A/N; If you recognize it as not mine, I don't own it and am borrowing it from somewhere and am too lazy and busy to outline everything I am borrowing. This is a big list, as it includes references for ALL major technologies used in this stories. Some Sci-fi knowledge is required for this story

Tech notes for Drow Tails: This is a technological reference and timeline of important dates for the story. Sharnorasian calendar is rated in galactic years for them, each galactic year is 1 to the 24th power (1 followed by 24 zeroes).

1740: Evacuation and glassing of original Cilarista homeworld before arriving on Xanroth after 2nd Drython War.

G.Y: 3740: Xathrala, Lloth and Sirokass are born to respective races of Cilarista symbiote, (It is unknown what race Lloth classifies herself as she does not know herself entirely as she came into being without being born 'traditionally' and is not normally a Dark Elf or Drow) and Hell Dragon

G.Y 3740.041: Xathrala while dimension travelling encounters Lloth another evil goddess and begin a relationship

G.Y 3740.087: Lloth and Xathrala have a massive fight over political doctrines and split up.

G.Y 3740.099: Xathrala encounters Sirokass on her homeworld of Xanroth and engages him in battle, it is a narrow defeat for Xathrala who is then by Hell Dragon magic enslaved to Sirokass for a time

G.Y 3740.101: Xathrala and Sirokass openly declare a relationship

G.Y 3740.205: Xathrala is badly injured during a starship battle during Cilarista Civil War, becomes cybernetically enhanced, Lloth returns and is offered a place to form a three way alliance. Lloth is reluctant due to her doctrines about males and her natural preferences. Start and end of 3rd Drython war (results in 99.9% extermination of that species)

G.Y 3740:206: Lloth agrees to the formation of the alliance, a three way soul bond is formed granting marriage to the three with each other.

G.Y 3742: Xathrala delves into the black arts of demonology and becomes empress BlackRose Hellfire of all demons. Sirokass is considerably displeased as Hell Dragons and demons/demoniacs are considered mortal enemies, but is able to overcome his instinctual feelings.

G.Y 3743: Empire takes by Drow and Hell Dragon law the name of Sharnorasian Empire as Xathrala is both stronger magically and with blades then her mates. Xathrala surprises all by breaking a normally viewed fundamental magical law by taking through her magical and genetic birthright of the necromancer throne of darkness and the title of ultimate necromancer: Darkwielder. It is normally thought and proven that demoniac (hellfire) magic and necromantic magic will tear each other apart on contact. This has been proven with multiple magical duels and genetic tests done where even on the cellular level the two separate sources of tainted blood have tried to destroy the other.

G.Y 3745-3990: Cilarista Civil War, from official beginning to end. Battles of Xanroth, Kadiskott, Kryron, Menzon, Kassvandran, and Xyrolth systems, civil war ends in Sharnorasian loyalist forces victory under Xathrala, Lloth and Sirokass.

G.Y: 4000-4041 (current date) Resurgence of High Elven/Sharnorasian war: In 3742 a race of space fairing High Elves encountered the Sharnorasian Empire borders, the High Elves, seeing Drow began harassing the empire. Sabotage from Elven insurgents caused injuries to Xathrala forcing cybernetic upgrades on Xathrala.

The Kirdran 4 incident occurred which resulted in a miscarriage of the three's unborn child and death of the three's daughter Laranitha (La-ra-nai-tha) and results in infertility in Xathrala till cure in 4040. The three (Lloth, Sirokass and Xathrala) declare all out war, Xathrala orders extermination of their systems.

Battles across 300 star systems result in all Sharnorasian victories and over 2,300 worlds are burned to glass under Sharnorasian plasma projectors. Elves escaped with 100,000 refugees and a smattering of military ships. Returning in staggering strength, having allied with the psychological and physical of Sharnorasian Hell Dragons, the Heaven Dragons have come on the side of the Elves in an attempt to defeat the evil Sharnorasian Star Empire.

April 4041.01: Current date

Technologies used:

Particle/primary weapons for starships

Quantum beam arrays and cannons- This is much like the phasers from Star Trek, but these beams draw energy from subspace, now subspace energy cannot exist on our normal plane without exploding violently. Shows as a purple beam of energy that opens a small rupture for subspace energy to enter the beam and explode on enemy defences.

Plasma turrets: These sizable weapons fire huge globs of heated plasma at 1/4 the speed of light.

Gatling quantum disrupters: These small plaques are point defence weapons, they protect the ship from enemy strike craft and missile attacks (unless overwhelmed by too many missiles to fire on). These things unleash bolts of pulsed quantum bolts at multiple targets.

Quantum disrupters: Similar versions of the PD system, but is meant for ship to ship exchanges, not for missile defence.

Missile weapons for starships:

Heavy plasma missiles: a missile surrounded in gold plasma and sporting a powerful warhead that carries an explosive charge. Upon detonation spreads the plasma in the warhead all over a target area, causing degradation of both shields and armor.

Quantum torpedoes: Carries a small duodronic chamber in the warhead to create a small conduit of subspace energy which is then exposed during detonation causing a massive explosion from subspace energy contacting normal space.

Anti-starship weapons

Cobra turret: Massive shell 10 feet long carrying trapped subspace energy, or fragments, these turrets can either do powerful damage or act as point defence support. Nicknamed "Damn power hogs." For a reason

Plasma Projectors: These massive beam arrays contain tremendous amounts of plasma which are fired at 90% of the speed of light, the sheer heat and energy can melt through shields, armor plating, ships and planets without trying. Created originally for the Drython wars, considerer weapon of last resort due to charge up times and energy signature. "Any ship with its plasma projectors powered in battle is as obvious as Sirokass in a snow field." (Xathrala Sharnoras in 3742 to Lloth)


Energy shields: The classic bubble of energy absorbing all attacks until it fails.

Deployable ablative armor (Sharnorasian technology only): Ablative armor that is deployed over a ship and absorbs all attacks till armor is overwhelmed and needs repair/replacing. Ablative armor reacts to particle and plasma weapons by boiling off into steam, steam carries off 75-90% of blast energy, armor can be replaced by parts of ablative armor in energy transporter pattern buffer.

Mana shields (High elf/Heaven Dragon only) A magical well of energy in a ship that can project a super powered shield, but has poor regeneration.

Plasma shields (Sharnorasian tech only): A shield projects as a side benefit of the plasma projectors (even unpowered), these shields can only stop high concentrations of plasma (i.e. plasma projector fire only). These shields can stop 2x the number of projectors a ship has.

Infantry weapons for Sharnorasian Empire

Mark 5 sidearm: A handgun resembling the .50 Desert Eagle, this gun replaces gunpowder with electromagnetic coils which propel the bullet at tremendous speeds, uses special caseless rounds, each magazine (proper term for a clip) carries 210 rounds. (referred to as M5SA), can use special energy shield piercing rounds. Each M5SA has a subspace phase emitter allowing the bullet to be propelled past lightspeed without violating laws of physics (as it takes on new laws)

Mark 7 SMG: Uses the same ammo as the sidearm, this gun resembles a stripped down Uzi this gun replaces gunpowder with electromagnetic coils which propel the bullet at tremendous speeds, uses special caseless rounds. Carries 16,000 rounds, can use special energy shield piercing rounds. Each M7SMG has a subspace phase emitter

Mark 4 Plasma sidearm. Resembling the Glock 17 Carried as well as the M5SA, the M4PSA uses disposable energy cells with minor duodronic reactors inside to charge the magnetic field generators around each plasma bolt. Each cell can fire 25,000 plasma bolts, but due to possible dampening fields (which makes plasma sidearms non functional) the M4PSA or PSA will be useless.

Spider class series 10 plasma assault rife, resembling the Heckler and Kosh G11 assault rifle. This rifle is similar in firing capabilities to the PSA, as it uses larger disposable energy cells with minor duodronic reactors inside to charge the magnetic field generators around each plasma bolt or plasma grenade. Each cell can fire 250,000 plasma bolts or 250 plasma energy grenades. Unlike the PSA, the rifle can switch between a semi-auto longer ranged quantum beam mode for precise targets and larger plasma bolts similar to the PSA. The gun can also charge large amounts of plasma for plasma grenades to fire. Unlike the human G11, this version carries a rear mounted ejector for spent energy cells, above which is an ammo counter. The ammo mount loads a larger magazine filled with 60 energy cells, so ammo issues is not much of a factor.

The Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (MAC) mark 6 sniper rifle, a much more powerful version of the M5SA and the M7SMG, resembling a large sniper rifle. Each MAC has a subspace phase emitter allowing the bullet to be propelled past Lightspeed without violating laws physics (as it takes on new laws). MAC box magazines carry 80 rounds, each round has seismic charges within the point. These charges create the equivalent of a 10 on the Richter scale within the armor of a vehicle or a person fired on. Can use shield piercing rounds.

The MAC Mark 4 light and heavy machine gun Each MAC LMG and HMG (as it takes on new laws). MAC LMG box magazines carry 250,000 rounds. HMG box magazines carry 1,000,000 rounds, both can use shield piercing rounds.

Random technology notes

Shield piercing rounds: each round is tipped with a miniature shield generator with a field inverter, the field inverter creates a bubble around the bullet and prevents the shield from stopping the bullet. Hard and expensive to produce only a small amount people have

Duodronic technology: These reactors utilize large Dronic crystals, these crystals are converted to their gaseous forms, these molecules when two of them connect, open a stable portal to subspace this connection combined with the dronic reaction creates a heated liquid plasma which powers everything in Sharnorasian technology.

Plasma matrix: The power system connects every system with conduits through which the liquid plasma flows, the sheer heat and energy in the plasma allows for tremendous power offered

Dimensional creation technology and spells: Much like the bags of holding, the Sharnorasian Empire and others of around the same technological rating can build ships that are in phase with everything else about it, but be much bigger on the inside than on the outside (Launch bays especially)

Xathrala's right arm: The cybernetic right arm of the empress uses crystallized electrodrivers and servodrivers, essentially artificial nerves (electrodrivers) and command/reaction enhancers (servodrivers). Having a crystallized structure allows empress Xathrala to use magic through her artificial arm easier than one would cast normally.

Sharnorasian Ship Classifications

Drakas class LLRI (Light, long range recon interceptor)

Armed with:

15 Gatling PD disruptors (12 feet in length)

2 class 2 180 degree rotating linked-fire gatling pulse disruptors

2 class 3 gatling pulse disruptors

1 quantum array (aft facing)

4 quantum torpedo tubes

3 heavy plasma missile launchers

2 Cobra cannons

BlackRose class heavy interceptor (36 feet in length)

155 Gatling PD disruptors

64 class 5 gatling pulse disruptor cannons(Class 5 is most powerful available, 4x the power of class 3)

3 quantum arrays (360 coverage)

5 plasma lance cannons (This fires a scaled down version of the plasma projector beam)

16 Plasma bombardment cannons (gatling plasma cannons)

25 quantum torpedo tubes

10 heavy plasma missile launchers

8 Cobra cannons

Mazrigal class light destroyer (800 meters in length)

12000 Gatling PD disruptors

640 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors turrets

300 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

205 quantum torpedo tubes

110 heavy plasma missile launchers

80 cobra turrets

6 plasma projectors

Carries 500 Drakas class interceptors

Shaladar class heavy destroyer (1500 meters in length)

120000 Gatling PD disruptors

6400 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

800 Plasma bombardment cannons (gatling plasma cannons)

500 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

2050 quantum torpedo tubes

205 Plasma lance turrets

1100 heavy plasma missile launchers

800 Cobra turrets

12 plasma projectors

Carries 250 BlackRose class interceptors

Doridash class light cruiser (12,000 meters in length)

1,200,000 Gatling PD disruptors

64,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

600 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

2050 plasma lance turrets

8000 Plasma bombardment cannons (gatling plasma cannons)

20000 quantum torpedo tubes

10000 heavy plasma missile launchers

3500 Cobra turrets

20 plasma projectors


175000 Gatling PD disruptors

35000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

6000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

4000 Plasma bombardment cannons (gatling plasma cannons)

12500 quantum torpedo tubes

1000 plasma lance turrets

5000 heavy plasma missile launchers

4500 Cobra turrets

15 plasma projectors

Carries 15000 BlackRose class interceptors

Carries 18 Shaladar class heavy destroyers

Dominance class cruiser (20000 meters in length) Role(s)- moderate cruiser/heavy carrier

5,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

350,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

1,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

40,000 Plasma bombardment cannons (gatling plasma cannons)

20,500 plasma lance turrets

30,000 quantum torpedo tubes

12,500 heavy plasma missile launchers

10,000 Cobra turrets

25 plasma projectors

Carries 150,000 BlackRose class interceptors

Carries 18 Shaladar class heavy destroyers

Cruelty class heavy cruiser (22,000 meters in length)

10,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

550,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

3,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

100,000 Plasma bombardment cannons (gatling plasma cannons)

55,000 plasma lance turrets

60,000 quantum torpedo tubes

30,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

25,000 Cobra turrets

25 plasma projectors

Guardian class heavy cruiser (22,000 meters in length) Role(s): Orbital bombardment/superiority (This ship is meant to remove all anti-orbital defences on a planet)

10,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

750,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

3,500 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

200,000 Plasma bombardment cannons (gatling plasma cannons)

60,000 plasma lance turrets

45,000 quantum torpedo tubes

20,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

15,000 Cobra turrets

35 plasma projectors

15 Plasma accelerator cannons (Much like the MAC sniper rifles used by the infantry, these fire huge globs of plasma at 100x the speed of light, Guardian class ONLY)

Interdictor class battlecruiser (25,000 meters in length) Role(s): prevents enemy ships escape via folding space drives.

25,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

1, 550,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

4,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

100,000 quantum torpedo tubes

65,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

55,000 Cobra turrets

30 plasma projectors

4 Subspace jamming dishes

Bloodbane class battlecruiser (27,500 meters in length)

30,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

1,750,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

5,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

155,000 quantum torpedo tubes

75,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

60,000 Cobra turrets

45 plasma projectors

Lloth class light battleship (30,000 meters in length)

4,775,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

2,750,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

10,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

200,000 quantum torpedo tubes

95,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

72,500 Cobra turrets

75 plasma projectors

Sirokass class moderate battleship (32,500 meters in length)

5,000,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

3,000,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

20,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

215,000 quantum torpedo tubes

115,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

75,000 Cobra turrets

100 plasma projectors

Xathrala class heavy battleship (45,000 meters in length)

10,000,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

12,000,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

30,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

5,000,000 plasma lance turrets

450,000 quantum torpedo tubes

2 Class 1 gatling torpedo tubes

2 class 4 gatling torpedo tubes

285,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

115,000 Cobra turrets

125 plasma projectors

Empress class heavy battleship (50,000 meters in length) (Heavy battleship/super carrier)

15,000,000,000 Gatling PD disruptors

6,000,000 class 5 gatling pulse disruptors

2,500,000 plasma lance turrets

25,000 quantum arrays (overlapping coverage)

125,000 quantum torpedo tubes

145,000 heavy plasma missile launchers

75,000 Cobra turrets

125 plasma projectors

Carries 15,500,000 BlackRose class interceptors

Carries 350 Shaladar class heavy destroyers

Carries 5 dominance class cruisers (fully loaded)