Advent's Calendar 2011
by Healer Pomfrey

All recognizable characters belong to J. K. Rowling, and I am not earning anything by writing this story.
I am not a native speaker of English. Please excuse my mistakes.

1 December

Harry Potter let out a long sigh as he began to busy himself in the Potions classroom gathering the ingredients to once again brew the potion for the mermaid's flu. 'Such a waste of time,' he thought angrily. 'I already managed to brew it this morning, and it's not my fault that I caught a cold because Oliver made us practise in the snow for hours last night.' When he had accidentally sneezed into the cauldron, the professor had assigned him the detention.

"Get on with it Potter," Snape growled. "I don't have all night. When you're done, the cauldrons over there need to be cleaned... without magic," he added, holding out his hand, demanding "Hand over your wand."

Harry grudgingly laid his wand into the professor's hand, before he let his eyes wander to the pile of cauldrons waiting for him in the sink. 'Cool, just when I wanted to go to bed early,' he thought. 'Oh well, let's get over with it.'

During the next few hours, Harry worked diligently, knowing that the professor wouldn't let him out of his detention before even the last cauldron would be clean. 'At least he works in his office instead of continuously breathing into my neck,' he thought in relief.

Shortly after the beginning of curfew, Harry heard someone enter the professor's office, excitedly telling the Potions Master about a huge fight with a group of Ravenclaws in the entrance hall. Snape strode into the classroom, sniffling at Harry's potion, before he banished the light orange liquid with a flick of his wand.

"Get on with it, Potter," he sneered. "I'll be back in a while."

However, half an hour later, the professor had yet to return, when all of a sudden, there was a knock at the classroom door and Hermione entered the room.

"Harry, are you not done here?" she queried in a slightly reproachful tone, glancing around the classroom. "It's already beyond curfew. Is Professor Snape not here?" Seeing Harry shake his head, she stepped next to the boy, pulled her wand and pointed it at the still unclean cauldrons. An instant later, everything was clean and properly piled up on the desk next to the sink.

"Hermione, you're awesome. How do you know all these spells? Well, anyway, thanks a lot," Harry said gratefully.

"You're welcome, Harry," Hermione replied, inefficiently trying to hide that she blushed at the unexpected compliment. "I was worried, when you weren't back at curfew, especially knowing that you weren't feeling well earlier."

"Yeah, let's go back to the common room. I still need..." He interrupted himself, letting out a groan. "Oh no, Hermione, I need my wand back. I have to wait for Snape."

The two third-years let themselves sink into chairs, readying themselves for a longer wait. After a few minutes of quiet, Hermione slowly spoke up. "Harry, why don't you call Dobby and ask him to fetch your wand for you?"

Harry looked at his friend in awe, before he followed her advice. An instant later, he accepted his wand from Dobby.

Harry profusely thanked the small elf, sighing in relief as he followed Hermione through the classroom, ready to leave the dungeons. However, all of a sudden, they heard strange noises coming from one side of the room. 'What the...' Harry thought, quickly turning around. However, he could not see anything unusual.

"It comes from the ingredients cupboard," Hermione whispered, exchanging an uneasy look with Harry as more sounds could be heard from inside the cupboard.

To their surprise, they suddenly could hear someone talk. "Just because you always have to bicker instead of concentrating on what you're doing for once," a female voice said, sounding reproachfully.

"I didn't do anything. She pushed me," another voice complained.

"It's not my fault that you all had to follow me into the cupboard. Why did you even close the door?"

"No one did. Still it's always when I'm together with the two of you that strange things happen," the first voice continued to rant.

Hermione and Harry grinned at each other, following the conversation from inside the cupboard with amusement.

"Oh well, but you have to admit that you'd get around many interesting adventures if we didn't provide some fun," another voice replied, chuckling. "Why don't we just get out of here?"

Harry stepped nearer towards Hermione, when the door to the ingredients cupboard opened and three girls stepped out. They did not even take notice of the two third-years but continued their discussion.

"What happened? The Potions classroom looks different from before."

"Maybe it took us back in time," one of the other girls said, thoughtfully.

'How is that possible? That's ...' Harry thought as realisation set in, staring at the three visitors in confusion.

"I'd rather think that it took you sixty years into the future," Hermione threw in, smiling. "If I'm not completely mistaken, you're Minerva, Poppy and Rolanda."


Although I began to write this story months ago, due to health problems, I haven't been able to write more than the first five chapters yet; however, I will try to keep this up and post daily - for that my muse really needs your feedback. If you have any wishes about this story, please tell me. As long as it doesn't interfere with the main plot, I will consider your wishes. Thank you all...