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Fanfiction #9

James Potter was awoken by glorious smells wafting through the small house. Barely awake, he shoves his glasses on his face and stumbles blearily downstairs to be greeted by the sight of the most beautiful thing in the world. His wife... who was cooking... bacon. James moves quickly but silently and wraps his arms around her waist from behind.

A smile comes to her face as she turned to him and kissed him softly before returning to the cooking. "Morning, James."

"Morning love," James is happy. "Have I told you how much I love you?" He asks, eyeing the bacon, before he slides his gaze up to meet his wife's eyes.

She grins. "Me or the bacon?"

"Well... That's a difficult choice... but... I'm thinking you," James buries his face in her hair. "Mhm, definitely you," He grins at her and kisses her cheek before sliding into his chair.

She smirks and serves him, before serving herself and sliding into the chair next to his.

Beaming at her, James pours them both coffee and takes a sip, leaning back in his chair. "I love you," he says softly.

She smiles. "I love you too..."

Still smiling he tucks into his breakfast, moaning with delight. "Merlin, this is amazing!"

"Thanks..." she answers softly, also still smiling. Though only the people who knew her best could see it, she was nervous. What if he took it the wrong way, or something...?

"Lils," he starts softly, not looking up from his meal, "I can sense you fretting. What's wrong?" He looks up, catching her eye and smiling warmly, taking a bigger gulp of coffee.

"I'm pregnant." she states, hoping that it was better to get it over and done with.

He spits out the gulp of coffee he'd just taken. "Wh-what?"

She flushes and mumbles "I'm pregnant" again.

He clutches his throat. "I think I scalded myself," he chokes out.

"I'm sorry... I... I... Er... " she flushes red and moves to get up and leave the room.

James simply sits, stunned. It takes a while for it to sink it but once it does... "Wait..." He leaps to his feet and chases after her. "Lily! Did you say that you're pregnant?"

Lily stops, turning around. "I... Yes... But, I mean, we don't... Uh, don't have to keep it if... You know, if you don't want it... I know you didn't want children too early..." she rambles on.

"Pregnant as in we're going to have a baby?" He is careful to keep any expression out of his voice as he walks over to her and takes her hand. His own hand is trembling but he can't help that.

She is shaking too, worried beyond measure. "Y-yes..."

He lays a gentle hand over her abdomen. "I-in here?" Now his voice is shaking too.


"That's... That's..." He can't get the words out and instead wraps his arms around her tightly, spinning her in a circle. "That's amazing!" He yells, exuberant. "I mean, I know it's not the best timing and we've only been married for six months but..." He realises he is babbling and tells himself to shut up. "A little you and me," he breathes, falling to his knees and presses a tender kiss to belly. "Hullo baby, I'm your Daddy and..." he chokes up. "I love you and your Mummy so very, very much." He clambers to his feet and wraps his arms around his wife. "Merlin I love you so, so, so much Lily Potter."

She breathes a sigh of relief and beams, hugging him back tightly. "I love you, James... So much..."

James hugs her tightly, pressing kiss after kiss to any part of her face he can reach.

Lily is still beaming as she smashes her lips to his, kissing him with enough passion to last a lifetime.

James scoops her up into his arms, gently disengaging his lips from hers so he can rain kisses all over her face. Returning his lips to hers, he kisses her for as long as he can until he has to pull away, gasping for air.

She grins and kisses him all over his face as he had done to her. "I" kiss "love" kiss "you..." kiss times five.

"Lily... I swear... Nothing is going to hurt you, I'll do anything you want, anything at all," his eyes behind his glasses are filled with excitement, love, exhilaration and a little nervousness.

She smiles. "That's kind of you, love."

James pretends to pout but he can't keep the wide smile off his face for longer than ten seconds. "Lily! We're going to be parents!" And he twirls her around the room.

She laughs and kisses him again. "We are!"

He sets her gently on her feet, kissing her sweetly, pouring his love, adoration and exhilaration into that kiss.

She kisses him back before pulling back with a laugh, and twirling around the living room, laughing, as if dancing with someone.

James laughs and practically leaps to her side. Bowing he asks if he can cut in.

She curtsies and accepts his offer, smiling like the world was only made out of happiness.

Holding out one hand, lightly placing the other on her waist, he twirls her around, beaming so widely it's amazing his face doesn't split in two.

She twirls with him, a smile as wide as his on her face.

Seemingly unable to stop kissing her he dips his head, pressing his lips to hers. Pulling away he shifts the twirling to a sedate waltz, swaying in time to music only they can hear.

She kisses him back before pulling herself closer to him, as they swayed together.

"I love you," James breathes softly, gazing into his wife's eyes.

She looks up at him with smiling eyes. "I love you too..."

He leans down and presses a soft kiss to the crown of her head. "You and the little one mean everything to me and I swear, as long as I draw breath, nothing will harm you."

Lily smiles softly and leans on his chest as they continue swaying. Usually she would have argued that not even he could do that, but now was a blissful, peaceful moment and she treasured every one of those she got.

He holds her close, swaying from side to side, murmuring endearments into her ear. He belatedly realised that they hadn't finished breakfast and his stomach picks that moment to growl... Loudly.

She grins and kisses him softly. "Typical James..." she breaks the dance and takes his hand, leading him back over to the food and sliding into the chair next to him.

He resists the childish urge to poke his tongue out at the back of her head. Sliding back into his chair he casts a gentle Warming Charm over both of their meals, grinning triumphantly when steam rises from them again. He cuts off the spell. "I did it!"

She laughs. "You did!"

He looks as proud as a kid who has just performed their first spell on purpose.

Lily laughs and kisses his cheek. "You're adorable." she murmurs, grinning.

"Only adorable?" James pouts. "Not sexy, charming, amazingly good looking?"

She laughs again and sits on his lap. "Can I say all of the above?"

He grins and kisses the back of her neck, twining his arms around her waist. "But of course."

She leans on him, smiling. "Mm... Good..."

James runs his fingers through her hair, cradling her close, her back to his chest. "You're adorable," he grins.

Lily turns her head and kisses him, smiling still.

James gathers her close, cradling her and then let's go, laughing. "Go eat love, after all, you're not just eating for yourself any more..."

She rolls her eyes with a grin. "Fine." she gets off and sits in the chair she was in before, tucking into her own bacon.

He beams at her across the table. He eats quickly, keeping an eye on her, making sure she does eat.

She finishes and smiles at him, walking over to him and sitting on his lap again, her head leaning on his shoulder, her side against his chest, and her legs over his lap.

James twines his arms around her waist and kisses her neck. "I love you," he mumbles.

Her arms are around his neck and she kisses his forehead. "I love you too..."

James tilts her chin so he can capture her lips in a searing kiss. So caught up in the kiss is he, that the roar of flames goes unnoticed. "Oi! You tw... BLOODY HELL! I did not need to see that!"

She breaks apart from her husband with a grin.

James groans. "What do you want Padfoot?" He asks with a resigned air in his voice. When he answers, Sirius' voice is grim. "You're both needed at Headquarters... There's been an attack."

"On whom?" her tone is worried, but also resigned about the fact that something ruined her happy moment.

"I'm not sure, I just know there's been an attack and I'm to alert everyone. I'll meet you back there..." Sirius's head disappears from their fireplace and the green flames wink out. James sighs and Summons both of their travelling cloaks. "We'd best get going..."

Lily nods and kisses him softly before taking the cloak. "Meet you there" and with a pop, she's gone.

A crack resounds around the tiny kitchen and the house is empty again. Air rushes in to fill the space previously occupied by a body.

Lily appears in the headquarters of the Order with a slight pop. She looked around for familiar faces as she answered her security question calmly.

James appeared behind her with a crack and sighed before answering his own security question with equal calmness. Taking his wife's hand, they walk deeper into Alice and Frank's house to the kitchen. "Potters," Moody greets them gruffly and everyone else there murmurs a soft "hullo". The vast majority of the people there look as confused as James feels but by the looks on a few of the Order member's faces he can tell it's not good. Sirius appears in the doorway behind him, obviously having gotten the last message through and soon enough the rest of the members of the Order of the Phoenix trickle through into the kitchen. James is doing a head count and blanches. The McKinnon's and the Prewett brothers weren't there... He swings his gaze to Dumbledore and by the expression on the old man's face he can tell his original thought is correct. Their leader stands up and breaks the news as gently as he can. They'd fought bravely, the Prewett brother's having taken down five Death Eaters each before they were overwhelmed. Marlene and her husband Adam, they'd only been married a month... It wasn't fair! Had taken down equally as many before they too had fallen. James bows his head. He'd shared a dormitory with Adam for six years... He wraps his arms around his wife, pulling her close.

Lily sniffles into her husband's chest. Marlene had been one of her closest friends... Along with Adam... Memories come back to her, and she holds her husband tighter. He was keeping her on earth, keeping her safe; her lifeline. And her baby; she had to stay for her baby. And the Prewett brothers; she knew their sister, Molly. One of the kindest people she'd ever met... The worst things happen to the best people... But life isn't fair.

James strokes Lily's hair, murmuring what he wasn't sure. Adam and Marlene... She'd been on the Quidditch team with him... Fuck he'd been her Captain for two years! "It's not fair," he says aloud. "Not bloody fair!" The Prewett brothers... Their sister Molly was pregnant again... They'd never know their new niece or nephew... They'd been able to make anyone laugh, even Moody! Sirius is at his side, staring blankly ahead. James knew he'd had a bit of a crush on Marlene at one point...

Lily looks up at James, mouthing "Should we tell them?"

He meets her gaze. "Do you want to?" He asks softly. It might be a good distraction... A little lightness after the horror of the day...

She nods, thinking the same thing. It could make things happier...

James clears his throat softly, but immediately every eye is on him. "Uh... I've... Lily and I... We've got some news..." He pauses, unsure of how to phrase it.

She smiles weakly. "We're going to have a baby..."

Sirius is the first to recover. "Wha... Really?" He crushes Lily in a hug yelling "A mini Red/Prongs!" Before grabbing James in a stranglehold as well. "Can't. Breathe!" Remus whacks Sirius across the back of the head and he puts James down, beaming like an idiot. The werewolf gives Lily a gentle hug and murmurs "Congratulations, both of you," as he moves on and hugs James as well. Peter shakes their hands limply, looking frightened, but then, Peter always looked frightened these days. Alice bounds up to her friend, grinning broadly and murmurs "me too," into her ear. Frank stands up and yells. "Well, they sorta stole our thunder but... Alice and I are having a baby too!" Everyone crowds around the four of them, McGonagall giving her old Head Students tearful hugs. Dumbledore looks grave. "James, Lily, Frank and Alice, may I have word in private?"

A little concerned, they follow their old Headmaster out of the room. With an even graver expression he tells them of the prophecy and the fact that they're all in danger now.

Lily is shocked and worried. "James..." she turns to her husband, needing comfort.

James is stunned for the second time in about as many minutes. "Lily," he murmurs, cradling her gently. Glancing over, he sees Frank and Alice in a similar position. "I am terribly sorry to have been the one to inform you of this," Dumbledore does appear extremely sorry.

She buries her face in his chest, a hand on her belly. "I... Why us? Us four... Why our babies?"

"I don't know love." He rocks her gently, rubbing her back and exchanges a helpless glance with Frank who is cradling a sobbing Alice. "I really don't know," he murmurs again into her hair.

She looks up at him. "But... But we might have a girl?" she says hopefully.

"We might," from his tone it's clear he doesn't believe what he's saying. He tries to smile and it comes out more of a pained grimace instead.

She tears up and buries her face once again in his chest.

"I'm sorry," he apologises to Frank, Alice and Dumbledore. "I think we'll head home. C'mon love... Up you get." He tries to get her to stand up.

She gets up, staying close to him. "I.." she tries to apologise.

James wraps an arm around her shoulders, hugging her close. Dumbledore nods gently. "It's alright Lily." James guides her out of the room with a grateful smile in Dumbledore's direction. Stopping briefly in the kitchen on the way out he quietly tells Padfoot that they're going and that he'll explain everything later. Sirius looks worried but nods anyway and says he'll let the others know. Grateful as ever for his friend's understanding, he leads his wife out of the door and turns them on the spot, disappearing with a pop to reappear in their own living room.

She sobs into his shirt. "James... I don't.. Don't want..."

James leads her gently over to the couch and has her sit. "I'll make some tea," he says softly.

Lily curls up into a ball, sobbing.

Thinking "bugger the tea" he quickly sits down beside his wife and pulls her into his lap. James gently rubs her back, murmuring soothing nothings into her hair, trying to calm her.

She cries into his chest, needing him. It was only a chance, and she knew she needed to be strong, but... Her baby defeat the Dark Lord? It pained her to think about the alternative.

James cradles her carefully, inwardly dreading the coming months.

"I love y-you..." she sniffles, her arms around his neck as she sobs for her baby.

"I love you too," James responds, his arms around her waist as he struggles to stay strong for his wife and child.

Months later...

Lily is cooking a meal for the four men in the living room. She serves the pasta and brings it to them, and kissing the one with glasses on the cheek.

James looks up at his wife, smiling appreciatively at her. Patting the spot next to him in invitation he turns back to the discussion they were having about what was going on with the Order. Basically confined to the house because Voldemort had made it clear he was targeting them not the Longbottoms, their only news of the outside world was in the weekly visits from their friends.

She sat next to him, leaning against his shoulder and resting a hand on her swollen abdomen. "Hey, guys..."

"Hi Lily!" They chorus, as per usual. James wraps his arm around her shoulders, squeezing gently.

She smiles at the four, then rests them on Sirius. "Allie not here?"

"No," he sighs. "She's got the flu."

Lily sighs and closes her eyes, before they fly open and she looks at James. "James!" her tone is urgent.

He breaks of his conversation mid-sentence to stare at her, eyes wide. "What?" His tone is panicky.

"I...the baby.." she says weakly, looking down and clutching at her tummy.

"Baby?" He squeaks, brain not functioning. Sirius throws a grin Lily's way and goes to knock his best mate on the head. Remus moves to sit beside Lily, patting her hand. "Where's your hospital bag?" He asks her gently, as Sirius snaps James out of the stupor he'd fallen into. "Beside the door," he answers raspily for his wife. "We'll have to Floo... Right?"

She nods weakly and mutters "You'd better be a girl..."

Gently helping his wife up, he leads her towards the fireplace, disappearing in a swirl of green flame. Remus grabs Lily's bag and he and Sirius follow, Peter going to let their other friends know. Arriving at St Mungo's, James helps Lily waddle up to the Maternity floor, hoping that Remus and Sirius will have enough sense to figure that out.

Lily holds onto him tight, whispering "I love you"'s.

"I love you too," he murmurs back as the Healer gets her settled and warns them that it could be a while. Sirius and Remus come skidding in right then, Sirius panicking "is he here yet? Did I miss it!". Remus is considerably calmer, walking over to kiss his best girl friend on the forehead.

Lily is smiling weakly before she flinches and lets out a pained breath. "Is Allie coming?" she asks after a few seconds. Just then, her best friend rushes in, beaming. "Lily! Lily! Oh man, Lils! I'm godmother, right?" she starts excitedly. Lily nods tiredly, a smile on her face. "'Course."

James grimaces as she squeezes his hand, muttering something about "pain". Remus stares at him and shakes his head.

She glares at him. "You have absolutely no bloody idea what pain is..." she trails off and gasps.

"Lily!" His tone is worried and his eyes show their fear. "What is it? What's wrong?"

She glares. "What do you bloody think?" she is obviously in a lot of pain.

"Um... Painful?" He offers hesitantly, telling himself that she wasn't mad at him, that she was just in pain. He pats her hand soothingly, feeling helpless.

She relaxes and squeezes his hand softly. "I'm sorry..."

James raises her hand to his lips, kissing her fingertips. "Don't be sorry love, I know it hurts, I'm sorry."

Lily is relaxed for the moment, and tries to distract herself with Allies mindless chatter.

James is grateful for their friend's mindless babble and catches Remus' eye. Someone had said they'd be back to check on them shortly and that had been half an hour or so ago. He mutters this to his friend who goes to find a Healer.

Lily has another contraction and whimpers in pain, before returning to the conversation, flipping off any remarks asking her if she was okay.

Worry in his eyes, James swivels his head, searching for Remus. In that instant he come rushing back a Healer at his side. The Healer mutters something about an emergency before she bends down to talk to Lily. "How are you feeling dear?"

Lily winces before saying "It hurts... But only once every... 10 minutes now?"

Smiling gently, the Healer pats her knee. "I'm just going to take a peek, check progress okay?" James splutters a bit at that and Remus and Sirius look uncomfortable and leave.

She nods and takes James' hand again. "I need you..."

"I'm not going anywhere love," he promise, kissing her palm. The Healer checks on progress and stands up announcing. "It shouldn't be too much longer Mrs. Potter, I'll tell your friends outside that try can come back in." She leaves and Sirius and Remus shuffle back inside, sheepish expressions on their faces. "Pretty much the entire Order's outside," Sirius informs them.

Lily blushes. Her breath catches and she squeezes James' hand, before slumping back tiredly. "They're getting closer..."

"Not long now," James murmurs reassuringly, rubbing her arm. "You're doing so great, I'm so proud of you." He feels ridiculously useless. His own wife was in pain and he could only sit there and hold her hand.

"Aah!" she gasps out, squeezing James hand like it was a toy.

Biting his lip hard James barely prevents himself from yelling out in pain as well as something breaks with a sickening "snap".

Lily breathes heavily as the Healer tries to soothe her. "I DON'T FUCKING CARE THAT IT'S OVER SOON! GET IT OUT!" she continues to squeeze James' hand, not realizing his own pain.

White as a sheet, he carefully untangles his broken hand from hers and gives her his unbroken one. "Breathe Lils," he whispers through stiff lips as the Healer, crouching by her feet crows "I see the head! Another big push Mrs. Potter!"

She screams and does so. Finally, her body slumps against the bed tiredly. Her eyes are closed and her breathing is shallow.

"LILY!" James yells, scared beyond belief. "What's wrong with her?" He screams at the Healer.

"James..." she mutters. "I'm fine..."

He almost falls over, his relief is so great. "Thank Merlin," he whispers, rushing back to her side. "Mr. Potter, the baby isn't fully out yet, you'll have to help her," The Healer's voice is steady but anyone who looked in her eyes would have seen the fear, the fear that they might lose the child and the mother if left much longer. "Your wife isn't strong enough to do this on her own." Nodding, his face drawn and pale, James says softly "What do I have to do?"

Lily is worried. "The... The baby... It has... Has to make it..." she tries.

With an air of determination the Healer straightens. "We're not losing either of you if I have anything to say about it Mrs. Potter!" James had been directed to sit behind his wife, supporting her back against his chest. "Okay Mr. Potter? Mrs. Potter... I want you to push as hard as you can with the next contraction okay?"

She nods, determination in her tired eyes.

"Breathe deeply dears... Oh... Mr. Potter, let me see that hand." Extending his broken hand with trepidation, he sighs in relief when the Healer taps it with her wand and the pain fades away. "Everyone ready now? Good." James presses a kiss to his wife's sweaty head. "I love you Lily Potter," he murmurs. "Don't you dare die on me."

"I love you James... So much... If I... D-Die, take care of our baby!" she mutters desperately, before wincing and screaming with determination and pain mixed together.

James doesn't promise because Lily would make it and they would raise their baby together. He moves with her, trying to feed her strength, whispering encouraging words into her ear. The Healer is holding a squirming, red... Thing.

Lily collapses into his arms, sweaty all over and hardly breathing. "J-James...?" she whispers hoarsely.

"Why isn't it crying!" James demands, fear for his wife and child making his voice hoarse. As if in answer to his question The thin wail of an infant filled the air. James strains his neck, trying to catch a glimpse of their child. The Healer is beaming. "Congratulations Mr and Mrs Potter, you have a healthy baby... girl" James is gob smacked and turns to his wife. "Lily... A girl, we've got a girl!"

A smile sneaks onto her face, and her eyes open. "A girl... I told you, James..." she looks up hopefully at the healer. "Can I... Can we...?"

James is beaming from ear to ear. "Hold her? Of course." The Healer says softly and, everything having been taken care of, the Healer expertly wraps the baby... their daughter in a soft blanket and hands her over to her exhausted mother. "Hold still dear, I need to cast a diagnostic charm." She casts the charm and, beaming, pronounces both mother and child perfectly fine, letting Lily know that she'd probably fall to sleep fairly soon. James is staring down at the small bundle nestled in his wife's arms with something akin to awe.

Lily smiles at the baby in her arms. "I love you, little baby... Little... You need a name, sweetie..." she looks up at her husband, with a tired smile on her face she kisses him. "What should we call her?"

James is still in shock as he cradles Lily to him, stroking a gentle finger down his daughter's cheek. "I don't know..."

"I like Rose." she hugs the baby close to her. "Rose Grace."

"Rose..." He murmurs, gazing down at the baby. As if sensing his gaze she opens her eyes and James find himself staring into... His eyes. "Rose," he agrees hoarsely. "Our little flower."

Lily smiles wider. "She has your eyes..." she snuggles her baby girl closer to her, kissing her forehead. "My baby. My Rose."

As if in agreement, the baby smacks her lips, turning her face away. "Can... Can I hold her?" James asks her softly.

Lily nods and gently gives the baby to her father, kissing her on the forehead.

He stares down at the baby, awed and his heart so full of love he thinks it will burst.

Lily smiles tiredly at him. "Let the Order come in before I fall asleep?" her eyes flutter a little.

"Of course," James slides off the bed, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead, careful to not jostle the sleeping baby in his arms. "I'll be back in a tick." Opening the door to the hallway, he beams around at their friends and old teachers. "Lily wants to see you all before she falls asleep." Sirius is the first to bound in, gazing at the bundle in his best mate's arms. "Is this my godson?" He demands. "Not quite," James amends. Before Sirius can become offended James says formally, "Sirius Orion Black... I'd like to introduce you to your goddaughter, Rose Grace Potter." The rest of the Order crowd around them, offering congratulations. James catches Frank's eye and grimaces apologetically, he knew that Frank and Alice had a boy the day before. "I'm sorry," he mouths and Frank shrugs coming up and placing a hand on James' shoulder. "I'm happy for you mate," he says quietly.

Lily was smiling softly, letting her friends hug her, too tired to get up and hug them herself. Eventually she falls asleep, knowing that Allie had her goddaughter and that her Rose was safe.

James looks up from the serious conversation he'd been having with Dumbledore and smiles softly. "C'mon you lot... Out." He orders quietly but firmly. "Lily needs to sleep." Plucking his daughter from Allie's arms he shoos them all out. Placing Rose in a hanging crib he enlarges the bed with magic and slides in beside his wife.

Still asleep, Lily mumbles "James... Rose..." and smiles before subconsciously snuggling closer to her husband.

"We're here love and we're not going anywhere. I promise." He holds his wife closer, eyes sliding shut as he drifts off to sleep himself.

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