26. Don't Save it All for Christmas Day –

Hours went by and evening fell.

Kagome stared down at her calendar, laughing at how she now had no idea what day it was. She had spent so much effort in keeping track of the days. Keeping tabs on every birthday, every holiday, every special moment. It was all for nothing.

She guessed it was close to Christmas by now. Closing her eyes with a sigh, she started to sing – anything to keep her mind off her lonely heart and a youkai lord who only made it worse with his childish curiosity. "Silent night…. Holy night…."

"Your noise ceases the silence."

She jumped and turned to look behind her, staring at Sesshomaru as he stood there with his usual expression. Rolling her eyes, she turned away from him. "What do you want now?" She was in no mood for more heartache. He needed to just leave her alone already!

Silence hung in the air for several minutes before he finally spoke. "The power this… Christmas… holds is too great."

Kagome gave a laugh and let out a heavy sigh. Back to this, huh? "What do you mean, Sesshomaru?"

He surprised her by sitting next to her before speaking again, this time in a hushed tone – as if he knew someone was listening. Or maybe he was going to say something embarrassing. She didn't look at him in an attempt to save his male pride.

"My mind is full of you. Everything, the trees, the snow, the stars in the night sky – make me think of your explanations and hear you speaking of this Christmas. Regret – and other sensations – are new."

Her heart skipped a beat. Not only had he dropped the pretentious form of speaking of himself, using a far more intimate speech, but he was acting… afraid. A blush came to her face and she looked up at him, his amber gaze staring down on her with confusion.

"It's amazing, isn't it?"

Nothing else had to be said. They sat there, silently realizing that it was not the holiday season which held power over their hearts – but one another.

Prompt: Silent Night, Holy Night

Words: 350

This holiday season – remember that a day is just another moment in time. How you share those moments with those you love is what matters. Allow yourself to forgive past hurts and trust in others, it is the greatest gift you can give. ~ Z