Have you been naughty or nice this year?... That is for you to know and for Santa to decide ;) Besides, it is all point of view, isn't it? Last years Advent-calendar was so much fun to write and well received by you all that I decided to shorten the waiting-time again this year. I hope you all have as much fun reading, as I had fun writing.

Disclaimer (for the complete story): nothing belongs to me, never did and never will…sad but true. The Characters belong to their creators yada, yada… No money is been made….I just invited them for some fun an games ;) Don't sue, I'm broke anyway ^^

Various pairings (TIVA and Gabby), none pairing and 'family' stories. I will note which one it'll be above every shorty, leaves you the chance to decide to skip that day if you don't like the pairing...

Rated: all of the possible ratings K-M. Also mentioned above every shorty to leave you the chance to decide

All beta-ed by the lovely finlaure.