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Snowy fields… all white... a blizzard where the world was white and clean. She didn't know where she was or what was going on, but all she knew was that she was there. Unknowing, innocent, pure and clean.

She somehow knew what this whiteness was… she also knew… that it wasn't supposed to be red. Snow was white, snow was not red.

Among the white, a grievous shadow loomed over her. While not exactly know why… it terrified her, totally and completely had her frozen in fear. Footsteps coming closer and crunching in the snow as this dangerous person approached.

"Are you… lost… little girl?" This man smirked. "Then… may I drink… your blood!" This… vampire grabbed her before she had a chance to react and before she could speak she heard a sickening thwack sound.

"You dirty bloodsucker!" The boy that apparently saved her said, letting the body of the other vampire drop with a soft thud into thick snow.

Blood-drinking monsters that disguise themselves as humans…This silver haired boy flicked the blood from his hands.

"Hey, girl, you ok?" He asked, as the body fell with a thud to the ground and exploded into dust at his feet. She looked at him, covered in the blood of the vampire that had tried to kill her.

Vampires… exist. It's just that most people don't realize it. My memories began with that snowy day.

Ten years later.
Cross Academy.

The area now was crowded with girls talking, giggling and be very loud. Until their most dreaded time arrived. The prefects showed up.

"Alright, you know its way past curfew. You all need to go back to your dorms." Yuuki Cross said in an authoritive tone.

"Hey!" A girl shouted. "Don't get so bossy just because you're the chairman's daughter!"

There was the familiar click and Yuuki already knew what it meant. Oh, darn! She thought. Too late again! The girls suddenly became well behaved and calm. Maybe even shy, but it was obviously just a ruse put on for the night class boys. She just wished they were like that all the time.

"Good evening ladies!" Aido said in a bubbly voice, white uniform all neat as he shot the girls a grin. Now… it wasn't obvious… Aido was the ladies' man of the night class.

He was off on one of his sprees. It made the prefects extra nervous, since he was a loose cannon and was always trying to sneak a bite. Before she knew it the girls knocked her over and as she found the pair of shoes, she slowly looked up to find the owner. Head of the Night Class. The one who saved her ten years ago.

"Geez. Maybe you should be more careful." Zero said, casually offering a hand. She took it as he pulled her to her feet. She could tell… even though he acted cold, he was genuinely worried about her.

Zero Kiryu, head of the Night Class. It was odd that somebody so hot-headed could run a class. All the girls inched away. They were all scared of him. Zero had lost his family when he was young and therefore was enrolled in Cross academy by his teacher who'd taken him in afterwards. Maybe as a way to get rid of him she couldn't be sure.

He hated all vampires, including himself. Her father thought that he would be perfect as head of Night Class for some reason or another. She really wanted to disagree, but he made up his mind and there was no talking him out of it. And Zero had certainly tried.

"Yeah, sorry, Zero. It's my fault." She apologized. A soft breeze came in and Zero's eyes widened a bit, the scent coming across made him particularly… hungry.

"Yuuki." She heard her partner say carefully.

"K-Kaname." She started, surprised by the worried look on his face. Kuran Kaname. The one the Headmaster took in along with her, after he had nowhere to go when his parents killed themselves.

"Kuran, the other prefect. Pst. You don't scare me." Zero stated and walked off. "I've got class. So stay out of my way."

"As you should stay out of mine."

Yuuki sighed deeply. "Why do you two have to be so mean to each other?"

"I just can't help myself around him. He makes me angry with the way he looks at you as if you were a rare steak."

She sweat dropped, before sighing. "He does not." She commented as she watched a girl approach Zero and attempt to give him a gift, but he simply glared at her and she yelped and ran off.

"Yuuki…" Kaname started, looking at the book in his hand. "Do you like him?"

"What? I… I don't… even if I did. We're too different. 'Vampires'," She whispered the word. "and humans can't be together." She stated, staring after the Night Class, not noticing the look that crossed Kaname's face at her words.

Both froze and turned to find some Day Class girls still eyeing the Night Class. They glanced at one another, before Kaname spoke up.

"Ladies, if you would kindly return to your dorms?" He said it kindly with a smile. Truth was… Kaname was good at what he did and Zero was good at what he did.

Their roles fit, no matter how awkward it felt or looked or seemed. Yuuki just… couldn't complain. Even if the one thing in the world she wanted she couldn't have.


"But, Chairman Cross. I implore you to reconsider." Kaname stated calmly.

"I'll admit this is a difficult situation." The Headmaster said, sipping his tea.

"At least take Yuuki off duty. I am terrified harm will come to her. Especially with how unpredictable vampires are."

"Hey! Kaname, I can take care of myself!" Yuuki complained in the background as he talked as if she weren't even there.

"You two are the only ones I can trust." Kaien said, staring at them over his cup. "It's a thankless job, with long hours, sleepless nights and no respect. Nobody else wants it." He waved a hand. "And… I know my adorably daughter and loving son won't let me down!"

As long as Yuuki had known him… Kaname had always had a good temperament, but she swore she caught the glint of fangs at the Headmaster's words. He didn't say a word.

"I'm just happy to help." Yuuki stated. And before they could say another word… Kaien was going on another rant about… well… who knows and who really cares?

Both prefects quietly snuck out of the room, leaving Kaien babbling to himself. Once out in the hallway they glanced at one another and smiled at the humor of it all, before heading off to patrol.


Yuuki sighed deeply as she felt herself drifting to sleep on her desk, when Yori nudged her awake discreetly. She sat up quickly and smiled sheepishly. She then proceeded to pretend that she hadn't been asleep just then. Yori poked her cautiously at first and Yuuki gave her friend a curious look.

"I saw that Cross." The teacher warned. "No sleeping in class! And Kuran the same goes for you."

Yuuki cautiously glanced at Kaname and he had a questioning 'what?' look to his face, before she looked away. She wondered what was up with Yori.

"What's the matter?" Yuuki asked in a whisper.

"Is something the matter, Yuuki?" Yori asked. "I thought Kaname was supposed to watch over things last night so that you could rest?"

"Oh, well… I just couldn't let him patrol all by himself."

"He offered…"

"I just couldn't."

"Why not?"

"It's kind of my duty. I feel obligated to do it." The class bell rang and everybody started to get up.

"Cross and Kuran. Detention! Stay after class." The teacher scolded sharply. Yuuki groaned and pressed a hand over her eyes.

"Yori, will you stay? I don't want to get stuck in detention by myself."

"You have Kaname there with you." Yori said, grabbing her books.

"Yeah, but he just sits there and doesn't say anything while watching me intently. Then he acts like he has something to say to me, but he won't just come out and say it." She complained.

"Yuuki… you know I can hear you?" Kaname said dully, flipping a book open and staring at its contents.

"And there he goes…"

"By the way, Yuuki. It's getting dark."


Zero pressed his lips together in a thing line. Irritation filling him as he was forced to listen to that vampire teacher ramble on about 'pride of the vampires, night class, blah' he could care less.
It was all so boring. He sighed deeply.

"Dorm Leader, is something wrong?" Kain asked.

"No. Shut up and pay attention. Besides… you vampires aren't the pride of anything, Headmaster Cross is the one that gave you this opportunity." Zero replied curtly and the teacher frowned deeply at the half-bred standing before him, but chose to say nothing.

Zero didn't notice that down below Yuuki was off on patrol and stopped to glance up towards the window of the night class room. He was so distant and far away from her.

"Yuuki… is Kiryu truly that interesting to look at?" She heard Kaname's voice and jumped.

"I-it isn't like I was just looking at Zero! It seems that the night class is being well behaved and there are no day class girls sneaking around or anything!" She replied over enthusiastically and looking everywhere but the window. "Yup, looks like tonight is going to be quiet!"

Kaname sighed deeply. "While I believe in the headmaster's ideals of pacifism… I am afraid that I just don't trust Kiryu…"

Yuuki turned to face him and found her partner with that age faded green book in hand. She had once seen a picture in it. It was a picture of him and his family.



"Do you miss your family?"

"Well… I miss my father often. Yes." He replied, glancing slowly to his left, only to find a stray squirrel had made the noise. His attention was drawn back to Yuuki at her next question.

"Not your mother?"

"Mother hated me, Yuuki."

"How could your mother hate you?" She asked with shock evident in her eyes.

"It's hard to explain. I'm sorry."

"That's okay if you don't want to talk about it."

"Thank you for your consideration." He stated, closing the book with one hand. "We should get back to patrol. I would not want any pesky Day Class girls getting into trouble."

"R-right." She stuttered. She headed off to continue her patrol, watching him leave. The night was warm and the air crisp. All in all it was peaceful. She just hoped it stayed that way. She thought of him for a while. It ISlike he has something to say to me but he won't say it. Why?

She remembered the day when she was brought in… the headmaster insisted Kaname stay, because the only thing that awaited him outside were a bunch of monsters that wanted to use him. It took a lot, but after a while Kaname stayed, having nowhere else to go. They were alike in that way, they had nobody but themselves.

She took it back immediately when she spotted the Day Class girls. She pressed her lips together in a thin line and stared, then marched over.

"Alright. You know the rules!" She scolded.

"Hey! We just wanted to take a few photos of the Night Class." One girl said, trying to help her friend up.

"Oh, no." A horrified look crossed Yuuki's face when she noticed the blood. She was about to scold the two girls even more and tell them to go back when she noticed the two vampires behind her.

She swung the weapon, but Kain caught it with a smirk. "How scary." He said. The girls in the background were excited and Yuuki couldn't help, but think how stupid they were.

"What are you two doing here?"

"Well… we came out here, because we smelled blood. You're so mean." Aido said, staring at the injured girl behind Yuuki. She quickly grabbed Artemis. "Ah…it smells so good."

"He thinks we smell good!" One of the girls just about fainted in excitement and Yuuki wanted to facepalm at their ignorance.

"I don't think so. Go back to class."

"Now, now… Yuuki, did you get hurt? The blood we smelled… is yours." Aido quickly caught her arm before she could move. He bared his fangs and leaned down to lick the blood up.

"Wha… a… a vampire?" One of the girls cried, and Yuuki had no idea what she could possibly do now. Had she failed at the one job she'd be assigned. The idiots finally fainted. Of course…

"You would be wise to obey her commands and let go of her." Everyone looked to find where the voice came from.

"Kuran Kaname." Kain said in surprise. It made him regret coming out here. He didn't want trouble with Kaname Kuran of all people.

"Why don't you two just go back to class like Yuuki asked? I would hate to have to force you." Kaname's voice was dark as he threateningly set his hand on the gun at his belt. The two nobles glanced at one another, when suddenly Siren came out of apparently nowhere to mind wipe the girls.

"That's right. Back to class." Another voice called and they watched as their dorm president stepped out and slapped Aido in the back of the head. "Get going. I don't have all night. Now I've gotta clean this mess up. Great."

"Kiryu." Kaname growled slightly.

"Kuran." Zero's voice held the same dark threat. "I think I know how to take care of my own problems thank you very much. I'll take the girls to the headmaster. You can go now. Siren take these two girls to the headmaster."

"Apparently you can't. Otherwise they wouldn't be out here right now."

"What was that?" Zero asked, stepping forward and having to be restrained by Kain and Aido. The two stared at him.

"You shouldn't talk to the dorm president that way." Aido said in annoyance and Kaname glared at him, making him shut up immediately.

"Kaname!" Yuuki scolded, grabbing his arm and dragging him away from the area. "You two need to stop! You are a prefect and should know better."

"I apologize." He said right away. He made to bring a hand to brush the stay hair away from her face, before he caught the scent of her blood. "You must take care of that." He grabbed her hand, but she quickly jerked it away and cradled it close to herself.

Kaname frowned deeply and stood there in silence for a while, before reached over to take her hand once more very carefully.

At the moment she realized what she just did must have hurt him. But she was only mad. So this time instead of pulling away she allowed him to take her hand. He reached up to remove his tie and wrapped her hand slowly and carefully. "I apologize… it's a bit crass, but it's all I have at the moment."

"I didn't mean-"

"That's quite alright." He brushed it off as nothing, but it was a detectable lie.

She stayed silent when she saw the change in his eyes, and he pulled his arm from her grasp and walked away. She didn't understand him, not one bit. Not Kaname and certainly not Zero. Both of them were so secretive. They hated one another, but the truth was… they were alike.


Sometime later after patrolling she decided on getting cleaned up. After a nice warm shower she was almost finished when the door opened, she stood still and looked in the mirror, she was surprised about who it was. She figured he'd be resting somewhere.

"Yuuki! I'm so sorry. I had no idea." He quickly stumbled on words and retreated, closing the door behind him. She stood still for a moment, before going to the door and opening it a crack.

"Kaname?" She asked.

"I apologize with the most sincerity. I thought you would be asleep by now."

"Kaname, I want to apologize… for last night. I didn't mean to hurt you. It was just that I didn't want you to make a big deal out of it. And… I… was a little mad…"

"I wouldn't have made a big deal about it. I simply wanted it taken care of so it didn't get infected." He stated matter-of-fact. She noticed he didn't say a word about her being angry. He knew the truth, but he didn't call her on it.

"You wouldn't make a big deal? What about that time I crashed during sledding and you freaked out?"

"You could have been seriously injured. Trees are deadly."

"It wasn't a tree, it was a pile of snow."


"Or the time I feel off the couch."

"Head injury."

"Onto the carpet?" She asked and he frowned slightly. "Face it. You overreact."

"I resent that remark." He said calmly. Since he was facing away, she opened the door slightly wider and poked him in the kidney. He sighed deeply. "Yuuki, why do you insist on doing those things to me?"

"It's fun." She replied, retreating and closing the door slowly.


"Ten days suspension?" in the Moon Dorm all was quiet. Except for the two troublemakers that were still up. "It was still worth it for a taste of Yuuki's blood." Aido said.

Kain's eyes grew wide when he saw the Dorm President standing right behind Aido. He tried to warn him, but it was useless since Aido seemed to be too distracted in his own thoughts.

"It was delicious." Aido said again, before a hand smacked him hard in the back of the head.

"Stupid vampire. Don't even think of touching Yuuki ever again." Zero said, walking off in annoyance, his temper was known by all. So they wisely stayed away. Zero glanced out the window and sighed, grabbing his throat. "Damn vampires…" He snarled lowly, craving what he shouldn't. "Yuuki."