Advent's Calendar 2011
by Healer Pomfrey

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25 December

The House party in Slytherin was a lot of fun, and if Harry had been anxious if he would get along without remembering anything of his life in his new House, he was surprised that he did not have any problems whatsoever. 'Everyone is so much nicer than in my old time line,' he thought, resolving to speak with his father about the effects of Voldemort's absence in the new time line later on.

Fortunately and unfortunately, his being together with his friends and House mates for a few hours triggered many memories, and during the next few days, Harry spent many hours being trapped in memories. Whenever he woke up, he was suffering from headaches and was afraid to close his eyes in order to get some relief from the pain, fearing that he would have to watch even more memories.

However, to his great relief, his parents were always nearby, and when he woke up from his dreams, either Lily or Severus were with him, ready to answer his questions and reassure him where necessary.

One morning, Harry woke up, feeling very much refreshed like after a good night's sleep. 'Finally a night without new memories,' he thought, happily. 'My new life is so good. I still have good friends like Hermione and Neville, my new House mates are all very nice, and my family is absolutely awesome. Today, I will go and thank Poppy, Minerva, Rolanda and also Hagrid for luring Voldemort into the forest and have Aragon kill him. They saved so many people's lives, and for many people including myself, life is a lot better now.'

That decision in mind, he opened his eyes, only now realising that his mother was sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Good morning, Mum. I'm sorry, but I have an errand to run. I'll be back in an hour," he said, tentatively, hesitantly waiting for Lily's reaction.

"Good morning, son, and Happy Christmas to you," Lily replied, looking at him with a combination of amusement and surprise.

"Happy Christmas, Mum," Harry replied, instinctively pulling his mother into a light hug. When Lily finally let go, he asked, "Mum, could you please just transfigure my pyjamas into normal clothes? I'd like to go and speak with four of the professors and thank them for changing the future. If I hurry, I'll be back in time for breakfast."

Lily smiled at her son in understanding and quickly waved her wand over him, changing his attire to blue trousers with a white shirt and dark blue robes with a fine gold lining. "We'll have breakfast in the Great Hall this morning," she informed him. "Please be on time. Niamh and Aidan have been up since five asking for their presents."

Harry chuckled. "And they have to wait until after breakfast? Poor little ones." With that he left his room after Lily and headed out into the dungeon corridor.

While he walked through the empty corridors, he pulled a tissue out of his robe pocket and transfigured it into a beautiful poinsettia pot. 'Where should I go first, Rolanda or Poppy?' he wondered. 'Rolanda was the one who spent the most time with me in the past, but going back to their own time to help me must have been Poppy's idea.' Finally, he made his decision and entered the completely empty hospital wing, chuckling when he saw the three witches having tea together in the Mediwitch's office. He quickly transfigured two more tissues into poinsettias and placed one in front of each of the three witches.

"I'm sorry to disturb you on Christmas morning," he said, hesitantly. "I just came to thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family. Can you please tell me a bit more about it?"

"Thank you so much for the flowers," Rolanda Hooch was the first to reply. "They're beautiful."

Pomfrey motioned Harry to take a seat and slowly began to speak. "At first, I felt like a murderer," she admitted. "Together with Hagrid and your father, we made a detailed plan before going back to the past. Back in our time, we asked the teachers about the Chamber of Secrets in front of the whole school. I also talked with Tom about the Chamber, when we met in the library, and he told me that he would have to be the one to find it, as he was the heir of Slytherin." Seeing that Harry was listening intensely, she continued, "One day then, Hagrid told him that he had found the entrance, and that it was in the forest. Of course Tom couldn't resist and asked Hagrid to take him there. Hagrid agreed and took him straight to where Aragon lives with his whole family. Tom never returned to the school." She let out a long sigh. "You can't believe how horrible I felt about the whole matter. However, when the years passed and I got to know your parents, I knew that it had been the right thing to do."

"Exactly," McGonagall agreed. "It was the right thing to do, and I'm very happy for you and your family, Harry. I'm also very proud of you. You seem to have adapted to the new time line very well."

Harry could not help blushing at the unexpected praise. "Anyway, thank you very much for giving me a real family," he said, unobtrusively wiping a tear from his cheek. "Now I also need to go and thank Hagrid," he added, raising from his chair in determination.

However, McGonagall kept him back. "No sweetie, Hagrid is already in the Great Hall. He is playing Santa for the smaller children, which means your and Mr. Longbottom's siblings. I suggest that we all go to the Great Hall now and watch the spectacle. Breakfast is going to commence in a few minutes anyway."

Harry observed in amusement how Niamh received a present from Santa Claus. Hugging the pink toy unicorn gift close to her chest, she climbed onto Harry's lap, happily leaning into his robes as she began to play with her new toy, while Aidan stood in front of Santa.

'They're so cute,' Harry mused, inwardly chuckling as he observed his parents unobtrusively kiss each other. 'And as much as I would have liked to get to know James Potter, I'm glad that Mum chose Dad to marry him this time. He is a wonderful father. How funny that I don't even look much different from before though, apart from my silky hair.'

He was brought back to reality, when Professor McGonagall told the children to sit down at the table and said, "Merry Christmas everyone."

"Merry Christmas," Harry replied, simultaneously with everyone else, thinking, 'I'm definitely the happiest boy in the world having such a wonderful family. I don't need anything else for Christmas.'


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