Title: Unlikely Heroes

Pairing: Future DracoxHarry, LuciusxSeverus, RemusxSeverus, LuciusxSeverusxRemus

Fandom: Harry Potter

Summary: A battered Boy Who Lived finds his world come crashing down when his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. Shockingly, the only ones to come to his rescue are those he'd believed were his enemies.

Notes: Is compatible to the Selection of Triwizard Champions. Takes places during Chapter 21 of Fallen Feathers recommend reading prior to this

Chapter 49 - The Waking Nightmare

December 17, 1994

Harry was cold and tired; the Herbology lesson had sapped his strength. Even the warmth of the Greenhouse hadn't warmed him.

He quickly fell behind and was no longer at Neville's side.

The second year Ravenclaws and Slytherins had already entered the Fourth Greenhouse with Professor Sprout.

An orange spell hit him from behind and he was down.


Susan Bones, the niece of the newly minted Minister for Magic felt the snap of magic in the cold December air and froze.

Something was wrong…

Her instincts screamed it at her. When she stopped so did Ernie, Justin and Hannah…

"Su what's wrong?" Ernie asked frowning.

Susan ignored him, scanning the crowd of students ahead and then glanced behind her.

Two were missing…

Harry Potter and Ronald whatever his name was now.

She cast a Sonorus on herself, "Longbottom!"

The boy turned frowning at her, "Yes?"

Susan glared at him, "Where is Harry? Aren't you supposed to watch him?"

Neville paled and scanned the snow-covered lawn, "Fuck! Draco is going to kill me."

Seamus and Dean had already hurried to his side, "What's wrong Nev?"

"Harry's missing."

Seamus' eyes narrowed, "I don't see Dumble junior either."

"Harry's probably just wandered off…" Hermione shrugged.

"We've got potions next." Neville snapped, "He wouldn't run off when we're supposed to be there. Draco is there…"

"The relationship with him and that poncy ferret faced git is unhealthy." The girl muttered.

Seamus and Neville pulled out their wands.

Seamus snarled, "Take it back you rotten turncoat! You are nothing but a social climbing beaver!"

Hermione's eyes filled with tears, "Can't you guys see what being around Malfoy has done to you? You're turning on your own…"

"My own? Last I checked purebloods with Black blood running through their veins were my own, you narcissistic Muggleborn bint." Neville said scathingly. "Malfoy was birthed by a Black. Harry's grandmother was a Black, so was Sophronia's, the Weasleys have a Black grandmother as well. You have no right to tell the Honourable Neville Francis Longbottom what to do. Do you know who I am? I am a descendant of Godric Gryffindor, my family is charged with the protection of King Arcturus' castle, I am the heir to a Wizengamot seat, a seat on the Founder's Council, the heir to a seat on the Board of Governors and heir to possession of one quarter of that castle! How dare you, a nobody tell me what to do! Seamus tell Professor Prince-Malfoy Harry's missing. Dean go tell Professor Lupin. Granger go make yourself useful and go get Headmaster Flitwick! Dunbar you want to be a Beater and an Auror? Come help me. Susan are you and your fellow badgers willing to skive class?"

Susan nodded, "If I don't help Aunt Amelia would ground me so fast my head would spin."

"Who last saw Harry? Or Ron?" Neville snapped.

"I saw Ron…" Hannah said blushing.

"Where?" Susan asked putting a gentle hand on the girl's shoulder.

"They went that way." Pointing towards the lake…

Neville started organizing the lions and badgers. "We're going to walk in a line. Look for footprints that shouldn't be there. Drag marks. Anything unusual…"

Before Hermione could put up a shield since she didn't seem to be helping; Susan, Seamus and Neville had cast spells on her. Neville's was Petrificus Totalus, Seamus' was Incarcerous and Susan's was a warming charm.

"If you won't help us find Harry, we'll assume you're with Ron and you are only here to slow us down." Neville glared, "Smith make yourself useful go get Headmaster Flitwick. Everyone else come on."

They lined up shoulder-to-shoulder and started walking from the greenhouses in the direction that Hannah Abbot mentioned.

Neville had Dunbar was to his right, with her were Pavarti, Lavender and Alice Tolipan.

The Hufflepuff half of the line was comprised of all the Fourth year Hufflepuffs minus Zacharias Smith: which were Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, Oliver Rivers, Justin Flinch-Fletchley, Wayne Hopkins, Leeann Runcorn, Ernie Macmillan and Megan Jones.


Severus had a bad feeling that filled him with dread…

What precipitated it was half the normal noise in the corridor…

Well less than half because he only heard his Fourth Year Snakes…

Then the Irish wizard who had a hand in the nogtail prank ran in gasping.

"Professor…bad news…"

Severus crossed the class room to glare at him, "What?"


Draco slammed the older blonde into the wall, "What happened? Where is he?"

"I don't know…he's missing. So is Ron…." Seamus gasping wincing in pain at being shoved against a stonewall.

Draco dropped him and ran.

Severus glared, "Library! Self study!"

Blaise, Greg, Vince, Theo and Millicent ignored him taking off after Draco.

Leaving Daphne, Tracey and Sally-Ann Perks behind.

Seamus muttered, "Episkey." Pointing his wand at himself before heading back out to join the search.


Dean ran all the way through the castle up to the Third Floor, dodging late charms students.

Dean heard someone behind him turn towards the Charms classroom.

He threw open the door to the Defense Classroom.

Third Year Ravenclaw and Slytherin students spun to face the door.

Remus frowned, "Yes Mr. Thomas? Can I help you?"

Dean coughed, "Harry and Ron are missing. Neville is leading a search. Seamus went to get Professor Prince…"

Sophronia rose, "Shite! That means Draco heard. Come on Luna! The guys and Millicent are already looking."

Luna conjured a thick cloak for herself and ran after her best friend.

"Library." Remus snapped, casting warming charms on himself. "Research Acromantula and their habits!"

Dean led them outside.


Ron was using a levitation and wind spell combo to move them along.

He already left a false trail heading towards the lake; it was easy. He just let that mouse of Hufflepuff see him heading that way. It had looking like Harry was walking along side him but that was because of the puppet hex. Harry's limbs moved on strings at his whim.

Not Harry, this was Potter the cheating, Slytherin worshiping traitor!

Ron reached a clearing he pocketed his wand leaving Potter hanging there. He circled him once before he started beating the shit out of him. His hands were shaking with cold and growing sore from both the punches and the December weather.

Ron kicked him in the sides and the back, until he heard bones break.

He flipped Potter around and kicked him in the head and the groin. Potter would never sire children, he would make sure of that!

Once the disgrace was covered in freezing blood Ron banished it from his person, then he made his way to his least favourite part of the Forbidden Forest.


Draco ran, he spotted Neville and ran at him.

He tackled the Gryffindor to the ground, "I trusted you! I let you into the Dungeon. I let you sleep in our dorm! I gave you privileges. All I wanted in return was for you to keep an eye on Harry in classes with Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff! How could you let this happen?"

Severus dragged him off, "Draco son, stop it. Hurting Neville won't help Harry. Let him talk!" He held out his hand to the shy Gryffindor who was radiating purpose and determination.

Neville accepted his hand and stood up brushing off the snow. "It wasn't me who noticed Harry was missing. It was Susan. I was talking and I didn't realize Harry fell behind…"

Draco ignored him, "Thank you."

Susan blushed, "I just felt an echo of magic on the air. We're not supposed to use magic outside of class during school hours. I saw Harry was missing and started to worry."

Severus noticed a line of footprints, "What are you doing Longbottom?"

Faye Dunbar answered, "Typical search pattern sir. Longbottom's idea. More assistance would be appreciated.'

Search pattern? Severus had a begrudging sense of surprise and admiration for the boy who blew up or melted at least one cauldron per week. Perhaps, the boy wasn't as much of a dunderhead at some things as he was at potions. Remus said he had natural talent at Defence and Herbology; he was also coming along nicely in Charms and Transfiguration now that he had a willing wand.


The first thing Luna did upon reaching the small group of searchers was to hug Draco. She whispered in his ear, "Calm down. He's your mate. Can you feel him yet? Do you feel drawn to him? Do you want to protect him? To care for him?"

Draco relaxed, his tension easing at the calm gentle tone of her croon. "Yes…"

"Where is he Draco…?" she asked softly.


Draco closed his eyes; it took all of his concentration to push aside his anger at Neville, his fury at Wea…Dumbledore the younger, and his panic. He cleared his mind the way papa had taught him years ago. Centring himself, clearing his mind and dove straight into his own soul. He saw its bright glow…

It was Clear red...which meant something that escaped him for a moment. Then the memory darted across his mind: powerful, energetic, competitive, sexual and passionate.

People like Dumbledore the younger tended to dismiss him, how could a pointy ferret be powerful? There in his soul was magic, magic that could help him find Harry. It was just waiting to be tapped; there was a weakening ward that was months from breaking.

Draco pushed back his panic, he grabbed onto his growing love for Harry Potter, his intense need to protect him, his desire to heal the wounds both mental and physical that were caused by those nasty Muggles. The scabs that have grown over the pain caused by Dumbledore's betrayal and the abandonment of his so-called best friends. Draco imagined that ward was glass; he threw all his strength into shattering it. It was what was keeping him from find Harry.

It splintered into a million pieces, the magic flooded him and he screamed in triumph.

"HARRY! I'm coming!"

The change was instantaneous, he shot up six inches, he was now 6', 1", his hair now reached the centre of his back, his arms bore lithe muscles and his eyes shone like quick silver.


Now that wasn't what Remus expected to see…

Draco growing and changing in front of him…

The man who stood there wasn't the boy he had taught. He was very much like his father, except, his magic wasn't bound.

Remus wondered at the power radiating from the boy-man and wondered just what impact the change would have other then that physical.


Luna had known that this would happen, the moment she laid eyes on her cousin. A Veela seizing their inheritance themselves due to great stress was not exactly unheard or impossible but rare.

Anything Draco did to protect and rescue his mate would be permissible. Like her, he was under Veela law despite their age.

Then Draco transformed…

His panic was gone but the rage that radiated off of him didn't bode well.

Luna cursed in Runic, "That was not supposed to happen!" a full transformation was supposed to be unattainable. What had Draco done to himself?


Severus had never seen a Veela transform…

Draco was his angry, panicked boy one minute, a tall imposing man the next and now he was a Veela in truth?

He swallowed, "Draco,"

His son, the son of his heart, the son of his blood- resembled a phoenix but instead of red and gold wings; his were white, silver and gold. He was like a mixture of a swan and a phoenix.

Then Draco actually ignored him and flew away from the lake towards the forest.


Luna screamed after him, "DRACO you idiot!" then she forgot herself and transformed, leaping into the air after him. Unlike Draco she could actually control her Veela, well not the visions of course but who cared.


Remus knew that something was very, very wrong when a fourteen and a half year old boy got his inheritance early.

He kissed Severus' hand, "I'll find them." He reached into himself and pulled at his wolf, he hated relying on Moony but Moony was protective of his pack's pup. He could track Harry; he'd imprinted his scent into his mind when he first held him.

A man aging before his time one moment and a large tawny wolf the next. Running on all fours, his nose to the wind Remus charged into the Forbidden Forest after wayward and possibly vengeful students.


Harry felt nothing; he was in a sea of fire and blood. All around him was pain…he was cold, so cold. His body was leaking life as well as blood. He knew that, he could feel he was dying…all he could think about was Draco. He loved him, he had wanted to see what a life with him would be like.

His heart twisted, Ron had done this. His first ever friend had magically assaulted him, he had dragged him through the Forbidden Forest and beat him so he would die.

He thought of his friends: Neville, Seamus, Dean, Fred, George, Blaise, even Theo and Greg. Vince was weird, he wasn't sure he liked him but Greg was a nicer bloke then he'd thought until he met him. Then there was Luna and Sophronia, they were alright for girls. They were unwanted strangers in their own House, born to lead and yet tormented.

He would miss them…

He remembered Remus and how gentle and protective he had been. How supportive…

Then there was Snape…Severus had been kind to him. He had told him about his mother and apologized. That was something an adult had never really done before and it was genuine.

Draco's father wasn't bad either, very different from the imposing harsh man he remembered from Second Year when he had Hagrid taken to Azkaban, or when he had Dumbledore suspended. His vindictive way he went after Hagrid and Buckbeak made sense now, he was trying to protect Draco. Even if Buckbeak had been insulted and Draco had been partially responsible, Hagrid just didn't understand that they were too young and immature for Hippogriffs.

He didn't think he'd miss Hagrid, the man worshipped Dumbledore. He wasn't trustworthy and put him in danger.

It was getting colder and darker…

He was sure this time he would die…

Who and how could anyone find him?

He drifted farther into unconsciousness…

The sound of two birds and wolf howl didn't register…


Ron was smug; he'd taken Harry to the edge of Acromantula territory and then flung him inside…

He hated spiders and giant man-eating spiders were unsettling but they would destroy the evidence. The blood would summon them…

Then something dropped out of the sky and slammed him into the snow, moss and root-covered ground.

"You despicable nasty Weasel!" a voice hissed at him. "Where is Harry?"

"What do you care ferret? He's gone." Ron laughed maniacally.

"Gone? If you killed him…"

"What and dirty my own hands? No. Why do that when I can leave it to the creatures of the Forbidden Forest?"

"Draco! Don't hurt him. Harry's in danger!"

"I know that!" the poncy git snapped.

"Vengeance can wait! If you punish him now Harry will die! You hear me? He'll die!"

"Yeah ferret, your precious little peewee Potter will die. He probably already is."

"If you harmed one hair on his head, I will kill you." A wand pressed to the back of his neck and a string of Latin was issued from their prissy lips.

Then he felt the ground between him swirl and weave. Then he was in a net…no not a net…he was encased in a spider's web that entombed him like a cocoon.

Ron screamed…

"Go Draco! Hurry! I'll watch him."

Then there was a flash of magic and the flap of wings.

"You are very lucky I stopped him Dumbledore. He could have and would have full right to kill you. I may still let him. Right now, the safety of his mate is more important then your punishment for touching what is his."

"That disgusting little ferret is befouling Gryffindors. I heard he sleeps in the slimy git's bed. The Boy-Who-Lived whoring himself out to a Death Eater wanna-be? I dunno what game Malfoy's playing but it ends now. His precious little plaything is dead." Ron gasped trying to wiggle free only to have the silk wrap tighter around him and threaten to crush him.

"Silencio!" The voice snapped. "You are nothing but a jealous little boy. Harry didn't enter that tournament! He was nearly forced into it by Plot of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his little minions. A plot foiled by Professor Prince-Malfoy and Lord Malfoy. If Harry were mine, I would have killed you with wandless magic instead of using the Vicina spider's hex. I wouldn't move if I were you, the silk will crush you. I studied that spell after I watched one of the Philoponella vicina kill its prey. I found out there was a spell that replicated its method."

"Dark Arts?" Ron gasped.

"No unfortunately. It was created to subdue dangerous creatures. Rampaging and murderous Dragons or Hippogriffs when conventional methods fail. It will smash all of your bones and possibly stop a heart or worse. I've never heard of it used on a human. It is a very regulated spell. I had no idea Draco knew it…"

"Who are you?"

"You attacked my cousin's mate. Don't think I will give you one iota of sympathy. Had I a mate and you did such a monstrous thing I would have used a spell that would transform your heart into something that would slowly kill you. Perhaps, an orange. That would prevent your blood from flowing. I have never used such a spell, nor would I truly wish to. You are a great fool Ronald Dumbledore. If Draco doesn't kill you, you will suffer either at his hands or in Azkaban."


Then he promptly fainted.


Draco flew, searching with his heart for one spark of Harry's magic, his soul, anything…

He had no guilt about casting the Vacina spider's hex.

It felt right when the words, 'vicina serico contundito' passed his lips.

He caught a faint glimmer of Harry's soul, in the darkness.

Dark Magic was crawling, so speeding closer to him.

Draco snapped his wings and the glided through the trees; he would not lose Harry! He'd spent years wanting him, begging for scraps of his attention. Pushing himself farther in the air, desperate to prove himself worthy.

Draco's Veela vision spotting three large spiders scurrying fast towards Harry's bruised and chilled body. The blood had frozen but the scent of it was heavy on the wind. It terrified him but he put it aside and pulled on his rage, he screamed reaching out with his magic, "Araneamors!" Red light burst from him and smashed into the Acromantula.

There were screams of rage from deep in the forest.

Draco dove, a conjured stretcher appeared beneath Harry, and Draco gently picked it up in his talons. He rose up above the forest, it was cold here and he felt ice wanting to grow on his wings. He reached into himself and pulled on his magic again.

Sunlight seemed to glow around him; it dispelled the chill, warming them both. Draco spotted the speck he knew was his papa ad flew towards it.

He landed a bit ungracefully, the stretcher bouncing on the ground.

No sound came from Harry, Draco screamed in rage and torment. Then, he fainted.


Remus found Luna glaring, her Veela Court robes glowing with a brilliance that belonged elsewhere than a dark forbidding forest filled who knew what exactly.

Before her was a large lump of what looked like spider silk.

"What is that?"

"Ronald Dumbledore. Draco was going to kill him. I talked him out of it. At least for the moment. He went to find Harry."

A magical explosion came from deeper in the forest.

Luna paled turning from Ron to the direction Draco had flown, "Merlin! Draco what are you doing? You can't wield magic like that so soon! The idiot! He could kill himself! The magic to transform takes time to adjust to. He transformed too fast too soon. The Spider killing curse and the Vicina spider hex? Is he suicidal?" she grabbed Ron in her talons, "We have to go now! If he isn't dead he'll be in a magical coma! Why did I do it?"

Remus saw her shaky flight and wondered what intricacies of Veelas he didn't know.

Then he saw Draco, or what looked like Draco blaze like sunlight.

Merlin, Luna was right. Too much powerful magic at once was detrimental. The reason you weren't an adult at sixteen was because it took on average a year for your magic to settle whether you had a magic or creature inheritance.

Draco forced his inheritance early…

Too early…

His heart clenched, Harry looked so still and Remus could smell the blood from here.

Perhaps, it didn't matter if Draco had been too late.

While Draco wasn't his son like he was Severus and Lucius', the thought of his loss or the loss of Harry filled Remus with bile and loathing.

This could not be happening…


Luna landed to find Professor Prince-Malfoy raising his wand, "Expelliarmus! You can't touch him! Don't do anything!" she turned to Blaise, "Call him! Call him now! We have precious time to save them!" she danced her wand in a calling spell chanting in Runic, "My queen I call you! Death is near and help is dire. A child suffers at brink of death. Come to me!"

Beside her Blaise chanted for his King…

Then the world exploded around them…

Facing Luna was her queen and the royal guard along with her personal healer.

Luna fell to her knees, sobbing in Runic, "I have failed. He did what I thought he could not! He forced his inheritance. He transformed. He used too much magic. Help him! I beg you…"

"For the sake of the one who is to come, I shall. Anastasia dear, if you would."

Luna was surprised to see her. Apollo Grannis had come the previous time over the 'Moonlight Madness' incident during the first round of the Prank War.

There was a rumour that their queen was in love with Anastasia Morino, her personal healer. No one dared verify it; it was the queen's choice whom she took to bed. She was both an object of reverence and a symbol of power.

The tall woman knelt beside Draco, her face grim but determined.

Luna's heart stopped for five full beats before it beat again.

What had she done?


Blaise was about to summon his King when he saw Harry.

It only took Luna's order to begin the summons.

Like the Veela Queen, this time Sirius I wasn't alone; a personal guard of seven Chuvash surrounded him.

Who wore armour fashioned out of Dragon hide and wearing knives of dragon bone, sinew and spikes. The handles were bone, the blade a spike from a tail, the blade was attached with boiled sinew and fat, while more sinew was used to bind some hide to the handle to give it a grip. Since every part of a dragon was magical, the knives were pure conduits of magic, they could channel more than an ordinary wand…

At his side was his son, the healer.

"For what have I been called for this time?" the King of the Chuvash roared.

Neville fell, "It is my fault. I was to be protecting Harry and I failed. Ron snatched him. He's injured. He looks dead…" his bravado had melted away…as if it had merely been a glamour that shivered and cracked.

Blaise squeezed his shoulder, "His mate rescued him but used too much magic…he is over there…"

"Where is this Ron? And who is he?" Sirius I snarled.

Luna kicked a bundle at her feet, "Here. Under the Vicina spider hex. Unconscious but not dead. More the pity. He's Dumbledore's nephew."

"Did that cretin put him up to this?" the leader of the Chuvash hissed.

Luna shrugged. "I don't know. Perhaps, perhaps he did it of his own choosing. Draco would have and had the right to kill him but he had to try to save Harry."

The Chuvash healer ran forward, kneeling beside Harry.

The conjured stretcher snapped out of existence with a crack and the warm glow that that had surrounded Harry disappeared as well.

The Veela healer cursed.

A very similar curse sounded out of Eli.

A stretcher appeared beneath Harry again; a hiss and a flick of a wand, then the healer and Harry were gone.


Remus arrived running out of the forest, gasping in time to see Harry vanish. He howled, "No!"

One of the guards snapped to attention and held up his knife in a defensive posture ready to hurl a curse.

Sirius I stepped in front of them and held up a hand, "He took Harry to Chateau Grimaldi. I believe he hopes the warmth there will help. He will be summoning his mate Merope. They will both do all in their power to save him."

"You can't separate them!" Luna gasped.

"Dear one, we don't wish to. If Eli took him home then he is in grave danger, the magic that held him in stasis snapped."

"Because the Veela child slipped into a deeper coma. I know not if he will wake but I agree that the separation might be extremely detrimental."

"I will have to escort you myself." Sirius I sighed.

"Send Healer Grannis Ruxandra. I may need his assistance. We must hurry."

Sirius turned to one of his guards, hissing at them in Parseltongue, to floo from Grimpound to Chateau Grimaldi with the Healer. Before portkeying with the Veela healer and young Draco…

If either of them perished, he would take vengeance into his own hands and Morganna take the consequences. He would slaughter every Dumbledore he could find!


Severus broke down, forgetting his students were present. He screamed…

His magic burst out and stunned those nearest him.

Only the Veela, werewolf and Chuvash present managed to get a shield up in time.

Blaise cast one to protect him and Neville.

Luna protected herself with a rune spell by drawing the symbol for protection with her wand.

"Not Draco…please…not Draco…I can't loose another child. Merlin Harry! Lily you have to save Harry. Don't let him die…" Severus shook, holding himself and rocked keening.


Remus realized quickly that what stunned the students was the snapping of Severus' glamour. He stood as he had seen him since the night Severus dropped his skin-anchored glamour.

Tall, glowing and beautiful…

His magic was out of control…

Remus walked through the magical storm that surrounded his mate like it wasn't there. He pulled Severus into his arms, murmuring soothing sounds.

Then he felt Lucius, approaching at a dead run.

He joined him and held Severus, "What happened? Where is Draco? Why are they here?"

"Uncle Lucius…Ron hurt Harry bad…he might not make it." Luna called out from behind her shield. "Draco tried to save him…he forced his Veela out. He used too much magic. I don't know if he'll come back either…Merlin…it's all my fault!" her voice shattered and broke into sobs. "I'm sorry…"


One human hadn't been knocked out because she'd been caught in Luna's shield.

Sophronia pulled Luna into her arms, "It isn't your fault. Draco did this. He did the only thing he could to save Harry. He may have gone too far, tried too hard but he had to. Harry would be dead if he hadn't."

"He could still die!" Luna sobbed.

"Draco won't die. He's just tired." Sophronia snapped. "He used magic that kept Harry alive until healers came. Even unconscious he was fighting for Harry. You have to believe in him. You hear me Luna? You have to! He'll live if I have to order him to. I am his Queen. I bet if she ordered him to, he would. He lives by a code and he obeys the people who matter to him. You told him he could save Harry; he was falling apart until you gave him the push he needed. You can't abandon him now! I won't let you! I don't care if you are the Heiress of Rowena! I am the Queen of Slytherin, you are its princess and you will do as I say!"

Luna choked on a sob, swallowing, "I hear and obey."

Sophronia hugged, "I am sorry but you have to be strong…"

Luna turned and clung to her friend, "Thank you…"

The Slytherin Queen gave her a shy smile, it was the first time she had truly used her position. She felt bad about it but Luna had needed to hear it.


"Where is Draco?" Lucius asked as he tried desperately to calm his mate.

"With a Veela Healer…Harry is with Eli…" Severus gasped.

"Sirius' son?"

"Yes…he looked awful…so pale…covered in blood…Draco…he was as pale as snow…he's so weak…"

"What's wrong with them?"

"Magical Coma…near death…"

Lucius felt a chill, Draco…near death? He was still mourning the lost of the child he hadn't known about.


Luna gasped, "That's just not possible. How did you do that?"

Lucius stared at her, "How did he do what and what did he do?"

Luna blinked at him, "He banished all foreign magic from his body."


Lucius pulled up Severus' left sleeve.

The Dark Mark was gone…

His nose twitched, he bent to sniff.

A sickly sweet smell came from Severus…

Remus leaned in sniffing as well.

The two looked at each other and then Severus sagged in their arms.

Lucius whispered, "The curse?"

Remus gave a nervous smile, "He broke it…himself…"

It brought home just how powerful Severus really was…

To break the curse…

Remus swallowed, "They needs us…the boys…"

"Think Severus needs a healer…" Lucius nodded, summoning a house elf.

"How might Stria be serving Master?" the house elf bowed appearing at once wringing its hands.

"Take us to Andromeda. Immediately."

Stria grabbed them and they were gone.

Leaving Mafalda, Luna, Neville and Blaise surrounded by stunned Gryffindors, Slytherins and Hufflepuffs.

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