper Rooftop

By this time, Vlad had already instantly regenerated another arm. He was amused by the Rank C butei. "Interesting, I can't wait to see your despair as I crush that spirit of yours and watch it slowly extinguish from your eyes."

Vlad charged Momo, unleashing a flurry of attacks which forced her back into the wall. The demon raised his right arm and was about to crush her, but she gracefully dodged the attack by somersaulting over his head and getting behind him. As soon as Momo landed she slashed his back, then she put some distance between them again.

The wound on Vlad's back regenerated shortly after. He turned around and faced her. "Don't you see it's useless? No matter how many times you cut me, I'll just keep on regenerating. I think it's time I show you just how futile fighting me really is."

The demon took a deep breath and forcefully exhaled it from his lungs. The shockwave generated from him exhaling was like a mini typhoon that was ripping the concrete and other structures off the roof.

Flashback – High Class Hotel somewhere in Tokyo after the Butei Killer Incident

Momo had heard about the incident of the butei killer's confrontation with Rank S; Aria H. Kanzaki and Rank E; Kinji Toyama. It was the talk of the school. The butei killer's identity was revealed to be none other than her best friend, Riko Mine. It was these thoughts that drove Momo to take up her own personal mission of tracking her down. Her investigation led her to one of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo. "It's just like her to stay in a high class place such as this." Only a door separated Momo from her best friend. She took a deep breath and opened it.

When she entered the room, she heard a clicking sound. She looked to her right to see a gun pointed towards her head. "What are you doing here?" The all too familiar voice asked.

"You forgot your lunch Riko-chan, so I decided to bring it to you." Momo answered holding two bento boxes in front of her.

"You do know I can't let you leave here alive now that you found me." Riko threatened.

"I don't believe you." Momo countered.

Riko was a little surprised at her statement. "She doesn't believe me? What game is she playing at?" Out of curiosity she asked her a question. "Tell me. What's to stop me from pulling the trigger right now?"

Momo walked towards Riko closing the distance between them. She looked straight into her eyes and said, "It's because you're my best friend and I trust you."

Riko couldn't believe what she just heard. "Even though, she knows I'm the butei killer and I'm pointing a gun in her face threatening to kill her, she still calls me her best friend?" Riko eyed Momo till she was satisfied and lowered her gun. "Not even a hint of hesitation. You trust me that much?" She asked.

"Believe in your comrades and help each other or something like that." Momo answered with an energetic smile.

The blonde didn't even know how to respond to that. Butei Law Article 1, every butei knows this rule by heart. It didn't mean anything to her, but hearing it from Momo she couldn't help but feel happy. All Riko could do was turn her back her to hide the smile that appeared on her face. "You're pretty weird, you know that?"

Momo smiled. "Riko-chan…? Did you eat yet?"

"No, I was just about to when you came barging through the door." The blonde replied.

Momo opened the bento boxes she was carrying. "I made all your favorite foods. Shall we eat together?"

They seated themselves on opposite ends of the dining table and started to eat. However, there was one thing bugging Riko and it wouldn't stop gnawing at her. She had to know. "Momo-chan, who are you really? You can't be an ordinary Rank C since you were able to track me down within only a few days of my disappearing?"

"That's a secret, but I'll tell you everything about myself if you promise me to do the same. That includes why you decided to go around attacking butei including Kanzaki-san and Toyama-san." Momo responded.

Riko thought about it for a moment, but her curiosity finally got the better of her. She wanted to know more about her and if all she wanted in return was the same of her then that was fine. "I guess I have no choice. Momo-chan, I'll tell you everything about myself."

Present – Tokyo Skyscraper Rooftop

Momo was enveloped in the shockwave, but it didn't seem to have any effect. In the mist of the chaos going on around her she raised her blade and slashed the air in front of her canceling out Vlad's attack with a shockwave of her own.

Vlad was stunned by what he just witnessed, it was then he realized something was wrong. Thoughts were racing through his mind trying to figure out who this girl really was. "That katana… I see now. Interesting, I've heard rumors of a legendary butei who's taken down Japan's most dangerous criminals. It's said that her appearance is that of a high school girl, but her swordsmanship has no equal. You will know that it's her because the weapon she wields is unmistakable, a black katana. A rank S isn't capable of deflecting my attack like that let alone a rank C. Just who are you?"

"Oh, so you've heard of me? Very well, I shall tell you who I am. Rank C Student attending Tokyo Butei High is the cover the Japanese government gave me. Normally Rank S is the highest a butei can become, but in reality they're ranks that surpass that. My name is Momo Kisaragi, the title given to me is Shadow Blade, and my Rank is SS. Now that you know, I'm ending this fight."

Momo took a deep breath and closed her eyes. After a few seconds, she opened them to again to reveal a deep crimson color piercing through the darkness of the night. Her eyes which were normally a grayish blue had now become a deep crimson red like the color of blood.

At that moment, another bolt of lightning rained down from the night sky striking the roof the two were fighting on followed by the thunder's deafening boom. When the thunder died down and the sound of the rain could be heard again, Vlad's vision returned.

After being blinded by the lightning, he saw his opponent had disappeared. He collapsed to his knees and felt pain throughout his entire body. Vlad didn't know what was happening to him till he looked at his body. All three of his weak points had been slashed. Then he noticed a black blade sticking out of his chest, she was already behind him. Vlad was coughing up blood and struggled to talk. "Those eyes, you're just like me. Why are you opposing me?"

Momo was irritated by his question. "I thought it was obvious. It's because you hurt the one person I care about most in this world. I won't let you make her suffer like that again."

Vlad couldn't help laughing at her answer coughing more blood all the while. "You care for that trash this much? Who would've thought she could make such a powerful ally. You won Momo Kisaragi or should I call you demon hunter?"

Momo lifted her katana up slowly cutting through the demon's body making its way up through his chest. "Stop stalling for time and answer me! How did you survive your battle with Riko-chan and Kanzaki-san?"

Vlad was gasping for air as blood was flowing from the gaping wounds he had sustained. The katana that Momo had impaled him with was impeding his ability to regenerate as she was slowly ripping through his flesh. It was all he could do to try and protect his last weak spot. The demon was utterly helpless before her. He had no choice, but to accept his fate. "You should already know the answer that. It was I…U…"

"One final question… how did you figure out what I am?" Momo asked.

Vlad laughed even harder than before. "Those red eyes… that black katana… every demon knows who… what you are. You're a demon who hunts demons. Hahaha…"

The demon continued to laugh manically. Momo was fed up and decided to finish him off. She lifted her katana cutting through the weak point in his mouth. Vlad's whole upper torso from his lower abdomen to his head had been cut in half.

He collapsed and blood gushed everywhere from the demon's corpse.

Momo took a good look at his body to confirm he was dead. Satisfied, she turned around and swung her blade cleansing it of the demon's blood as it washed away in the rain. The twin-tailed was deep in thought pondering Vlad's last words. "I-U, huh? That name has been popping everywhere recently and all of it started when Kanzaki-san started attending here. Who are they and what do they want? I'm going to have to investigate them myself if I want to find out."

Flashback – Tokyo Butei High Girl's Dorms after Vlad's first defeat

"I'm back!" Riko said as she opened the door.

"Welcome back! Dinner will be ready in just a second!" Momo shouted from the kitchen.

Riko walked in to the kitchen. "Dinner smells good, what are we having."


"Sukiyaki? Isn't that a little expensive?" The blonde asked raising an eyebrow.

"When celebrating a special occasion isn't it okay to splurge a little?" The twin-tailed girl excitedly responded.

"Is that so? May I ask what special occasion we are celebrating today?" Riko inquired.

Momo turned to face her. "Your smile!"

Riko couldn't help but burst into laughter to which Momo became slightly annoyed.

"I'm being serious, Riko-chan. Stop laughing." She pleaded.

Riko struggled to calm herself down. "I'm sorry, you just surprised me."

Momo turned her attention back to the stove. "Considering what today is I guess I can forgive you. By the way how did testimony go?"

"It went better than I thought. I managed to reduce Aria's mother's sentence, but it's strange. I thought they would've arrested me after I testified, but they said I was free to go." Riko answered.

"That was me. Being a rank that surpasses S gives me a few benefits. I actually have a lot of pull with the Japanese government." Momo interrupted.

"Umm, isn't that abuse of your position?" The blonde questioned.

"Not at all, I just told them you were my friend. Then I stated Butei Law Artcle One and told them the consequences for breaking that code. You've been suffering for over ten years. I think that's punishment enough don't you? Since you and Kanzaki-san defeated Vlad you seem happier. That's why today is special." The twin-tailed girl sincerely answered.

There was a moment of silence between them as she continued to cook dinner.

Not knowing how to respond to Momo's kind words, Riko closed the distance between them and hugged her.

Momo felt Riko's chest press up against her back and her arms wrapped around her waist. Her face turned beet red at the blonde's touch. "Thank you, for being my friend."

It was from then on, Momo promised herself she wouldn't let Riko go through that kind of suffering again. She always watched over her, even more so after confronting her about being the butei killer. Riko had told her everything about herself including her relationship to Vlad. In turn, Momo revealed her true identity. Naturally she wanted to help after hearing her friend's story, but Riko wouldn't hear of it saying this was her problem and she had to deal with it herself. She didn't want to involve the first real person who she could call friend in her own problems. Momo respected her wishes, but it was painful not being able to do anything for her.

Present – Tokyo Butei High Girl's Dorms

"I'm back." Momo quietly whispered as she entered her dorm room. She took off her shoes and coat at the door as she went into a dark living room. Just then, she heard a clicking sound followed by a flash of light that illuminated the room.

"Welcome back." A blonde girl wearing nothing but a shirt over her bra and panties said with a smile.

Momo was caught off guard. "You're not asleep yet?" She walked past the blonde and entered her room to get changed. She placed her sheathed katana by her bedside and changed out of her soaked clothes.

"I was waiting up for you." She answered.

"Why would you do that? I told you I would be coming home late." She questioned further as she put on a dry pair of clothes.

"It's because you didn't say why you would be late. I wanted to know what took you so long." She answered.

Momo walked back into the living room wearing similar clothes to Riko. "It was because I was fulfilling a request. This one just ran a little later than usual, that's all."

Riko remained silent. Her smile was quickly replaced with a frown. "Why…? Why are you lying to me?" Tears streamed down her face as she spoke.

Momo was confused. "Riko-chan…?"

"Jeanne told me everything." Riko was visibly shaking as she started to speak. "Vlad somehow came back to life and you decided to go fight him all by yourself before anyone else found out."

"I can't believe that Ice Witch told Riko-chan after I specifically asked her to keep it a secret." All she could do was nod her head yes, confirming her roommate's suspicions.

Riko ran up to Momo and hugged her as tight as possible. "Do you have any idea how scared I was…!? How worried I was about you…!? I thought I would never see you again…" She trailed off as she cried into the twin-tailed girl's chest.

Momo hugged her back. "I just didn't want to see you suffer again. You've been so happy since Vlad's defeat that I just wanted to protect that happiness, but instead I ended up making you suffer again. I'm sorry Riko-chan…" Tears streamed down her face as well. The two girls cried as they embraced each other. Sometime after once they finally calmed down, they both sat next to each other on the living room couch in silence.

The blonde tilted her body and rested her head on the twin-tailed girl's shoulder. "Momo-chan…? I've always wanted to know, but I never had a chance to ask. Why do you do so much for me?"

The twin-tailed girl put her arm around the blonde and pulled her into a hug. "It's because you're my best friend."

Riko pulled away from her embrace. "That's not what I meant. I want to know how you feel about me."

Momo looked straight into the blonde's eyes. She knew she wouldn't be able to lie to her; after all she was already caught once. She always called Riko her best friend, but the truth was… "I love you…" She cast her gaze downward as her face turned beet red by what she just uttered.

"I feel the same way. I love you too." Riko responded.

Momo cast her gaze back on her best friend who was staring at her with pleading eyes. The pair closed their eyes as they pressed their lips against one another. It started out as an innocent kiss, but became more serious as they passionately embraced each other. Riko shot her tongue into Momo's mouth which took her by surprise. It was a completely new sensation to her, but it felt good. Momo was really getting into it as she started moving her own tongue, dancing with Riko's as they explored each other's mouth. They kept going until they couldn't take it anymore. Reluctantly, the two ended their kiss and pulled away from each other gasping for air.

The blonde looked at the twin-tailed girl with a determined look in her eye. All the doubts she had were erased in that moment. "Momo-chan…" Riko started as she took her friend's hand. "I was thinking… Aria has already recruited two partners to her side. If I am going to beat her, I need a partner of my own. Will you be my partner?"

The twin-tailed girl looked into the blonde's eyes and answered, "Of course of I will, Riko-chan. From now on, we're partners."

The blonde took the twin-tailed girl's hand, holding it as they walked to her room.

"Riko-chan's room, I've been in here plenty of times, but I never really took a good long look at it." She scanned the room until she was brought back to reality.

"Momo-chan…?" Riko said getting her attention. "Will you close your eyes for me?"

Momo complied with her partner's request and closed her eyes.

"She's so cute." Riko walked around Momo and positioned herself behind her. She wrapped her arms around Momo's waist and pressed her breasts against her back. She then proceeded to press her mouth on to Momo's lower neck and suck on her soft skin.

Momo moaned as her cheeks became flush from Riko's touch. "Riko-chan, what are you doing?"

Riko pulled away from Momo's neck and whispered into her ear, "I just gave you a kiss mark."

A look of panic washed over the twin-tailed girl's face. "Ki-Ki-Ki-Kiss Mark!?" She broke away from Riko's grasp, ran to the dresser, and grabbed a handheld mirror to look at herself. Sure enough there was a mark on her neck where Riko had sucked. "What will everyone in school think when they see this?" She asked as she put the mirror back. "I'll just tell them we slept with each other." Riko answered.

Momo turned and looked at her partner. "Besides… I want everyone to know we're going out."

Momo cast her gaze downward and stared at the floor. "When did you become such a pervert Riko-chan? You were never like this before."

"But, I was always like this." Before Momo could react, Riko embraced her. She brought her face up to her ear and whispered, "And I'm going to show you just how perverse I am." She then pulled back and looked into Momo's eyes and said with a concerned look on her face, "You don't want to?"

Momo blushed upon hearing those words. "I want to…"

"What was that Momo-chan? I couldn't hear you. You're going to have to speak louder." Riko teased.

"I want you to make love to me!" Momo yelled at the top of her lungs. If it wasn't for the raging storm outside, she would've waked the entire girl's dorm.

Riko looked straight into Momo's eyes and placed a kiss on her lips. She declared, "I see. Then I won't hold back and I won't stop even if you tell me to. Are you ok with that?"

Momo blushed. "Even if I said no, you would still go through with it anyway."

Riko giggled. "You're starting to catch on partner."

The pair stripped each other naked, hiding nothing and revealing everything. Riko pushed Momo onto the bed and she soon followed, positioning herself on top of her with one leg in between the other girl's thighs. Riko bent forward and leaned in to kiss Momo, reaching for her hand. Their fingers interlaced with one another as their kiss intensified; their tongues danced with each other once again. The pair communicated their thoughts and feelings to each other using their bodies as they reacted to their partner's individual movements. Both of their body temperatures were steadily increasing, the heat going to their heads as they both refused to break the kiss until neither of them could take the pressure any longer. Riko finally pulled away, the saliva the two shared forming a bridge which soon collapsed into nothing as she sat up on top of her partner.

"Momo-chan, I love you." Riko said as she gazed into her partner's eyes.

"I love you too, Riko-chan." Momo responded returning her partner's gaze.

"My Eternal… Partner…"