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Chapter 14

Orihime and Rukia rushed into Ichigo's apartmeant, all three of them carrying Ichigo. "I...he's...bleeding..." Shiro stuttered.

"Hold on, I'll heal him ok?" Orihime quickly whipped out her shield as they sat him down. She closed her eyes, trying to seek out the injury and problem. Although the wound healed, she frowned when she heard Shiro gasp.

"St-stop! You...are...killing h-him!" Shiro grabbed her shoulders and she opened her eyes. Her sheild shattered and she noted how pale he looked. "He...his breathing...slower..."

"But...why? What's going on?" Rukia asked, pacing in the room. Orihime continued to hold Shiro away from Ichigo, even so much as pushing him to the wall and summoning her protective sheild to keep him away. "Shiro, stop it. You healing him won't help here."

" you know?" He asked, rubbing his upper arms, itching to help Ichigo. He refused to move his lavander eyes from the teen. "What if...I can help? !" He stared at them with desperate eyes. "! Let me help!"


"Orihime...put the sheild down and let him help."


"He's right. If your shield won't work...then maybe his powers can help." Rukia sighed. Orihime gazed at him and sighed, allowing the sheild to fall and shiro stumble towards the bed ridden Ichigo.

"I...Ichigo..." He whispered, tears forming in his violet eyes. " you..." He placed his hand over the scar, and closed his eyes, focusing on what was ailing the Substitute. He felt himself get tired as he took the poison and injuries away, but he wanted to wait, wait and see Ichigo's eyes open up. He waited, panting heavily until soft, brown eyes fluttered open and stared at him.


"You...are ok..." He smiled, his eyelids getting heavy. "I'm...glad..." He then fell head first into darkness.

To say Ichigo was stunned and worried was an unsderstatement. Just like before, he couldn't remember being hurt or poisoned, but seeing Shiro in a lifeless, sleeping state made him anxious. Even though the albino was usually quiet, Ichigo couldn't deny how alive his eyes seemed sometimes. Seeing him like this... "why'd you let him do this?" Ichigo asked quietly.

"He was hell bent on helping, and...Orihime couldn't heal you. It was the only other option." Rukia explained. Ichigo grabbed the albino's hand, flinching at how cold it felt.

"We need some blankets. I have some in the closet." He said. Rukia rushed to get them and Orihime walked up to him and sighed.


"Don't worry about it. What's done is done." He sighed. "All we can do now is hope he'll get better."

"The odds are more in his favor than your own." All three heads turned to see Kisuke walk in. "Miss Kuchiki gave me a call earlier and I came as fast as I could." He sat down in a chair and sighed. "Hollow poison is normally lethal to a Soul Reaper, since every single one is unique, and a blood sample normally can't be gained before the Hollow is killed. "He explained. "Since Shirosaki there is part Hollow, he has a better chance of survival than you did. His chances are at best 30%. Yours were nonexsistent."

"But he'll be ok right?" Orihime asked, feeling nervous. "He'll wake up, right?"

"Hard to say at this point. All we can do now is wait." Kisuke stood up and headed for the door. "Keep a daily watch, make sure to keep his temperature is level, and pray." Ichigo felt his heart clench tightly as he watched the man leave and he looked at Shiro, his breath slightly raspy and weak.

"I'll keep first watch."

"Ichigo, he just healed you. You sh-"

"No Rukia. It's my responsibility...I'll watch, you get some sleep." He turned and gave them a painful smile. "I feel fine." The girls nodded slowly and left the apartment, leaving Ichigo alone with a panting albino. "I'm so sorry...if I had been paying attention, this wouldn't have happened..." He dabbed a wet cloth to the albino's head. "I'm sorry I've been angry with's just hard to adjust to the fact that you're...well human mostly." He looked at the floor and clenched his hands tightly. "I promise...I won't let you die. Just wake up and be ok..."

Chapter 14 end

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