Long time no new story! I started NaNoWriMo, but got lazy and started writing this :) And SHOCK HORROR! I wrote something that isn't YAOI!

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Our Two Handed Duet


On the day that the Germans walked into the small town of Épreville, Mariette Leclair did not practise her violin.

In the morning, she cycled into town in her brother's clothes usual, buying a little milk and bread. As she left, it began to rain, but she still could not find it in herself to regret the fact she lived in a house in the middle of the forest, five kilometres from town.

Managing to avoid puddles, she let her brown hair loose from the tie it was in to disguise her gender and turned down the thin path through the forest from the road to her cottage. Worrying news of the Germans had been going around the town, but from how it had seemed, they wouldn't be here for a few days yet. Living as her cousin, looking after her brother's house would become harder, but she would not leave. She couldn't leave France again. If Germans found her, she would survive as long as she could.

An hour later, as she searched along the path to the road for the screw to hold the bell to her bike, she heard a rumble from the road. Creeping from behind trees, she got a view on the road, and saw black cars, the black cars of the army driving to town.

In one window she found a purple gaze, and jumped back behind a tree. He must have seen her… She ran back to the house, and peeled back the floorboard above the hollow space, and hid all her dresses and feminine items. Her violin caught her eye, and she reluctantly placed it on top of her clothes. The most important thing to her, she couldn't let anybody else find it.

She checked in her appearance, her chest was flat, her loose clothes did nothing to accentuate her figure, her hair was tied back in masculine fashion. Someone would probably come and investigate sometime. She found a book and read. As it became afternoon she collected eggs from the chickens and read some more.

It became dark, and she sighed in relief. No one could stay on the path at night time. She cooked an egg for her dinner and slept.

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