Authoress drabble~!

Ok, this idea just randomly popped into my mind and WILL. NOT .LEAVE! So...I'm starting it up! Now, it may go down, it may be completed, as I'm doing this on a whim. If I decide it goes down, then someone else can use the idea, mm'kay? Just tell me when ya decide ta do it so I can see!'s my newest brainchild!

Chapter 1

Ichigo slowly shook his head as he walked away from the clinic. God, you'd think my dad would get off my back now... He thought as he pulled his light brown coat closer to his body. It's only been a month or so... That is, a month or so since his last battle with Aizen. After he supposedly lost his powers as a Soul Reaper. But the thing that worried him the most was the fact he didn't lose them.

He had figured this out not too long ago when he saw a Hollow attacking a small child spirit. He didn't have his badge at the time, yet it didn't seem to matter. The minute he saw it happen, he felt his soul split and he lashed out at the monster. He had been confused after he had sent the child on his way, and he had, so far, managed to keep it quiet. But that's not all...he reminded himself.

Another thing that worried him was the absence of his Hollow powers. He had gone to Kiskue to ask for advice or help and even the shopkeeper seemed concerned.

"It's not normal...the way your soul appeared and the fact your Hollow seems to be missing...perhaps they're connected?" Kisuke had suggested. Ichigo wasn't sure, so he had tried going into his mind...but nothing had come up. He heard the roar of another Hollow and groaned.

Perfect...absolutly perfect...He felt his clothes go from his brown coat, grey t-shirt and black jeans straight to his shihakuso, Zangetsu on his back. As fast as he could, he Flash-Stepped to where the Hollow was.

Where...where am I? That was the very first question that popped up in his head as he opened his eyes and attempted to get into a sitting position. It was as if his legs and arms wouldn't obey his brain's commands however, and they wouldn't budge. His entire vision was blurry, yet he knew it was dark, and he was in some alleyway. Why can't...I move? His thoughts felt slow, like trudging through deep snow. He also noticed he was alone, no one seeming to notice that he was there. He tried once again to move, and managed to slowly rise to his knees. He noticed that his skin was pale white, like fresh snow lit by moonlight. He turned his head very slowly and noticed a puddle and slowly crawled towards it. Rai fell lightly around him, matting his waist length hair.

As he bent to look, he noticed his eyes were an eerie shade of yellow, backed by midnight black. Is He reached up slowly with his hand and touched his cheek. The reflection did the same. His hair was also white, but very long and muddy. It was then another thought hit him that disturbed him greatly. Who...who am I? He wondered, touching the reflection and watching the water ripple. He shivered as a cold wind blew across his naked body and a loud, ear shattering roar filled the air. Wh-what's that? ! He froze as a large creature walked past the alley he was in, but it froze and turned it's ugly, boar shaped head towards him, it's eyes gleaming red behind a bone white mask.

"A rather tasy soul here..." It growled out. He tried desperatly to stand, to get on his feet and run, but his body would not move. Instead, he tried crawling backwords and attempted to scream for help. But no sound came from his throat, as if it had forgotten how to produce any kind of noise.! St-tay away! He thought as it crawled closer to him. He could smell it's breath, like rotting corpses and blood. It leaned in and sniffed him again and he tried to scream again. But still, nothing came out of his pain filled throat. It leaned back briefly and prepared to lunge, but before it did, the creature cried out in pain. Blood spattered in the air and covered the albino as the creature seemed to fade away from view, leaving a newcomer in it's wake.

"Hey, you ok th-" The albino looked at the newcomer and felt something funny prick at his mind. It was like it was trying to tell him something...something he couldn't remember, like his own name. "You..." Not sure of how to communicate without his voice, he slowly crawled forward and reached a hand out. He sat there, waiting for a reply.

Ichigo couldn't seriously believe his own eyes. His Hollow was right in front of him, staring with owlish eyes at him. He seemed frightened, which instantly tipped Ichigo off that something was wrong. He watched his Hollow scoot closer and still continued to reach a hand out. He got down on his knees and watched as the albino moved forward, one hand on the ground, the other reaching out to lightly touch his cheek. "Do you need help?" He asked quietly, hoping that his Hollow was some how psyching him out.

"Eh...uh..." The albino strained to speak, as he pressed his hand a bit harder on Ichigo's cheek. " I..." His eyebrwos scrunched up, semeing to be confused as the rain fell harder. Ichigo noticed how cold that his Hollow's skin felt against his own, warm skin. He grabbed the albino's hand, but for some reason didn't feel inclined to move it. "Do" His voice sounded weak and scratchy, yet it was a copy of his own, but an echo seemed to permenate from it. "Wh...who are...are you?" Ichigo looked down and sighed, finally removing the albino's hand from his own.

"No...I don't think we've ever met." Ichigo sighed and looked into the large, owlish golden eyes. "My names Ichigo Kurosaki...what's yours huh?" The albino lowered his hand and sat on his knees, gripping at his long white hair, as if trying very hard to think about it.

"I...don't re-remember..." He stuttered, a look of shock and worry in his eyes. "I...don't know who I...I am..."

He's afraid? Worried too? But he's a Hollow! Ichigo felt a bit uncertain as to what to do. He could very easily just leave, but his personality and sense of justice wouldn't let him, no matter how much the albino had put him through before. Right now he's helpless...something tells me he won't be a problem anymore anyways... "Ok...look, I'm taking you to my place for now, to get you out of the rain. Maybe after some sleep we can figure things out, ok?" The albino nodded slowly and attmepted to stand up. Ichigo reached outt them instant the albino's legs wobbled, taking one skinny pale am over his shoulder. He removed his coat, uncertain as to when he had returned back to his body, and covered the albino's shoulders.

"Th...thank you...Ichigo." He turned greatful golden eyes to Ichigo and he couldn't help but flinch back a bit and look away.

"Don't mention it..." He mumbled as they stumbled down the street. What can I do now? He wondered idly. Something tells me that things are gonna get shitty soon...

Chapter 1 end

Don't they usually Ichigo? O.o I kinda wrote this scene out hoping somebody would draw it, can't you tell? XD I know it may seem kinda selfish, but I love fanart, and I can't draw with shit. Believe me, if I could draw my own stuff, I'd do it. Oh well, not pushing it ok? please? They may help me come up with a better plot~!