A/N: It's back! After a lot of begging from the readers, I finally decided to put this story back up. For those who haven't read this story, it is basically a spoof of movie called "The Blue Lagoon". Just think of this story as a Chipmunks Go to the Movies episode without the introduction. As you know, I don't own the Chipmunks, Chipettes, or any relating characters. Nor do I own the movie, The Blue Lagoon, but I do know this fanfic story so I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: A tragic beginning.

During the Victorian Period, a lone ship sailed across the deep blue ocean, and on this ship begins the story.

"Alvin, get down from there!" shouted Dave Seville to his adopted son, who was lying across bowsprit, showing off to his best friend Brittany Miller.

Unimpressed by Alvin's behaviour, Dave yelled at him until he did what he was told.

"Alvin, stop showing off, you're only becoming a bad influence for Brittany." Dave snapped.

Brittany only scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Oh please, like I would be impressed by Alvin!" Brittany said in a taunting voice.

Alvin stuck his tongue out at Brittany, and she did it back, and the two of them started to fight, but Dave got in the middle of it.

"Now stop that you two! You're 10 years old, so start acting like it." Dave scolded both of them.

Alvin and Brittany stopped fighting, but they continued to glare at each other with angry stares.

"Say you're sorry, Alvin." Dave ordered.

"Why do I have to say sorry, she started it?" Alvin growled.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

Dave groaned in exasperation. Miss Miller noticed her adopted daughter arguing with Alvin, and decided to help Dave out with the two bickering children.

"What's going on here David?" she asked.

"Oh, just Alvin and Brittany arguing, again. I am just trying to get them to apologise to each other, but they are not cooperating." Dave answered with a sigh.

"Well, maybe I can help you out. After all, Brittany is my daughter." Miss Miller said helpfully.

Both of them faced there two squabbling children, and finally managed to speak up.

"Alvin, Brittany, if you two don't stop arguing, you're going to be grounded!" Dave yelled in frustration.

That was all it took to stop Alvin and Brittany from arguing, and Dave felt proud of himself for being firm with his stubborn son and his friend (as well as rival).

"Say you're sorry, Alvin." Dave ordered, giving Alvin a 'do-it-or-you-are-grounded' look.

Alvin scowled and looked at Brittany grumpily.

"Sorry" he muttered.

"Brittany, you apologise too, young lady." Miss Miller ordered, also giving Brittany the look.

Brittany sighed grouchily.

"Sorry" she also muttered.

Both Dave and Miss Miller gave a satisfied smile.

"Good. You're free to go now." Dave said proudly.

Brittany gave a loud 'humph!' and walked away, and Alvin did the same, muttering something under his breath.

Dave and Miss Miller both gave an exasperated sigh, and walked away. They spotted Theodore on the deck, sharing and nibbling on cookies with his best friend Eleanor. Both parents smiled at cute moment between their youngest children.

'If only Alvin and Brittany were this nice to each other/they both thought.

They looked around and discovered that two of their adopted children were nowhere in sight.

"Theodore, do you know where Simon is?" Dave asked.

"No, I haven't seen him for ages. Last time I saw him was when he told me he was going to do some studying." Theodore replied honestly.

"Okay, well I'II try to look for him. He can't be too far away." Dave said half to himself.

"Eleanor dear, have you seen Jeanette anywhere?" Miss Miller asked.

"No, sorry Miss Miller, maybe she's studying with Simon." Eleanor guessed.

"Hmm, where could she be?" thought Miss Miller.

"Alright Simon, here's another question. What nerve in your brain steadies a person's centre of balance and coordination?" asked Professor Ashley to his young student.

Simon smiled; he knew what the answer was.

"That's easy! It's the cerebellum." Simon guessed confidently.

"Very good, Simon!" the Professor praised his best student.

Professor Ashley Victrom was an English scientist and a teacher for the Chipmunks and Chipettes. He had known them from a very young age, and was determined to teach them all he knew. He taught them how to read and write, to speak three languages (French, German and Latin), cultural studies and so on.

Both Simon and Jeanette adored Professor Ashley, but to Simon, he was practically like a second father to him. He constantly begged to hear more of Professor Ashley's teachings; he never got bored with it, and Professor Ashley never got bored with teaching him. In his eyes, Simon was like the son he never had.

"You've certainly been studying a lot Simon; don't you ever get bored with it?" Professor Ashley asked curiously.

"No I love it! I am especially pleased that I have wonderful, intellectual genius like you teaching me." Simon replied with a smile.

"And I am pleased to have such a splendid student like you to teach." Professor Ashley returned the smile.

"Of course, you are a wonderful student yourself, Jeanette dear." Professor Ashley said to Jeanette, hoping she wouldn't feel left out.

"Thank you, Professor." Jeanette blushed.

Just then, Dave and Miss Miller came rushing down the stairs that led into the cellar, and let out a sigh of relief when they saw both of them were safe.

"Well there you are, I thought I would find you here." Dave said with a smile.

"Oh, hi Dave, the Professor was giving us a test on the human brain." Simon said with excitement.

"Well that sounds interesting, Simon." Dave said.

Miss Miller turned to her adopted daughter.

"Jeanette dear, could you come up to my room; I have a lovely dress that I want to try on you."

Jeanette rolled her eyes, she didn't want to try on a dress, but then again, she had to obey her stepmother.

"Alright, Miss Miller, I'm coming. Don't finish the study without me Professor!" Jeanette called out as she and Miss Miller left the room.

"Simon, don't be down here too long okay." Dave said sternly.

"Can I at least stay an hour longer Dave? I'm really enjoying this study, and besides, we have to wait until Jeanette gets back before we end it completely." Simon begged.

"That's fine Simon, but only an hour, and no longer than that. Bye Simon! Bye Professor! I hope Simon doesn't push you too much." Dave laughed as he headed out of the room.

"Don't worry Professor, I won't push you around." Simon smiled.

"I know you won't, but still, why do you want to waste your time with a silly old fool like me?" Professor Ashley asked.

"You're not silly or a fool! Old: maybe, but a fool: never!" Simon stated honestly.

Professor Ashley laughed; he couldn't lie about his age.

A few minutes later, Simon felt his head bubbling with another question to ask his teacher.

"Professor, you know that study we did on puberty last week?"


"Well, not that I didn't understand what you were saying? It's just that, I was a little confused about what males go through when they get older," Simon said.

"I mean, will I actually go through that? I'm not exactly...human, you know." Simon pointed out.

"True, but I do think you'll go through it. You are not an ordinary chipmunk. You're an anthropomorphic chipmunk; you have human-like qualities. So you will go through puberty like any human boy would." Professor Ashley said wisely.

"What will change when I go through it?" Simon asked.

"You'll grow taller, your shoulders will become broader and your voice will start to crack and become deeper; though it will still sound like a chipmunk."

"Will anything else happen, Professor?"

Professor Ashley wasn't sure if he should tell Simon anymore, but finally decided he should.

"Well, there is something else that will happen."


Just before the Professor could speak, a scream rang out from outside.

"What on earth is that?" Professor Ashley exclaimed.

Both he and Simon headed out of the room, to find the crew running around screaming. They both gasped. Smoke and flames were burning from the ship's kitchen. The ship was on fire! Dave was running around, searching desperately for Simon.

"Simon, where are you! There you are we have to get you out of here." Dave yelled fearfully.

"What happened, Dave?"

"Don't ask questions! Just head over to the life boats! Your brothers and the girls are waiting with Miss Miller." Dave ordered.

"I'm going to help the rest of the crew. Professor, please make sure Simon gets to the life boat safely."

"I will protect him with my life, Mr Seville!"

"It's Dave."

Dave ran off to help the crew, while Simon and the Professor dodged the flames that ran across the deck. They finally reached the life boat unharmed.

"Simon, thank goodness you're alright!" Jeanette exclaimed, throwing her arms around him.

"I'm fine Jeanette." Simon said, returning his friend's hug.

Once they both got out of their embrace, both Professor Ashley and Miss Miller helped to load the children into the boat. Theodore (who was not in boat at the time) spotted Dave trying to pull a man to his feet, when suddenly, a load of rubble collapsed from above and landed on Dave, who let out a scream of pain.

"DAVE!" Theodore screamed, and ran to save his father.

"Theodore, come back!" both of his older brothers yelled.

Theodore ran right up to Dave and desperately tried to dig him out of the wreckage.

"Theodore?" Dave murmured.

"Dave, are you alright? Please say you're alright!" Theodore asked tearfully.

"I don't know, Theodore. I can't move."

"Dave, I know you told me to stay with the others, but I don't want to see you die." Theodore whimpered.

"Even if I do die Theodore, I want you to know I love you and your brothers. I'll always be with you, and one day we will see each other again in heaven. But please Teddy, don't risk your life for mine. Keep living your life. Don't ever let go." Dave gave his son a smile and held him in a tight hug while he cried into his shoulder. Suddenly, Theodore felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Miss Miller.

"Theodore, what are you doing here? Get back to boat where you'll be safe!" Miss Miller yelled.

"NO! I AM NOT LEAVING DAVE!" Theodore yelled.

He had never yelled at an adult like that before, and right now he didn't care if he did.

"I'll look after David, Theodore. The last thing he wants is for you to die with him. So go, now!" she yelled.

Theodore nodded and ran. He jumped back when burning wood fell in front of him. He continued to run and finally made it back to the life boat.

"What the hell do you think you were doing Theodore!" yelled Brittany angrily.

"You could have gotten yourself killed. Now Miss Miller is out there in the flames, and it's your entire fault!"

"Don't yell at my brother!" Alvin yelled in Theodore's defence as he cried into his shirt.

"Yeah, leave Theodore alone, Brittany! He was just trying to help his father." Eleanor snapped.

All six children and the Professor watched helplessly as Miss Miller struggled to help Dave to his feet. They called out for her to hurry, not realising that the rope that held the boat in place was burning. It snapped off completely.

They all screamed out in fear of the boat breaking, but surprisingly it landed beautifully on the water with a huge splash. Professor Ashley grabbed the oars and rowed away from the ship to avoid falling rubble.

"Why are we rowing away? We can't just abandon Dave and Miss Miller!" Alvin yelled.

"There is more than one life boat, Alvin! Maybe they'll escape on one of them." Simon reminded him.

They saw several life boats rowing away in the distance, but they couldn't see Dave or Miss Miller in any of them. The burning ship broke in two, before it sunk beneath the waves.

Unable to watch, the Chipmunks and Chipettes turned away. Soon the other boats had disappeared and theirs was left there all alone. Proof of Dave and Miss Miller being alive had not been shown.

Theodore burst into tears again, and Eleanor also began to sob. She and Theodore comforted each other. Jeanette and Brittany wept hard and held each other close, heartbroken over the loss of their beloved mother. Alvin and Simon tried to stay strong, but it wasn't long before Alvin was balling his eyes out, and Simon had tears running down his cheeks.

Professor Ashley hung his head. Tears ran down his eyes as he prayed for the departed.

'Lord, lead Dave and Miss Miller into your light and protect them. I hope to join them someday, but for now, bless my heart and mind so I can protect these children. Lord Jesus, you are the most powerful of beings. Give life for these children, for their parents lives are now over. Amen.'

The Professor raised his head and looked over the weeping children.

"Come now, children! We have nobody but each other now, so try to stay brave and trust me."

Both the Chipmunks and Chipettes nodded, but they were unable to speak.

The Professor continued to row, hoping that land was nearby.