High Society, once you set one finely manicured toe incased in those Versace Heels-that money could have fed the homeless-you can't turn back. Once you're in you stay there trapped in the grips of sharp talons and claws, if you should choose to attempt to leave then… you die. You can run you can hide but you'll never get away, High Society will forever stay, and you won't change that. So decide wisely, make amends, and just know that I've warned you but if you're this far, you're already in….

I'm scared honestly I feel trapped even though I'm the one holding the gun to his head; I have to do this right? This will fix everything, right… no, it won't. I slowly lower the barrel of the shot gun away from his head, yes he'd wronged me but this wouldn't clean up the mess. I looked into his eyes scared and anxious it was too late anyway nothing would ever change this; my boyfriend who I thought was just the sweetest thing has sold me to vampires. He tied a price tag on me as if I was an object or some kind of pet and honestly I couldn't believe this shit. A foul smell wafted through my nostrils and I immediately recognized it as piss, I smirked, the fool had wet himself thinking that I could actually pull the godforsaken trigger. Tears slowly streamed down his face and his body shuddered as he started to sob. That just made me mad I was the one being sold to vampires and he is sitting there wetting his pants and crying like a baby, I'm sure as God is real that vampires could do a lot worse than a shotgun shell to the head.

"I'm sorry… Uh! Huuu! Hu! Hu! I'm sorry babe," he said as he crawled towards me.

"You're not sorry enough, I was a fool to think you cared for me, and I can feel it now all the 'I told you so's they were right, you are nothing but scum not even worthy of kiss the dirt I've step on, you're nothing but a greedy coward who doesn't know a good thing." I spat with venom, hate, and pain.

"Babe please…"

I ignored him and started to run out of the forest hoping to find my way back home. It was cold my chest was tight and the sleeping trees and shrubs were trying to take pieces out of my skin, it was as if they were conspiring against me. I laughed at my own weird analogy only making it harder to press on, my lungs felt as needs were caressing them and razor blades were trying to molest my throat. It hurt to press on, but who's to say it never did. The sun was nearly set and I didn't have much time and I didn't want to see my ex anytime soon. I pushed myself harder and made my legs move faster as the sky became increasingly dark, the leaves cracked, and twigs snapped with too much ease; I could feel the cold chills of autumn settle in. Like an eerie blank it wrapped its arms around me to give way to all my fears, will I survive?