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A little birdy told me I should do this for two people that I miss dearly. I hope they enjoy this interesting little advent calendar of sorts!

This is for December Drabble posted by summerbirdy at another website that you're just going to have to know about, apparently, since this website is passive-aggressive towards linking competition. ;)

1. Another Year Over –

Kagome let out a heavy breath, a cloud of heavy steam puffing out as she hauled her old familiar pack over her shoulder. It was cold, too cold for her to be attempting this again. Still, she couldn't help but want to try and see her family once more. Particularly now that December had come again. The holiday season was making her homesick.

She stepped up to the well, her hand gripping the cool wood as she leaned down to stare into the dark depths. Would she make it this time? She could only hope that it would work. She had been trying for years now. Eight years, to be exact. Here she was, twenty-six years old and nothing to show for it.

Oh sure, she had her friends and the villagers adored her. She had her work as a priestess but, quite frankly, she had never viewed herself as the virginal sort. She wanted to have a family and InuYasha was either incapable or unwilling. She'd stopped trying to figure out which long ago. They barely even spoke these days. He accused her of changing and she accused him of not changing. They were going nowhere fast.

So what was she supposed to do? Wait for a mysterious man in white to come rescue her in her greatest time of need? She let out a snort and shook her head as she swung her legs over the side of the well. It was probably best this way. With a firm nod she threw herself to the fates.

Prompt: hope

Words: 258