One last Gabby

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Christmas morning

Slowly awareness flooded her body as her mind became clearer in the course of waking up.

The first thing she noticed was the difference mattress wise. Comfy.

Abby never would admit it out loud but this bed she was currently resting on was way more comfortable than her own bed of choice. Home - A place where she obviously didn't spend the night.

Leaving her eyes closed she tried to focus on her surroundings. She heard a car in the distance, but that was it. Using all of her investigative skills she pulled the blanket she was currently wrapped in higher until the fabric was at the level of her nose.

Various images appeared on her mind as she inhaled the unique smell coming from the piece of fabric.

Ducky's Christmas dinner.

The eggnog, glass after glass.

The fact Gibbs left early.

The knowing glances when she left not much later.

The way Abs found him after she invited herself over.

How his voice sounded when he told her to leave without meeting her gaze.

The torn expression on his face when the Goth asked him why he avoided her for the last couple of weeks.

The barely audible voice when he told her that his fading self-discipline was the reason.

His startled expression when she reached for the by then empty glass to place it on the table before she straddled his lap, bringing her red-painted lips close enough towards his face 'till she could feel his breath against her face.

It had been an offer, if he wanted her in his life other than he had her now, all he had to do was to close the gap between them. He did.

Abby opened her eyes and smiled at the closer coming steps.

Not much later L.J. Gibbs entered the bedroom only clad in boxer shorts, carrying a tray with breakfast. Watching him move closer to the bed, the only thought that entered Abby's mind was: What a way to celebrate Christmas morning.


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