A/N: Thank you to Marly at EBS

The Twilight Twenty-Five



Pen Name: MissWinkles

Pairing/Main Character(s): B/E

Rating: M

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Inspired by 'Goodbye England' by Laura Marling.

Winter is upon us.

I feel it when you kiss me - the end of your nose, cold, pressed against my cheek.

I smell it when I bury my face in your scarf, inhaling your smell; warm and familiar.

I hear it in the crunch of snow under our boots, and in the chattering of my teeth.

I see it in the puff of breath from my lips, disappearing into the cold morning air as quickly as it appeared.

Shivering, I pull my coat tighter around me. My gloved hands rub together. "Home?"

You smile; pink-tipped ears and cheeks. "Home."