Part Four: Alternative Ending

Snafu's Notes: No more Mr. Nice Damiyo. Konoha had crossed the line with their kidnapping attempt of Minato and Hitomi. After getting a hold of the damning evidence from Danzou's ROOT Headquarters, instead of Naruto using it to warn Hanzou of Danzou's intentions, but instead uses the incriminating evidence to spearhead an invasion of Konoha?

"If revenge is a dish best served cold, then put on your Sunday finest. It's time to feast!"

- Mr. Freeze, Batman and Robin

Konohagakure no Sato, Fire Country – Office of the Hokage, two days after the fall of Konohagakure...

Inside the office of the Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze leaned back in the chair, eyes closed in thought. Outside of the Hokage Tower, half of Konoha was in flames. After nineteen years of repeated attacks from minor villages, Konoha was severely weakened.

Then, just two days ago, a coalition force of Neo Uzu, Suna, Kumo and Iwa ninja had invaded Fire Country from both sides, swiftly overtaking the Fire Capital and holding the Fire Lord hostage. And today...Konohagakure was no more.

The Hidden Leaf Village had fallen.

'It's ironic,' Naruto thought to himself. 'My father, the Yondaime saved Konoha and brought it to greatness, while his son orchestrated its demise. Just think that if Konoha had not tried to kidnap Minato and Hitomi, then none of this would have happened.'

After proving that he and his wife were stronger than their former teammates and their former village, Konoha was put on the backburner. He had beaten Cell Seven, and that was the end of it. The dead last was clearly stronger than his former teammates and sensei. Hell, Neo Uzu made Chuunin and Jounin-level ninja in half the time it took Konoha to produce shinobi of the same rank, and their weakest Chuunin could kill three Jounin-level ninja.

But when Danzou and Hiashi had sent ROOT ANBU to his home in an attempt to kidnap his son and daughter, that was the last straw.

Naruto found the mission scroll on one of the ROOT ANBU. It was a co-op by Hiashi Hyuuga and Danzou Shimura. Danzou would forcibly initiate Minato into the ROOT ANBU and either make him into a weapon for Konoha, or kill him and steal the Rinnegan. Hiashi wanted Hitomi placed under the Caged Bird Seal and killed out of pure spite.

After the failed mission, Naruto had personally infiltrated Konoha, disguised as an ANBU Black Ops operative with the intent of killing Sasuke Uchiha, Hiashi Hyuuga and Danzou Shimura. But instead stayed his hand.

Using a ROOT ANBU which he had hypnotized with his Rinnegan, he gained access to Danzou's underground ROOT headquarters. There, now under the henge of a ROOT operative, Naruto found Danzou's files on himself, Hinata, their two children...every major player in the Elemental Countries.

Danzou had kept very detailed files about his past crimes, as well as files on the movers and shakers in the Elemental Countries. Several of Danzou's crimes was selling out Whirlpool to destruction in the last Shinobi War, hoping that with Kushina's death, he could have Konoha annex the nation. Much to Naruto's anger, he also sold out his father to Iwa, hoping that the Stone would have killed him in the last Shinobi War. Danzou just didn't count on his father using the Hiraishin to slaughter the Iwa ninja en masse. Much to Naruto's rage, he saw that Danzou was responsible for the death of his mother.

Kushina did not die in childbirth after all. She had been poisoned to death in order to remove her from the equation.

He also backstabbed Hanzou the Salamander, the great-grandfather of Rashoujin Hanzou, who was in command of Amegakure, orchestrated the assassination of Onoki, the previous Tsuchikage and was planning to do the same to his successor, Kurotsuchi and the Earth Damiyo. Surprisingly enough, he did not know about Kitami's true nature as the bijuu queen.

Not even Damiyo Kazahana and her family were safe from from Danzou's schemes, as it was Danzou himself who secretly financed Doto Kazahana's coup against Koyuki's father in exchange for Spring's chakra armor and volley guns. He even saw the Water Damiyo and Mizukage Mei Terumi as a serious threat, given how she had ended the bloodline wars in her native country.

Even more worse, was that the Fire Lord had signed off on each order. He was the one who was pulling all the strings, with Danzou as his lieutenant. But the most damning piece of evidence was the series of notes that Danzou had taken, which had said that it was Sasuke Uchiha – a member of Danzou's ROOT – who had recommended kidnapping the children.

Retrieving the files on Iwa, Kumo and Suna, Naruto quickly made his exit.

Returning to Whirlpool, he called for a meeting with Hinata, Anko, Kitami, Yahiko and Konan. There, he showed them the files he pilfered from Danzou's underground base. After an all-night session, the Damiyo of Whirlpool and his inner circle came to the same conclusion: Konoha had to pay, and the other Shinobi nations had to be warned.

He sent Rinnegan-powered shadow clones of himself to Wind, Earth and Lightning Country, with the incriminating files in hand and upon arrival, requested a sit-down with the respective kages and damiyos.

Naruto's clones showed them the incriminating files he had pilfered from Danzou's ROOT base. By the end of the meeting, they all came to the same conclusion: Konoha and the Fire Damiyo had to be stopped. Despite repeated attacks from smaller villages over the near two decades, and the fact that they were no longer one of the five great nations, Konoha and Fire Country was still a threat.

Naruto laid out the plan. One month from then, Sasuke Uchiha will be named as Rokudaime Hokage. All of Konoha would be out celebrating, which means there would be less patrols out and about. Naruto knew from experience that there would be no missions during the time that a new Hokage was chosen. Against once village, Konoha had a chance for survival, but against five shinobi villages...

First, the Fire Lord had to be neutralized, which meant an invasion of the Fire Capital. Once the Fire Damiyo was secured, then it was on to Konohagakure no Sato. The gathered leaders did agree with Naruto on several points – that Danzou was a power-mad warhawk who wanted to destabilize the region. Worst case scenario was that he would jump-start another Shinobi War.

Despite the occasional disputes from rival villages, the people of the Elemental Countries have grown to enjoy the peace and stability. Add the fact that Naruto's Whirlpool Tournaments were instrumental in keeping the peace by allowing rival villages to vent without killing one another, the leaders have no desired to be pulled into another war of Danzou's making, nor would it be forced to bow to the mad warhawk with a God complex.

Once Konoha was brought under the ninja coalition forces' control, an assessment of the village's finances would be taken, from the cash in the village's treasury to the personal wealth of the clans. They would be liquidated and split evenly among Neo Whirlpool, Sand, Lightning, and Stone. All of the village's jutsu was to be destroyed. The Fire Lord will be forced to sign a treaty, in which in order for him to keep his post as ruler of Fire Country, he must not allow a shinobi village to be established in his lands.

As for his former teammates, their families, their senseis and his ex-godparents, not to mention the Civilian Council, they would be dealt with by Naruto personally.

Then, Konoha would be burned to the ground.

Iwa, Suna, Kiri and Kumo agreed to Naruto's proposal. Thus, the Allied Shinobi Force was born, with Naruto as the supreme commander.

The mission was called Operation Yondaime's Wrath.

It took only three weeks for the coalition forces to build their forces. Once they were ready, they made their move.

One week before Sasuke's ascension to the seat of Hokage, a crack squad of ANBU from the five countries, plus Mist's Reformed Seven Swordsmen, invaded the Fire Capital in the dead of night. By the following morning, the people woke up to find that the Fire Capital had been occupied by invading forces. The Fire Damiyo's samurai forces had been stomped out, his 12 Guardian Ninja killed, and the Fire Lord himself taken hostage along with his family.

Upon showing him the evidence of his crimes, the Fire Lord caved in and signed the terms of surrender, sealing Konoha's fate. By the following morning, Naruto had sent out copies of Danzou's files to the surrounding countries, revealing Konoha's treachery. When the invasion of Konoha began, it would be in every newspaper, every broadcast.

Next, came the invasion of Konoha. The Allied Shinobi forces swarmed into the unsuspecting country, laying waste to every Konoha patrol and outpost. Not taking any chances, they even incinerated the messenger birds so that by the time Konoha knew what was happening, it would already be too late.

Upon arriving in Konoha, Neo Uzu ANBU's Demolitions Team set charges at the village gates, and at key points in the village's walls surrounding Konoha. Each member had their part to play. But those that had wronged Naruto, he would deal with himself.

Naruto's orders: "Spare the civilian population. Eliminate the shinobi."

The charges were triggered and before Konoha knew what the hell was going on, the Allied Shinobi Forces swarmed into the city. Naruto had led the assault from the front gate, and made his intentions quite clear.

"Konohagakure no Sato! The Kyuubi brat has returned! I bring the destruction of your village!"

Minutes later, as Naruto's forces had carved a path of destruction through the Konoha shinobi, a counterattack led by the Rokudaime Hokage met Naruto as he was halfway to his destination – the Hokage Tower. The Neo Uzu Shinobi had their orders. Naruto had a bone to pick with this guy.


Two days earlier...

Two former teammates – the dead last and the Uchiha Elite, now the Whirlpool Damiyo and the Rokudaime Hokage – squared off on the rooftops near Konoha Stadium, Naruto in his battle uniform, O-katana in his hand while Sasuke was clad in his ROOT ANBU uniform, complete with chokuto.

Below, the village was fighting a desperate battle for their survival.

Sasuke had ordered the ROOT not to interfere, while Naruto ordered his coalition forces to do the same.

"Dobe. Dobe. Dobe. You saved me the trouble of actually planning an invasion of your cesspool of a country," Sasuke said.

"I told you once, Uchiha. You were alive because of my grace," Naruto replied, his voice as cold as ice. "But you crossed the line when you ordered the kidnapping of my son and daughter."

"Ha! Your little demon bastards should be honored to serve Konoha's will! Minato shows promise with that Rinnegan of his, and Hiashi...well, he wanted to kill little Hitomi out of spite for both you and Hinata. So tell me, your cute little wife a good ride? I'll find out when I kill you and take Hinata as my prize."

Naruto kept his cool. But he knew how to push Sasuke's buttons. "Have you learned anything new since our last encounter? For being part of the elite ANBU, you have failed in trying to kill me at the Valley of the End, despite your Curse Seal. You couldn't beat me even with the scarecrow. And you couldn't beat me back in Whirlpool. Admit it, Uchiha. The dead-last has surpassed the runt of the Uchiha clan. Itachi was a far better challenge than you."


"I have every right, as I was the one who killed him, remember? He wanted you to kill him, but I took that from him. If there is any consolation, I gave him a quick, clean death."

Saskue's eyes glowed with rage, as his chokuto's blade began to dance with lightning. "You're dead, Naruto! You! Your wife! Your children! ALL OF YOU! FUCKING DEAD!"

"Good. Because this is our final battle," Naruto said as his eyes morphed into the Rinnegan. "You will die this very night, Sasuke Uchiha."

[End Flashback]

The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke was indeed brutal. Swords, jutsu, bare hands, nothing was out of bounds. Naruto could have summoned the Toads, but he wanted to kill the Uchiha on his own terms. The battle had started on the roofs near the stadium, and ended inside the ruins of the Uchiha District.

Naruto and Sasuke even lost hold of their swords and went at it hand-to-hand. When Naruto gained the upper hand in that contest, Sasuke responded by pulling out his trump card – the eyes of the betrayer, the Magenkyou Sharingan. In a last-ditch effort, Sasuke unleashed Amaterasu, hoping to eliminate his nemesis once and for all.


Streets of the Uchiha District.

Naruto watched as Sasuke's eyes morphed into that of the Magenkyou. After fighting Itachi several times, Naruto knew what their capabilities were.

"So you got the Magenkyou," Naruto said. "Whoopty-fucking-shit. Who'd you stab in the back to get those?"

"Our former teammate, just before the battle began," Sasuke smirked, remembering how he gutted Sakura before leading the counter-attack. "You should feel honored, Dobe, to die at my hands. I'll give your slut my regards...AMATERASU!"

Naruto smirked as the black flames sailed towards him. He had seen Itachi use this attack, and knew what to do.

Too bad Sasuke did not notice the seal that was attached to his back.

"Hiraishin no Jutsu."

The black flames had masked the trademark yellow flash, but Naruto appeared behind Sasuke, kunai in hand.

"You missed, Teme," Naruto deadpanned. "But I didn't."

Sasuke saw that something was wrong. Naruto was still alive...

...and he was choking on his own blood.

Naruto had sliced his throat while performing the Hiraishin.

As the black flames dissipated, Naruto retrieved his sword and Sasuke's chokuto. Turning to face his teammate, who had sank to his knees, trying to hold his throat with both hands in an attempt to stave off his impending death, he looked at Naruto with all the hate he could muster.

"You lose, Uchiha," Naruto deadpanned. "And I win. Give my regards to your brother."

"" At that moment, Sasuke Uchiha keeled over, dead.

The Last Uchiha had fallen. The Curse of Hatred was extinguished.

[End Flashback]

Naruto had taken Sasuke's body and took it to the Hokage Monument. Holding it high, he shouted to the remaining defenders of Konoha: "Your Rokudaime is dead! Surrender now...or die!"

Seeing the 'Kyuubi brat' with their leader's body had the desired effect. Two hours after the battle had begun, Konohagakure no Sato surrendered. Almost immediately, the Konoha 11, their parents and their senseis were rounded up, their chakra sealed (and Kakashi's case, his Sharingan ripped out of his eye socket), and imprisoned inside the main grounds of the Konoha Stadium, along with the Civilian Council.

Hiashi Hyuuga was absent. Unknown to the others, Hinata had killed him herself. Like Naruto, she did not take too kindly to her father trying to kidnap her daughter.

While Naruto had fought Sasuke, Hinata and Kitami paid a visit to the Hyuuga Compound. Surprizingly enough, the Cadet Branch allowed her access, as there was a mass uprising from the Cadet Branch against the Main Branch. Neji, unfortunately chose the wrong side and fought for the Main Branch, cutting down his fellow clansmen.

Hinata's method in dealing with Neji was easy. She simply activated the Caged Bird Seal and left him to die. Which he did. The, she had the surviving Cadet Branch Hyuuga track down the Hyuuga Council, her father and her sister. As it turned out, Hanabi was just like her father when it came to abusing the Cadet Branch. She even killed a female Cadet Branch member when it turned out she was in love with someone outside of the clan – a shinobi from Kumo.

In retaliation, Hinata not only used her husband's seals to seal off their chakra, but also placed them under the Caged Bird Seal en masse. Then she activated them and watched as the Hyuuga Council, her father and sister died in agonizing pain. Hell hath no fury like a mother protecting her children.

The surviving Main Branch ninja would be sent off to Kumo. The Cadet Branch would be taken to Neo Uzu.

Danzou had died during the fighting, having been slain by both Naruto and Kitami. Danzou thought that the bloodlines he had stolen from the Uchiha and from the Senju was more than enough to bring the Damiyo of Whirlpool under his control. He was so very wrong.

As he laid dying, his headquarters was being pilfered of everything that wasn't nailed down, his ROOT dying all around him, he saw that the redhead woman was in fact, the Nine-Tails in human form, meaning that Naruto was not the Kyuubi reborn, but was in fact its (former) jailer.

Speaking of the late Danzou, Naruto and the Shinobi Coalition commanders had taken his files from both his compound and from the underground ROOT base. Once the city was under their control, they sat down and looked over the files of Danzou's crimes. Fortunately, as Danzou was dead, none of his plans would come to fruition, as he had failed.

The village's jutsu were raided from the shinobi library was ransacked and destroyed. The village's finances were then audited by an independent firm from Tea Country. No one, be it shinobi nor civilian, was spared from the audit. As expected, the Uchiha was the richest of the clans. Once the village's finances were liquidated, the five shinobi nations each received their cut. Iwa returned to their village with their share of the cash, content and happy with the results that Konoha will soon fall at the hands of the Yondaime's son. Kiri also returned to their native village, as did Kumo, leaving Suna alone with Neo Uzu.

Kumo, Iwa, Kiri and Suna agreed to take the orphaned children and the genin to their respective nations. Their minds would be erased of their time in Konoha and memories would be implanted to make sure that they would be loyal to their new villages.

Then came the confrontation with what remained of the Konoha 11 the previous night.


Hokage Tower, Council Chambers – nighttime.

The six remaining members of the Rookie Nine stood before the Whirlpool Damiyo, his wife, and the Kazakage of Suna.

Shikamaru Nara. Ino Yamanaka. Chouji Akamichi. Tenten, Rock Lee, Shino Aburame.

Both Kiba Inuzuka and Neji Hyuuga were dead – Kiba having died at the hands of Kitami Akashiya while Hinata killed her cousin.

As with their parents, their chakra was sealed, their wrists were bound as they were taken from the impromptu prison from the Konoha Stadium to the Hokage Tower where Naruto awaited with Hinata, Konan, and Gaara. Kitami stood off to the side along with several Neo Uzu ANBU.

"Konoha is finished," Naruto began without preamble. "Sasuke Uchiha is dead, as you already know. Your parents and your senseis will face execution, as will the Civilian Council and the former sanin."

"So why are we here?" Ino demanded. "If you have anything to offer us, you can shove it, Uzumaki. We would rather die with our families and senseis."

"No need to be rude, Yamanaka," Naruto replied. "I'm here to offer you six an offer. You six will be separated – three of you will go to Suna, and the other six will return with Hinata and I to Neo Uzu."

"As your prisoners," Tenten surmised, arms folded.

"No. All you six have to do is swear loyalty to both Gaara and myself, and you will be pardoned," Naruto replied. "The Ino-Shika-Cho trio will be taken to Suna, while what's left of Cell Gai and Shino will come with us to Neo Uzu. You will be placed on probation for eighteen months and watched closely. Should you prove your worth, then we will fully accept you in our respective villages."

Naruto raised one hand. "But before you say anything, I will tell you why your parents and senseis are being executed along with the perv and the hag." He turned to Kitami. "Show them."

Kitami nodded. The six ninja recognized the chakra signature of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, as Naruto had used on several occasions. Nine fox tails snaked out from behind Kitami as her green eyes shifted to red with slitted pupils.

"This is the Kyuubi no Kitsune's human form," Naruto explained. "As you can see, the vixen and I are completely different entities. You can blame the Uchiha clan for driving her into a mad state and unleashing it upon Konoha."

The dawning realization was creeping onto them. Naruto Uzumaki was not the Kyuubi reborn. He was completely innocent in all of this.

"My father, the Yondaime Hokage wanted the people of the Leaf to see me as a hero for carrying such a burden," Naruto continued. "But despite the Sandaime's best efforts, I was treated like a village outcast for something that was not beyond my control. On top of that..." His eyes shifted into the Rinnegan. "...maybe it's best that I show you. After all, my memories are not fake. Experience what I have experienced."

And Naruto showed them. How their former senseis, as well as their own parents, had tried to kill him. How Tsunade betrayed him. How Jiraiya and the council conspired to rob him of his family's legacy and leave him with nothing. More importantly, they discovered the true reason why he was banished, and of Sasuke's confession of how he gutted Sakura in order to gain the Magenkyou Sharingan.

Needless to say, their impressions of their parents and their senseis had dropped down to zero.

"Dad...Asuma...why?" Ino.

"Troublesome. Very troublesome. Asuma...Dad, you fools..." Take a wild guess.

"I think I lost my appetite." Chouji.

"Kurenai...Father...what have you done?" Shino.

"So un-youthful. Damn you Gai!" Rock Lee.

"My God. could you?" Tenten.

"Now you see," Naruto said as his eyes turned back to normal. "Now...are you willing to die for a village who has tried to rob me of everything? That has tried to kill me as a child? What say you now? Will you take the offer of exile...or you can face the same fate as will your senseis and parents? Make your choice."

It didn't take them long to agree with Naruto's demands. They chose to leave the village to their fate.

Shikamaru did have one request. He requested that the daughters of Asuma and Kurenai Sarutobi accompany them to Suna. Gaara agreed to the request.

Shino, Tenten and Rock Lee were taken back to the Hyuuga Estate, where the Neo Uzu senior staff were staying, while the Ino-Shika-Cho trio were taken to Suna once Gaara pulled his forces back.

By that time, only Neo Uzu was left.

[End Flashback]

"Lord Damiyo."

Naruto was brought out of his reverie. A Neo Uzu ANBU stood before him. "Report," Naruto commanded.

"We swept through the village. All of the civilians have been removed and sent elsewhere throughout the country," the ANBU reported. "The ashes of the first four Hokages and your mother have been retrieved and sealed away. All that is left is to deal with the Shinobi and Civilian clan heads inside the stadium. Your orders?"

"The seals are still in place, keeping them from escaping the stadium itself?"

"Yes, Lord Damiyo."

Naruto rose from his seat. "Good. I will deal with them myself."

Konoha Stadium – noon.

The stadium served as an outdoor prison/triage center for the surviving ninja, clan heads and the civilian council. The seals kept them from escaping, both the chakra-draining seals on their person and the seals blocking the exits, effectively keeping them on the stadium's tournament area.

Inoichi and the other clan heads were worried. Their children were not seen ever since they were taken to see the Kyuubi brat, and he suspected that Naruto could have them executed out of pure spite. Asuma and Kurenai's children were gone as well, and Kurenai was beside herself with grief. Out of the remaining clan heads, it was himself, Shikaku Nara, Chouza Akamichi, Tzume Inuzuka, Shibi Aburame, and Asuma Sarutobi. Out of the jounin senseis, it was Kakashi Hatake, Maito Gai and Kurenai Sarutobi. Through sheer dumb luck, Koharu Utatane and Honmura Mitokado also survived the battle, as did Tsunade Senju, and Jiraiya.

Shizune was killed during the battle, a victim of friendly fire from the Konoha forces.

Their worries were soon amplified by the arrival of Damiyo Namikaze and his entourage. Standing in the podium reserved for the Hokage and the visiting kages, Naruto looked down on the people who had hindered his progress from Day One. They tried, but failed in breaking him.

And now, it was time for some get even.

"Your village is finished," Naruto began in a chakra-enhanced voice. "Your Hokage – your precious Uchiha – is dead, killed by my hand. As it was the Yondaime – my father – who has brought this village to greatness, so will his son bring about its destruction!"

"You are no son of the Yondaime, Demon!" a random civilian councilman shouted.


Said councilman fell to the ground with a kunai embedded in his skull.

Naruto turned to his wife. "Nice aim, Hime." Turning back to the crowd, he caught sight of Jiraiya, Tsunade and Kakashi. "Had you honored the dying wishes of my father, this would not have ended this way for your village. Had Konoha left my family and my home in peace, I would not have to invade. You have brought this upon yourselves by throwing your lot in with a traitor rather than a hero."

Naruto paused for a moment. "All I every wanted was to be recognized by you. But you could not get past over what was inside of the time."

At that, Tsunade and Jiraiya exchanged glances. The Nine-Tails is free?

"I was loyal. Compared to the likes of Sasuke and Orochimaru, I was a saint! I was more than willing to give my life to the Leaf. All I wanted was recognition. Instead, you forsake me in favor of the Uchiha. I protected Konoha when it was invaded by Suna and Oto, and you denied me. I brought that old hag back to be Godaime, and you still denied me. I even went as far as taking two Chidoris in the chest to bring back your precious little traitor and what thanks do I get? Banishment! Banishment just for doing my job! And to top it off, you tried to rob me of my legacy!"

The clan heads and the council exchanged glances. The one thought that was going through their minds was 'How did he find out?'

Now Naruto was leaking killing intent. "And I also find out that my godparents were in on the banishment and the attempted robbery." He smiled at Jiraiya. "I hoped you liked the present I left for you inside my father's estate, you old perv."

Jiraiya brought one hand to his scarred face, remembering that chest full of exploding tags that was left inside the empty estate.

"You tried to steal what was rightfully mine from the beginning! And you were more than willing to kill me in order to do so! Let's not forget that the so-called honorable clan heads and several key jounin tried to kill me when I was a child."

Inoichi and the others began to sweat. Anytime their attempts to kill the jinchuuriki had failed, Inoichi would simply wipe his mind whenever Naruto would end up in a hospital. They knew that they were so very much screwed.

"You should know better, Yamanaka," Naruto snarled. "The fox restored my memories every time you tried to wipe them of you and your friend's attempts on my life."

"I should have killed you myself, you brat!" Tsunade shouted. "Damn it I should have killed you when you and Jiraiya came for me all those years ago! I should have knocked your head off back then!"

"Silence!" Naruto boomed. He drew his katana. "You tried to kill me. Allow me to return the favor. Only this time, you will die for real! Take comfort that your children will survive, but know that they will forever hate you for what you have done to me."

At that moment, Jiraiya noticed something on Tsunade's back. In fact, it was on every single clan head's backs. A second seal, aside from the one which sealed up their chakra.

Jiraiya's eyes widened in horror as he recognized the seal.

The Hiraishin seal.

"Hiraishin no Jutsu!"

A yellow flash was all that the captive shinobi saw. Then darkness.

Naruto stood in the midst of the bodies of the shinobi he had slain, his katana dripping with blood, his clothes also splattered with the blood of his fallen foes. The clan heads...the jounin...dead. Even Tsunade and Jiraiya were not spared his wrath.

Which left the the two ninja elders and the civilian council.

"I take it you spared us for a reason?" Koharu asked, frightened out of her mind.

"Of course," Naruto replied. A side glance towards Kitami and the redheaded woman was a Naruto's side in a geyser of fire.

"You will not die by my hand," Naruto said.

That garnered a sigh of relief from Koharu, Honmura and the civilian counci.

"Instead..." Naruto began as Kitami shifted into her fox form, in all her nine-tailed glory. Twice the size of Akamaru...and very pissed off. "You will die at the hands of Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Now the civilians looked very scared. The last thing that was going through their minds was that they had tortured an innocent child. They were trapped inside the stadium with nowhere to hide.

Now, they will pay for their ignorance with their lives.

Once the town was evacuated, Naruto allowed Kitami to finish what she had started. As the Neo Uzu shinobi headed back home, Naruto and Hinata remained behind to watch as the Nine-Tails destroy Konoha once and for all.

By the time Kitami was finished with the village, it was nothing but a smoking ruin.

The destruction of Konoha had not left a power vacuum as expected. Konoha had long since lost its status as the powerful of the Shinobi villages. Neo Uzushiogakure was now the most powerful, Suna and Iwa tied for second place. The people of Fire Country – their pride was broken with the loss of their village and of their wealth. But they brought it on themselves. Had they honored the last wishes of the Yondaime, then Konoha would have been left standing, with Naruto as its Hokage.

But, it was not meant to be. Konohagakure no Sato had all but ceased to exist.

Naruto had won.

End...for real.

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