Bird Seed 7

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This is my last fic, and I'm so glad I made it all the way to the end of the run up to Christmas. I wish you all a merry Christmas, or just a merry Sunday, and I'll be writing again soooooooon

Reincarnation is not what many people think of, when they think of Christmas. But, it has its place in a celebration of birth, survival and in the death of an old year.

Years after Dean had buried Cas in a shoebox out at the cabin, after Dean's children had laid their father in the earth, alongside their uncle. After their mother, and aunt Jessica have also passed away, and the Christmas cabin has been passed from owner to owner, and finally been torn down.

Two children are born.

One, a new soul, one that has yet to learn what he must. His soul returns from death, almost unchanged, perhaps a litter wiser, a little aged. But, in all essence connected to who it once inhabited.

The other, awarded a great gift, this soul is old, so very very old that it had been tattered down to a shred, it's last life was spent within a bird. But, now the soul is re-spun, cared for in its past life, and allowed to flourish, and to grow. This time around, it gains human form.

The two of them, men, strong and able – meet one day. A banal, rainy day that sees them scurrying for cover in a dingy book store. Dean-who-is-not –Dean, buys Castiel-who-is-no-longer-Castiel a cup off bad coffee, and their souls glow together in warmth.

They become lovers as the rain ends, having stumbled back to an apartment that did not exist when their souls first met.

From that day on they are inseparable.

From the moment these souls met, they were inseparable.

Even death could not interfere with them.

They first met as lightning to a dead tree, then otters clasping paws in a wide river, ivy on an oak, standing stones – set closer to each other than the rest of the circle. They were formed like gold in a supernova.

They met as man and woman, a man and his faithful dog (when Dean slips backwards, gaining animal form in his quest for selfless love) They were man and bird, then men together, fighting a war that claimed both their lives. They live again as children together one hot summer, and they remember each other always.

Their souls live as women, men, and as animals, plants and sacred places. Parting only with the flow of time and the universe's will.

This time, on a bed in an upscale apartment, one soul turns to the other, and says –

"I don't ever want this to end."

The other replies,

"It doesn't have to."