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'Tell us a stowy, grandpa!' little Rupert begged, as he struggled to get on Ron's lap. Ron heaved him up, and ruffled his hair grinning.

'Yes, please!' squealed Emma as she tried to imitate her younger brother, by climbing onto Ron's other lap.

'Emma, your grandad already has a load on his hands there, come sit on daddy's lap instead,' Scorpius called from the other sofa, as he pat his lap. Emma ran towards him and jumped up on him deftly, causing him to let out a slight 'oomph'.

'You callin' me weak, Scorpius?' Ron said, winking at him.

'Stowy, stowy!'

'Oh, let's tell them the story of how we ended up together, Ron,' Hermione said, as she set down a tray with tea and biscuits.

'Ooooh!' Rupert said, as he stretched over and grabbed a handful of biscuits in his hands.

'Rupert!' Rose scolded, with a slight smile.

'Looks like this one has Grandpa Ron's big appetite doesn't he?" Ron said, tickling Rupert slightly, as Rupert burst into a fit of giggles.

'Can I have a biscuit, mummy?' Emma said, politely, her head raised high, to show that she's more mature than her little brother

'Of course you can, sweety,' Rose said, and Emma quickly jumped off her dad's lap, quickly snatched two biscuits and returned.

'So, the story! Well, shall we tell you about how grandma and grandpa started dating?' Ron said, with a twinkle in his eye.

'Oh, yes,' Emma said, excitedly

'Well, in our 6th year at Hogwarts, Grandpa realised he had a very huge crush on me-' Hermione started off.

'Yep, kids, that's why I'm the only one who said 'I do' at the wedding, Hermione didn't want to go out with me at all! Need I remind you of the flock of birds you sent to attack me, Hermione?' Ron said, raising his eyebrow at her

'Oh, hush, that's a whole other tale,'

'Are you listening to the story, little baby?' Emma whispered to Rose's slightly swollen tummy.

'I'm sure the baby's listening, Emma,' Scorpius smiled, as he placed his hand on Rose's tummy, lovingly, catching her eye for one moment her smile of affection reflecting his.

'...and then during the war, your grandma just couldn't handle my awesomeness anymore and ran up to kiss me!' Ron was saying

'And your grandad just would not let me go! They had to practically tear us apart!'

'You don't exaggerate well, Hermione-'

'Always the critic, Ronald-'

The banter went on for a little while, with giggles erupting here and then.

'What about you, mummy, daddy, tell us the story!' Emma said.

'Our story?' Scorpius asked.

'Yes!' called Rupert, clapping his chocolate-smeared hands together.

'Oh, this will take a while,' Rose said, laughing. 'One day, I was heading to lunch, after a...herbology lesson, if I'm not mistaken, and I see my cousin James and your daddy, duelling!'

Rupert's and Emma's eyes opened wide and they both gasped.

'So then, I went to help stop the fighting...'

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